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64px My mother passed away last night because of the house you lose everything and I lost my mother because of that house. It was the cause that my unborn baby was alive and crying and my son saw a little boy who was on the set of the upcoming movie called Haunted House.
~ Talking to Keisuke

Jennifer Sullivan is a character played by Ashley tisdale in The Grudge (TV series)



She, her husband and her kids are walking around the set of the house.


  • Daddy! Mom's dead! (Crying on her father)
  • son what wrong (holding her son)
  • My Cousin Karen got Killed because of that House (Talking to her husband)
  • Karen Im gonna find out about that House (Crying on the photo of her and Karen)



  • Ghost in the Attic (2005)
  • The Horror House (2006)
  • Killer in the House (2006)
  • Killer in the House 2 (2008)
  • The Hotel Horror (2009)
  • The Nightmares of Horrors (2010)
  • Killer in the hotel (2011)
  • Haunted House (2015)