John Carpenter's Escape is 2013 psychological horror thriller film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Britt Robertson (she plays Jessica Connor and Hannah Strode), Jason Bateman,


On the three years anniversary of Hannah Strode's death who was killed in psychiatric hospital by Robert Norris, the killer. Hannah's 18 years old twin sister, Jessica, who hate Hannah and don't wanted Hannah in her life, she found out Hannah is still alive in psychiatric hospital. Jessica and her friend go to the psychiatric hospital to find Hannah but Robert is here and he is after Jessica and her friend. Can Jessica and her friend escape the psychiatric hospital?


The movie open with 15 years old Hannah Strode (Britt Robertson) run away from Robert Norris (Jason Bateman) who the killer wanted to kill Hannah. Hannah shout to Robert, to leave her alone. Robert stab the door 18 times to open the door. Robert break the door. Robert grab the rope to strangled Hannah. Robert stab Hannah in the stomach. Hannah scream when Robert stab Hannah in the stomach 3 times as the screen goes black


  • Britt Robertson as Jessica Connor/Hannah Strode
  • Jason Bateman as Robert Norris/The killer
  • TBA as Lucy Jones/Jessica's best friend
  • TBA as TBA/The daughter of TBA


  • Britt had to dye her hair, black because she had to play Hannah as her hair to be black and she had to play Jessica as her hair to be yellow.





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