Jesscab is the official pairing of Jacob Matthews and Jessica Underwood.


Jacob and Jessica met each other while they were in the same neighborhood across the street from each other. Jessica and Jacob instantly fell in love with each other and were determened to be together. During their elementary and middle school years Jacob and Jessica sat next to each other and on the bus they sat with each other and Jessica always lied on Jacob's shoulder and Jacob would lean his head onto her head. While in high school their feelings for each other grew more and more until they couldn't stand to be separated from each other. One day Jacob was sent to the hospital from a horrible car crash and this scared Jessica as she believed she would lose her best friend and crush. Later during their sophomore year Jessica injured her ankle and Jacob treated her and from there he asked Jessica out on a date. Both Jacob and Jessica almost revealed their feelings for each other, but did not get the chance to.


  • You Gonna Fly (Keith Urban)
  • I Want You Bad (R5)
  • Wheel in the Sky (Journey)


  • They have the same eye and hair color.
  • Both love the color red.
  • They have love for video games and movies.
  • They both like Keith Urban.
  • They like country music.
  • They both like the Ohio State Buckeyes and Cincinnati Bengals.
  • They were born in January.
  • They were born in 1998.


  • Jessica is a cheerleader, but Jacob is a football player.
  • Jessica can sing, but Jacob can't.
  • Jacob and Jessica were born on different days.


  • Jacob and Jessica were born in January of 1998.
  • They are both sophomores in high school.
  • For the end of their freshman year they had a guys vs girls football game against each other.
  • They didn't go to their freshman prom because they were both sick.
  • Jessica does take care of Jacob's injuries and vice versa.
  • When Jacob was in a car crash it injured him severely, but he fully recovered.
  • Jessica was very scared that Jacob would die to his injuries, but he recovered and she prayed for him.
  • Both Jacob and Jessica like the video game series Jet Moto.
  • Their official song is You Gonna Fly by Keith Urban.
  • Both have suffered injuries.
  • Jessica kissed Jacob on his cheek.
  • In the season 5 episode The Wedding Jacob and Jessica get married.
  • They always spend the night at each others houses.
  • They spend the holidays together.
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