Jingle Hell is a 2015 American Horror Slasher film.


Two sisters and their single mother are spending this year's Christmas at a cabin they rented in the Mountains. What they don't know is that there is a killer Phsyco on the loose near their cabin. Not only will this be the worst Christmas of their lives but also the goriest and bloodiest of all.


  • Katie Cassidy as Jade Walters
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jill Walters
  • Andrea Martin as Ms. Walters
  • Jackie Earle Haley as The Killer
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Jamie Detroit
  • Lucy Hale as Zoey Detroit
  • Josh Hutcherson as Joe Detroit
  • Jim Carrey as Mr. Detroit
  • Courteney Cox as Mrs. Detroit

Main Cast Gallery


  • Jade Walters
  • Joe Detroit


  • Jamie - Stabbed several times with an axe
  • Ms. Walters - Head is chopped off by an axe
  • Mrs. Detroit - Beaten' to death with a Christmas Present
  • Jill - Stabbed several times with an axe
  • Mr. Detroit - Throat is slit by an Christmas Tree star
  • Zoey - Stabbed in the head by an axe
  • The Killer - Ran over by a car that Jade was driving
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