CSM Jonas Blane
Full Name Jonas Dexter Blane
Place of Birth San Mateo, California
Relatives Molly Blane (wife), Betsy Blane (daughter), Charles Blane (father), Gladys Blane (mother)
Affiliation United States Army
Rank Command Sergeant Major
Ethnicity African-American
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6'4 ft.
Weight 215 lbs.

Command Sergeant Major Jonas Blane is a highly accomplished special operations soldier who has helped save the United States from devastating national security threats on numerous occasions.

Jonas was born in San Mateo California. His father, Charles Blane, was a deputy sheriff and former U.S. Army military policeman. His mother, Gladys Blane, was a homemaker and house cleaner. After Jonas graduated from high school, he married his girlfriend, Molly. Shortly afterwards, he enlisted in the United States Army. After completing basic combat training and then infantry advanced individual training at the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Jonas stayed at Fort Benning and went on to the U.S. Army Airborne School. Upon completing airborne training and earning the Basic Parachutist Badge, he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg as an airborne infantryman in the 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Jonas later attended the U.S. Army Ranger School, earning the Ranger Tab. A little while after becoming fire team leader, he went through Ranger indoctrination training and was then assigned to the 1st Ranger Battalion.

Soon afterwards, Jonas earned the Air Assault Badge at the U.S. Army Air Assault School. A little while after becoming a squad leader, he attended the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course. Upon its successful completion, Jonas went through the Special Forces Qualification Course and then joined the United States Army Special Forces as a junior special forces weapons sergeant in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group. He eventually rose to the position of a senior weapons sergeant. A little while after being promoted to Sergeant First Class and attending the Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course, Jonas became an assistant operations and intelligence sergeant. Sometime later, his extraordinary work during counterinsurgency and anti-terrorism operations caught the attention of several officials in the Joint Special Operations Command. Jonas was invited to apply to join an elite ultra-clandestine special operations unit.

Designated "1st Special Actions Group", this black ops team is simply referred to as "The Unit" by its members. The Unit officially does not exist and its immediate chain of command goes to The Unit's commanding officer straight to the President of the United States; this bypasses the Secretary of Defense. Though it is specifically directed to kill or capture high value targets or dismantle terrorist cells, The Unit often engages in direct action missions, hostage rescues, and covert missions working directly with the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as high ranking protective services of U.S. leaders during visits in war torn countries. It operates under the cover of being known as the 303rd Logistical Studies Group, and its operators are all under cover of being desk bound clerks and military logistics personnel.

Jonas accepted the offer and applied to join the 1st Special Actions Group. After completing the selection and training process, he was assigned to the The Unit's Alpha Team. Shortly after his promotion to Master Sergeant, Jonas was elevated to the position of assistant team leader. Three years after that, he attended the Sergeants Major Course at the Sergeants Major Academy and was subsequently promoted to Sergeant Major. Jonas was then made the Alpha Team Leader. He later become a squadron operations sergeant major and then a squadron command sergeant major, all while remaining Alpha Team Leader. In his capacity as a team leader in The Unit, Command Sergeant Major Jonas Blane leads Alpha Team in such missions as hostage rescue, the capture and elimination of terrorist forces and intelligence gathering on terrorist threats, as well as various other "projects" authorized by the U.S. government deemed unsuitable and too risky for standard military forces.


  • This character appeared in the CBS television series, The Unit.
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