Some vacation this turned out to be.

Jennifer at her rented out Liverpool home after looking out the patrolling officers who have just informed that her friends Whitney Timer and Daniel Bishop are suspects in the killing of friends Walter Foreman and Gina Truman.

Jennifer Morianis is the pretty girl senior of Wakton High deployed along with Gina Truman, Walter Foreman and

Jennifer Morianis
American Youth 3
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Morianis Family
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Affiliation Whitney Timer,

Daniel Bishop, Uriel (Assigned Angel), Liverpool Police Department (Protection) Walter Foreman, Gina Truman,

Weapons None
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Homestead, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests "
Performer None
Daniel Bishop on Whitney Timer's June Holiday Vacation to London and a Marked Accursed One in Thy Kingdom Come.

She is the third of the Accursed Six to die and is portrayed by Skyler Samuels.


Jennifer Katelyn Morianis was born on May 4th, 1993 to Tessa and Lucas Morianis of Homestead, Florida.

She grew up across the street from friends Daniel Bishop and Whitney Timer and attended the same Elementary School as them as well as going onto to the same high school Wakton as them.

She fell into a rich pretty girl clique at Wakton and fell out of acquaintance with Whitney and Daniel.

Come Senior year however she parted from her rich girl clique and became part of the friendship circle formed by Whitney which consisted of Daniel, her ex-boyfriend Walter and bestfriend Gina Truman.

She became part of the friendship circle out of sympathy for what had happened to Whitney and out of being her and Daniel's lifelong friend.

She has a resentment towards Walter and Gina for what they did to Whitney.

Jennifer is a very flirtatious, sassy youth who flirts alot and snags men alot particularly older men.

She had been known to have large high school parties whilest her parents were away on business.

Despite her temptress sexual nature she very kind and caring towards Daniel and Whitney.

Everytime someone would bring up Gina Truman and Walter Foreman she would immediatley snap at them and always intervene when she saw Varsity Jocks of Wakton bullying Daniel.

Thy Kingdom Come

Jennifer comes along with Whitney, Daniel, Walter and Gina on the overseas experience trip to London during the June Holidays of 2012 and

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