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John Wick: Chapter Two (upcoming film) Action-Thriller film sequel of John Wick Mission Code (film).


  • Boliche Mya as Terry Kingpow; John's deceased family-friend.
  • Tyson Tatum as Marcus Cole; John's buddy and he was deceased by Rai.
  • Keenon Douglas as Wick, John's deceased brother.
  • Yanet Calderin as Helen Wick
  • Roymler Matos as Captain Petty Chief Jonathan Wick[1]
  • Daniela Jorge as Sofia (rumored); ex-killer friend from John.
  • Yasiel Hernandez as Yuri Kefaloski; russian main antagonist.
  • Yasel Hernandez as Rai Kefaloski; russian main antagonist and Yuri's deceased half-brother.
  • Emilito Hernandez as Beckett Castro (cameo) Terry's half-brother and Jonathan's childhood best friend.
  • Emilito Hernandez Sr. as Jack Castro (mentioned); Beckett's deceased father and Jonathan's honorary uncle and friend.
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