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"'Johnny the Oval at the Christmas Party'" is an American animated Christmas film produced by Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network Studios. It premiered on December 16, 2019. The main Johnny the Oval cast remained the same except Jimmy, Timmy, Tommy and Sammy were voiced by male voice actors. It is also an episode from the second season of Johnny the Oval in the City.


At home, Johnny and his family are preparing Christmas with decorations. Johnny asks his parents if he can invite his friends for a Christmas party then they say yes. Johnny's mum tells him that his cousin Terry is coming to his family house. After all that preparation, Johnny and his little sister Holly go to sleep

One night, the Grinch steals the family's presents from Johnny's house and everyone's Christmas preparations turning the whole Christmas into a wasteland. Upset that the Christmas presents are stolen, Johnny tells his parents that the Grinch ruined Christmas. Johnny's parents and Holly go to the gym to set up their Christmas party after warning Johnny to keep an eye on the Grinch and he goes to his sidekick Sammy for help.

Johnny and Sammy go on an adventure to save Christmas but before they do that, they must search for clues according to the Computer Watch Commander. While searching clues, they get chased by the Abominable Snow Oval and as Sammy gets skinned alive, Johnny uses his axe to attack the Abominable Snow Oval, thus releasing Sammy.

Meanwhile, Johnny's family cause havoc trying to prepare the Christmas party for everyone and Terry harasses Johnny's friends using the snow squirter.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Johnny and Sammy are complaining of freezing, no food, and no water until Sammy has found a fish, shares it with Johnny for eating. Full of energy, Johnny and Sammy rush to the North Pole to warn Santa Claus about the Grinch.

Using Santa's Turbo Sleigh 4000, Johnny, Sammy and Santa fly across the sky going after the Grinch and finally capturing him.

Happy that the Grinch is defeated and the presents are safely found, Johnny and Sammy deliver the Christmas presents to the Ovalsberg residents. Johnny and Sammy thank Santa for his help because they used their intelligence on how to go after the Grinch and are awarded Christmas presents (Johnny's skateboard and Sammy's electric spatula).

Johnny and Sammy go to the Christmas party and see the state of the mess Johnny's family have made. But not to worry, the boys are here to clean up and properly prepare the Christmas party.

As the movie ends, Johnny, his family and his friends celebrate with a Christmas disco party and Johnny dances impressing his friends (Carly, Sammy, Jimmy, Timmy, Tommy and Lucy).

Voice cast


The film began production on January 3, 2019 and it will be set in winter.


The film's viewing received 2.74 Nielsen ratings making it the highest rated Johnny the Oval episode.