"Johnny and the School Pet"





Meriwether Williams
Chris Savino


Tom King


October 8, 2006

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"Johnny and the School Pet" is an 13th episode of 6th season from Johnny the Oval. It aired on October 8, 2006.


It the beginning of episode, Mr. Morry introduced the class to the naughty cat called Scratchy Scruff. Scratchy Scurff switches Princess Molly's part in the wrong body and he scratches Jimmy and beats the rest of the class. But Mr. Morry chose Johnny as the responsible oval boy. Johnny took the cat home and introduces him to the family. Johnny's dad stroked Scratchy until he scratches his butt and scratches mum and Holly. According to Johnny's mum, you must not bring vicious pets to home. However, he helped Sammy find Scratchy. At school, Johnny brought Scratchy back and Mr. Morry is impressed. But the episode ends Scratchy puts the class in the toilet and flushes them and beats Johnny saying "I'll get you for this!"


  • This is the last time Johnny takes care of the pets.
  • The episode (along with Green-Eyed Johnny/Johnny and the Clarinet) was released on Johnny at the Toy Shop DVD on September 18, 2006 while it first aired in Australia on August 9, 2006.
  • This is the last 2006 episode (along with Green-Eyed Johnny/Johnny and the Clarinet).


  • Princess Molly's pieces were back together when she panics.
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