Sergeant Officer John "Jack" McClane Jr. Sergeant Police CIA and John's oldest son.

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John McClane Jr.
Known aliases: Jack McClane
Known relatives: John McClane, Sr. (father; enstranged)

H. McClane (half-uncle/enstranged; deceased)
Lucy Gennero-McClane (sister)
Holly Gennero (mother)
Unnamed Unborn Child(s) (deceased)

Year of birth: 1984
Year of death: Unknown
Age: 20s

20s (first film; 2016)

Movie: Die Hard (2016 film)[1]

Die Hard (upcoming film)
Die Hard 6 (upcoming film)
Die Hard (2020 film) (unreleased)

Status: Alive[2]
Portrayed by: Oliver Swaby (2016 film)

Andrew Smiley (A Good Day to Die Hard)
Christopher Eden (teen; Die Hard 2016 film)

Yippy Kip yay; Motherfucker

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