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Dark Future if Autobots lose the war

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same as Starscream

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100% Robot

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Transformers Wars




Autobot Commander

Alternate mode

F-15 Strike Eagle

Cyber Key power

Unleashes the Cosmo Cannon fires more powerful lasers

Stealth Force Mode

fires more powerful lasers

Jetstorm is a Veteran Autobot Commander that serves in the Autobot Military for many years. He was a veteran of the great Cybertronian Wars and was one of Optimus Primes best soldier and the Autobots best friends.

He was seen in the Transformers Wars battling Seeker planes including his enemies Thundercracker and Skywarp. On a planet that has a short nighttime and daytime cycle he defended the Autobot base from hordes of Zombies and undead controlled by the ghost of the fallen Decepticon leader Megatron and during daytime he attacked the undead and zombie nesting grounds including the cemetaries and graveyards. The Autobots evacuated the planet before Megatrons spirit haunts the Autobots longer. He later on assist the airborne and ground bound firefighters in putting out the wildfires that nearly destroyed the autobot city on Tatooine by dropping water on the fire in his jet mode.

In episode 25 he along with Jazz, Ultra Magnus, Jetfire and the other Autobot Leaders were injured by the upgraded Seekers, Gigatron and Darth Grievous.

Starscream beaten up Jetstorm by shooting him in the chest but Jetstorm survived the attack. In an episode he was playing SCII multiplayer and did not know that he was playing against Skywarp who also played Starcraft II.

During the final Battle of Korriban he was seen defeating Acid Storm, Gibbs and Sunstorm at the same time but was later injured by Darth Grievous's Sith Magic along with most of the Autobots.

At the end of the Transformers Wars he was hailed as a hero and was standing next to Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Perceptor as Optimus Prime declares a new golden age for the universe.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the Future Jetstorm was rallied with the other Autobot flyers but he was destroyed by Starscream in his plane mode.

Powers and Abilities

Jetstorm is armed with a machine gun, missiles, bombs, two lightsabers and lasers. He flies just as fast as Skywarp and was formidable to his enemies. He is also one of the most respected Autobot Commanders by the other Autobots. Jetstorm has been the excellent Dogfighter in the Skies and his power rivals that of Ironhide. He also is armed with the powerful Cosmo Cannon which does devastating damage on contact but also stuns enemies in several shots.


This toy is similar to the 2009 Starscream toy only with different colors.

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