John Carpenter's Psychiatric Hospital is a 2014 American psychological horror film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Olivia Wilde, Kevin Bacon, Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Bell, Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Breckin Meyer, Katie Holmes, and Joan Allen


A detective was taken to psychiatric hospital. when a doctor tell him, a killer from his past come to get him. Can he tell all the doctor and all the nurse from the psychiatric hospital, his killer is here to kill him?



  • Mark Wahlberg as Detective Frank McDonnell
  • Olivia Wilde as Dr. Elisa Strode/Frank's love interest
  • Kevin Bacon as Ryan Nightingale/Frank's killer come to kill him.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Danielle Wallace/A woman who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Emma Bell as Sian Prescott/Another woman who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Zac Efron as Ricky Hancock/A man who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Emma Watson as Diana Albertson/Another woman who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Breckin Meyer as Daniel Armstrong/Another man who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Katie Holmes as Lindsey Lawton/Another woman who meet Frank in psychiatric hospital
  • Joan Allen as Dr. Eva Campbell/The psychiatrist
  • Cate Blanchett as Grace McDonnell/Frank's sister who was killed in opening of the movie

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  • Frank McDonnell
  • Dr. Elisa Strode
  • Danielle Wallace
  • Sian Prescott


  • Lindsay
  • Eva


Lindsay's death

  • (Lindsay rams Frank with a car)
  • Frank: Hey, hey.
  • Frank: Lindsay, what you doing.
  • Lindsay: Frank, you are Grace McDonnell's brother.
  • Lindsay: Are you.
  • Frank: How you know.
  • Lindsay: The night when she was killed, but everbody think she is missing, I think she is dead.
  • Lindsay: Ryan Nightingale kills Grace.
  • Lindsay: He wears a mask, a different mask when he kills people.
  • Frank: You saw Grace's body.
  • Lindsay: I saw Dr. Strode saw Ryan moving Grace's body.
  • Frank: Elisa.
  • Lindsay: Yes.
  • (Frank saw Ryan in the car)
  • Frank: Lindsay, look out.
  • Lindsay: Huh.
  • (Lindsay saw Ryan wearing a monster mask)
  • Ryan: Hello, Lindsay.
  • (Lindsay screams)
  • (Ryan stabs Lindsay in the stomach)
  • (Frank groan)
  • Frank: Lindsay, go.
  • (Lindsay run)
  • (Frank shot 7 time but Frank miss to shot at Ryan)
  • Frank: Damn it.

Frank and Sian found Elisa and Danielle with Lindsey, Daniel, Ricky and Grace's dead bodies

  • (Door open)
  • Frank: Be quiet, Ryan is still here.
  • Sian: This door is lock.
  • (Frank break the door)
  • Danielle: Frank, Sian.
  • (Frank take the tape off Elisa)
  • Frank: Elisa, are you ok?
  • Sian: What happened?
  • Elisa: Ryan raped Danielle.
  • Frank: Elisa, you think what happened to Lindsay, Daniel and Ricky.
  • Elisa: Look.
  • Sian: Oh my god.
  • Frank: They are dead, Elisa.
  • Elisa: Oh my god.
  • Elisa: Can you take the rope off us?
  • Frank: Yes.
  • Frank: Sian, take the rope off Danielle.
  • Sian: OK.
  • (Frank take the rope off Elisa)
  • (Sian take the rope off Danielle)
  • Frank: We need to find Diana and Eva.
  • Frank: Look.
  • Sian: What.
  • Elisa: Grace McDonnell.
  • Danielle: Frank, is Grace's brother.
  • Elisa: Grace is your sister.
  • Frank: Yes, Lindsay told me before she was killed.

Eva's death

  • Frank: Eva.
  • Eva: What you doing here and where is Sian and Danielle.
  • Elisa: They get the police because we try call the police but Ryan cut it.
  • Eva: Have you found Lindsey, Daniel and Ricky.
  • Frank: They are dead.
  • Eva: What about Diana.
  • Elisa: Ryan kills Diana about 3 minutes ago.
  • Eva: We need to get out of here.
  • Frank: Eva, you know Grace McDonnell.
  • Eva: I know her.
  • Eva: You found her body.
  • Frank: She is dead.
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