Jessica is the eighth episode in the first season of Hunters (TV series). It is the first part in the three part season one finale, followed by The Touch of Death and then Judgement Day.

Plot Summary

At the start of the episode the hunters find a note from Jess in Anchorage, saying that X'arn has taken her to an Inuit tomb outside of town. Desperate for help, Dan seeks an Inuit shaman who tells him he is the one that must banish X'arn. He also tells the hunters were the Inuit tomb is and they immediately begin to search for the demon. When they find the Inuit tomb X'arn has taken on a form seperate from Jess and has tied her up onto a rock. He does not attack and says he wants the hunters to see him kill Jess and tries to stab her. Dan shoots him in the head and he falls to the ground, but is not dead. He rises from his corpse as a spirit and tries to kill Dan and the others. While X'arn is distracted, Will frees Jess from the rock and Dan tries to shoot X'arn again. He flees the tomb but swears that it is not over.

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