Jenna Prescott is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Vampire Kingdom.



She has blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. In her shapeshifting form, she has blue skin, yellow eyes and red hair.


  • Carl, I'm in my shapeshifting form (in her shapeshifter form)
  • And I love you too Carl even the kids. (Kissing her husband in her Shapeshifting Form)
  • I can shapeshift into any animal. (talking to her kids)
  • Brother, I'm Fine. how are you? (In her brother arms in her Shapeshifting Form)
  • Jonathan, Okay, son I'll kill him for you. (talking to her son)
  • Hurt my son again and I'll end you! (After killing Kirk Meeks with her husband In her shapeshfiting form)
  • Hey Baby, why the long Face? (talking to her son jonathan)



  • Betsy Russell has to be naked for the shapeshfiting form.
  • She has the power to shapeshift into an animal or her shapeshifting form with blue skin and yellow eyes.
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