Season 3

November 23, 1995
July 8, 1997



The 3rd season of Johnny the Oval premiered on November 23, 1995 and ended on July 8, 1997.


The third season began in December 1994 until May 1995. Cartoon Network had planned a theatrical film based on the TV series and at the San Diego Convention, Johnny and his younger sister Holly goes on a quest to find their girlfriend that the oval villain kidnapped. His name was Lavo in 1996. The show overwent on hiatus when Stephen Hillenburg and Genndy Tartakovsky concentrates on the film.


  1. Johnny Goes Country Cross Skiing/Johnny at the Museum/Johnny the Painter (23.11.1995)
  2. Johnny's Big Trip/Johnny and the Ghost/Johnny and the Postcard (27.1.1996)
  3. Johnny Seeks Revenge/Mummy Oval/Johnny and the Vase/Johnny the Superhero (15.9.1996)
  4. Johnny and the Toy/Johnny Makes a Mistake/Johnny's Camera/Johnny Argues with His Mum (6.11.1996)
  5. Johnny Pretends to Be Ill/Johnny and the Paper Plane/Johnny and the Mix-Up/Johnny's Prank (20.11.1996)
  6. Johnny Feels Left Out/Johnny and the Letter/Johnny's Grandpa Comes to Stay/Johnny and the Message in a Bottle (30.1.1997)
  7. Johnny Flies His Kite/Johnny Has an Idea/Johnny's Cooking Competition (8.3.1997)
  8. Johnny Draws/Johnny's Discovery/Johnny and the Baker/Johnny and the Lost Ball (19.4.1997)
  9. Easter Special (8.7.1997)


Season 3: Volume 1 was released in Region 2 on August 19, 2011 before it was released in Region 1 on October 24, 2011. Season 3: Volume 2 was released in Region 2 on November 8, 2011 before it was released in Region 1 on December 2, 2011. It was also released on iTunes Store. 

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