Johan and Peewit (French: Johan et Pirlouit, Dutch: Johan en Pirrewiet) is a 2024 American-Belgian fantasy traditionally animated adventure comedy film produced by 20th Century Studios, Film Roman and Studio Peyo, directed by Phil Roman, written by Peyo and Yvan Delporte (original story), with additional storylines by Roger Allers, Vance Gerry, Kevin Harkey, Kent Holaday, Daan Jippes, Robert Lence, Burny Mattinson, Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The film was distributed by The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and released to theatres on May 17, 2024.


For some time now the wood neighbouring the King's castle has been haunted by what the peasants describe as a goblin called Peewit who plays tricks on people and steals apples, meats and pastries meant for the King. Charged with catching him, Johan discovers that Peewit is in fact a dwarf and suggests that he try to obtain the post of court jester, but then his new friend is accused of kidnapping the King's niece.

After everything was resolved, a wounded man arrives at the castle. He claims to have been attacked by an enemy while delivering a valuable stone to his master. Johan and Peewit take the stone to Homnibus the enchanter, but the enemy, who has some knowledge of magic of his own, is not prepared to give up easily.

Opening (in Cimenas)

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  • The movie is an adaptation of both The Goblin of Rocky Wood (French: Le lutin du Bois aux Roches, Dutch: De dwerg in het rotsbos) and The Moonstone (French: La pierre de lune, Dutch: Het raadsel van de maansteen), two stories from the Johan and Peewit comic books.
  • A draft of the script had The Smurfs and Gargamel (other characters created by Peyo) appear in the film. However, they were cut from the script since Fox only wanted rights for one Peyo-related comic series. The Smurfs theatrical rights were owned by Paramount Pictures during that time.
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