"Johnny the Cowboy"




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Brad Pitt as the Dan the Cowboy


Eric Shaw
Chris Reccardi
Chris Savino


Luke Brookshier

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September 12, 2007

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"Johnny the Cowboy" is an 11th episode of Season 6 from the American animated series Johnny the Oval. It aired on September 12, 2007.


Johnny's mum asked Johnny to go to the movies. Johnny asks the movie owners if he can go to watch a movie but he's not old enough and the 4th movie owner says he kidding and he's old. Johnny goes to watch a movie called "A Cowboy in the Olden Days". Johnbuck (in a Southern accent) went to a chilli shack and he asks the chill chef for a chilli con chicken. Everyone was surprised that Dead Eye Lavo was here. Johnny asked "Why are ya killing me and Lavo shots the shack with a gun and he captured him and he pretends to be dead. Holly Bucking (in a Western accent) and his cowboy friends try to save him. Dead Eye Lavo wants to kill Johnbuck with a sharp razor blades and he used the laser tag to rip their clothes. Johnbuck and his friends defeated him with their guns. He saved the day and is now a sheriff as the file. After a movie, Johnny went back home to show his family the picture of the cowboy. At the end of episode, they laughed.


  • Sherriff Days (sang by Devon Starr)


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  • Johnny's relative JohnBuck only appears in the episode.
  • The episode proves that Johnny is old enough to watch a film.

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