Jordan Josephine Michaels is a main character in the T.V. series Campbell. At a young age Jordan lost her parents during the September 11th attacks and she was forced to live with her aunt Veronica in Dallas, Texas. Her passion is to become a nurse so that she can help those in need. Jordan's childhood best friend is Jacob Campbell who is also her love interest throughout the series.


Jordan was born on May 1st 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts to Robert and Josephine Michaels. When Jordan was really young she was really interested in becoming a nurse when she graduated college so she could help people who are in need of medical attention.Sometime later Jordan lost her parents during the September 11th attacks aboard American Airlines Flight 11 when the plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center and was later taken to Dallas, Texas to live with her aunt Veronica who is her father's sister. After starting her new school in Dallas Jordan meets a very nice boy named Jacob Campbell who she eventually developed a major crush on early on since then. During her time as a cheerleader in both high school and college Jordan constantly wore cowgirl boots and cowgirl hats. Jordan seems to really like her life in Texas as she rarely had any friends outside of her old school. While in Texas Jordan gets a part time job as a nurse at a local hospital during her sophomore year of high school. In the middle of season one Jordan reveals she believes in God and also believed there was good in people but she hates people who commit evil acts such as the 9/11 attacks on America. As Jordan started her sophomore year she went to the tryouts for her high school's cheerleading squad and made it but she was not aware of Abby being captain as well as Jacob's older sister. Half way through sophomore year Jordan with permission from her aunt Veronica marries Jacob during high school because she believes she could not survive without Jacob. 

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