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War of the Seven Emperors

Jing–Gun War






  • Fall of the Gun dynasty
  • Rise of the Jing dynasty
Major battles
  • Battle of Tanxian
  • Siege of Dongtan

Jing dynasty

Gun dynasty †


Yuan Lan
Tian Meili
Xiong Wu
Po Han

Huangdi Tanpan ☠️

The Jing–Gun War (晶與磙戰/Jing yu Gun Zhan) was a conflict in Tianchao between the Gun dynasty, which previously came to power during the War of the Seven Emperors, and the emergent women-ruled Jing dynasty.


The main issue that sparked the conflict was the oppressive slave system practiced by the Gun dynasty. Harsh conditions and general lack of empathy for the people in bondage among the majority of the upper class led to increased resentment against the central government. One of the most prominent opponents was Yuan Lan (苑藍).

Born a slave, Yuan Lan endured harsh conditions under the tyrannical slave system of the Gun dynasty. Her father died as a result of these conditions when she was just eight years old.

When she was a teenager, Yuan Lan started to speak out against slavery and the oppression of women under patriarchal traditions. Even though she endured harsh punishments for speaking out, including whippings and being striped nude and tied to a pole in public, she kept her head high and never let herself be silenced. Influential and charismatic, with an innate talent for public speaking, she accumulated some sympathetic listeners, both freemen and fellow slaves, and even some sympathetic nobles, some who turned into devoted followers. Among them were her two lifelong friends: Tian Meili (甜美梨), styled Aifeng (爱風), a young noblegirl of high stature who was her oldest friend and sworn sister, whom also taught her to read and write; and Xiong Wu (熊舞), styled Jianshi (劍師), her sworn brother, and her lover. Another of Yuan Lan's close allies was her teacher, Po Han (迫含), styled Wushi (武師), the Abjaksan of the time.


In 3277TJH, Yuan Lan's mother was arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges in an attempt to shut her down, but that was the final straw for her. With support from Tian Mili's family, Yuan Lan organized and led a slave revolt in Dongtan, the imperial capital of the time.


The uprising was repulsed from the city, but word of the cause spread far and wide and attracted followers from all corners of the empire, women and men, until they had grown into an army many-thousands-strong within just a few weeks.

Finding the Imperial Seal

Following the Battle of Tanxian, a few months into the conflict, Yuan Lan and some of her retinue came across a small hidden temple that had been left derelict for a long time; the writings they found seemed to indicate it had been built during the Hun dynasty, but something about the temple felt much older. Enshrined in the temple was a locked puzzle box that nobody could budge. But when Yuan Lan touched it the pieces began to move, allowing her to solve it. Her solving the puzzle unlocked the lid which opened with a bright glow. To the awe of everyone, in the box was the Imperial Seal of Tianchao, long thought lost since the end of the Kai dynasty, and on the inside of the lid was an inscription: 只有天朝真正的統治者可以佔有璽。(Zhiyou Tianchao zhenzheng de tongzhi zhe keyi zhanyou xi./Only the true ruler of Tianchao may take possession of the Imperial Seal.).

The acquisition of the long-lost Imperial Seal proved a major propaganda and morale coup. At the urging of her most loyal retainers – who believed that the sudden growth and support of her rebellion, as well as her acquisition of the long-lost imperial seal, meant that the Gun dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven and it had been granted to her – Yuan Lan hesitantly declared a new dynasty, naming her dynasty "Jing (晶)," and coined the imperial title of "Niangdi (孃帝)." Her declaration was met with applause from her entire army and retinue. To solidify her position and give her new dynasty some legitimacy, she married Xiong Wu, fulfilling a lifelong goal of hers, and decreed that her children would use her surname. Once the news spread across the empire, not only was there a tidal wave of support for the new Jing dynasty, but much of what little support remained for the Gun dynasty faded away in favor of the Jing.

Capture of Dongtan


Notes & Trivia

  • Po Han (迫含), styled Wushi (武師), was the Abjaksan of Marlakcor of the time and the greatest martial arts and zhishu (質術) master of the era.