Jill Roberts's Protégé take's place after the events of Scream: Lauren Malloy's Target. Frank Nightingale gets a e-mail from someone saying they are Jill Robert's protege and the terror is far from over. Can Frank and Kirby find this mystery killer before it's too late?


Gary Sinise as Frank Nightingale

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed

Amanda Crew as Liz Kennendy

Lauren Collins as Jessica Delong

Hugh Lawrie as Dr Ronald Klein

Nicholas Robuck as Austin St James

Georgie Henley as Lauren Malloy

Camila Banus as Melissa Edwards

Omar Epps as Dan Lewis

Amanda Setton as Stacy Morris


Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts-She is seen on a video tape before she died telling her protege they need to continue what she started.

Emma Bell as Cami Watson- She appears in a phonecall with Kirby.

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott-

Aryana Engieneer as Fifi Prescott-

Conner Gibbs as Maury Prescott-

Matthew Knight as Roy Popper-

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson-

Alicia Silverstone as Det. Emma Lloyd-

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald-

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell-

Molly Burrette as Caroline Mitchell-

Micheal Madsen as Det. Dennis Mitchell-

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen-

Jamie Kenndey as Randy Meeks-


Frank Nightingale

Kirby Reed

Jessica Delong

Melissa Edwards


Melissa Edwards-She met Jill after one of her murder sprees she is contiuning Jill's mission.

Rhonda James-Jill's old friend from High School she left Woodsboro 6 months after Sophia Randall's murder spree.

Lauren Malloy-She is watching Frank through the whole movie but she isn't shown untill the end in her Ghostface costume.


Stacy Morris-She has an axe slammed into her back. (Melissa)

Dan Lewis-He is stabbed 2 times in the neck. (Rhonda)

Austin St James-He is attacked in his car. (Melissa)

Liz Kennedy-She is stabbed 5 times in the stomach and thrown out a window. (Melissa)

Dr Ronald Klein-He falls 12 stories. (Rhonda)

Rhonda James-Kirby decapitates her with an axe. (Kirby)

Lauren Malloy-Kirby stabs her in the back 3 times and slams an axe in her chest. (Kirby)


End of the movie, Frank had just gotten back to the police station after dropping Kirby at her house unbeknowst to him a mysterious black van had been following him and parked across the street from the station the driver watched him go in, the driver is revealed to be wearing a Ghostface costume.

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