Jiren The Gray is the main antagonist of dragon ball super‘s Tournament of Power.


Sight Attack: Down, Right Stick

Energy Blast: Forward, B

Charge Up: Taunt

Final Smash 1: “It’s Over” (Close) Animation: Jiren Punches His Opponent In The Gut Which His Opponent Reacts With A Shocked Face, Then Jiren Uses A Energy Ball And Lets Go Of The Ball Which Causes It To Hit His Opponent Sending Him/Her Flying, Jiren Then Turns Away With His Arms Crossed And His Opponent Explodes

Final Smash 2: “Ultimate Form” (Anywhere) Jiren Transforms Into His Final Form Causing Him To Become More Stronger And Faster

Victory Quotes

”Strength Is Justice. Strength Is Absolute!“

”It’s Over. Get Lost”

”Pathetic, I Expected More From You”


Jiren Meditates For 3 Seconds Untill He Notices His Opponent.

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