Jekyll and Hyde 3D is an upcoming American-British horror film based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, although it is more of a remake of the 1931 and 1941 film versions. Jekyll is played by Christopher Eccelston, who also portrays Hyde using heavy prostethic makeup. It is part of the Universal 3D Relaunch.


Dr Henry Jekyll attends a dinner party at the home of his love interest, Mary Reilly, thrown by her father, Sir Charles Reilly. Once everyone has arrived, Jekyll proposes to Mary and she accepts. Later on in the evening, Jekyll speaks with his colleague and close friend, Dr John Lanyon, who tells him about a recent case of a seemingly regular man who comitted several murders, then claimed that it was his second personality who was responsibe. Finally, wanting to be freed, the man threw himself into the Thames and drowned. The story strikes a nerve with Jekyll, who believes that there is a good and evil side to every person.

Jekyll begins to research his theory, and starts to develop a drug based on what he finds. One night, he witnesses a bar singer named Ivy Pearson being attacked by a man outside her boarding house. Jekyll uses his cane to fight the man off, and he flees. After being carried up to her room by Jekyll, Ivy begins to flirt with him, but he resists the temptation to sleep with her and leaves.

Shortly thereafter, Jekyll takes the drug, but it appears to produce no effect. Later that night, however, Jekyll becomes violently ill. While wretching over his bathroom sink, Jekyll looks in the mirror and sees his appearance begin to change. He slowly becomes more dishevelled, even ugly, and then passes out from the shock. The following morning, Jekyll struggles to comprehend what happened, and takes more of the drug; a higher dosage this time. He changes again, and manages to stay concious long enough to conclude that this is his inner, darker side, and the serum worked. The other persona takes on a name; Edward Hyde.

As Hyde, he visits the bar where Ivy performs. He approaches her and tells her that he will take care off her financial struggles in return for her company. Ivy, put off by his appearance and personality, is reluctant, but knowing how bad her financial state truly is, she accepts. He is verbally and later physically abusive toward her. Eventually, Ivy has had enough, and tries to break it off with Hyde, deciding that suffering financially would be a better fate than suffering at his hands. Enraged, Hyde rapes her, telling her that she promised him something a while ago, and leaves. 

Distraught, Ivy is told by her landlady Mrs Hawkins to visit Dr Jekyll, hoping that he will be able to help her. Jekyll to horrified to learn the pain he has caused her, but he keeps his identity a secret from Ivy, promising her that Hyde will never bother her again. After she leaves, Jekyll destroys all of the serum in his lab and burns his research notes. Relieved that it is over, Jekyll takes a stroll. He begins to sweat and sits on a bench, where he unexpectedly transforms back into Hyde. Hyde returns to Ivy's boarding house while she is at the bar; he kills Mrs Hawkins and then waits for Ivy. When she is returned, she is horrified to see Hyde again. He rapes her again, and then reveals that he and Henry Jekyll are the same man, before killing her.

Soon, a wedding date is announced for Jekyll and Mary. Sir Charles decides to throw another dinner party in celebration, and the same cast of characters from the beginning reunite. Jekyll gets Lanyon alone and tells him about the serum and Hyde. Lanyon is horrified, telling his old friend that he tampered with something he shouldn't have and is essentially damned as a result, but on Jekyll's desperate pleas, he agrees to keep his secret.

After the party, Jekyll and Mary have passionate sex, but in the middle of it he looks into a mirror and sees himself change into Hyde. He becomes too rough with Mary, who begs him to stop, but Hyde ignores her. He then leaves, and changes back into Jekyll when he gets home. Jekyll considers taking his own life, but is unable to bring himself to do so. The following night, he is visits Mary to try and apologize, but she has gone for a walk to collect her thoughts. Instead, Jekyll is greeted by Sir Charles, who knows about what happened the previous night and is furious. While Sir Charles verbally rips Jekyll to shreds, Jekyll transforms into Hyde and attacks Sir Charles, bludgeoning him with his cane until it breaks. Hyde then flees, and the police are called by the maid. Lanyon arrives and recognizes the cane as Jekyll's. He remembers his promise, but decides this is more important and tells the police he can bring them to the culprit.

Meanwhile, while Mary was out walking, she decided to visit Jekyll. She waits for him to return, and when Jekyll gets there, she asks him what he thinks about their future. He replies that he isn't sure, just as the police arrive with Lanyon. They inform Mary that her father is dead, and they want to arrest Jekyll in connection with the murder. Jekyll tries to plead his innocence, telling them that they should be looking for a man called Edward Hyde. He changes into Hyde right in front of them, then fights off the police single handedly, killing several of them. Hyde flees to the roof, dragging a screaming Mary with him. Lanyon, who was waiting outside, witnesses this. Hyde realizes he is cornered, but warns the police that if they take another step toward him, he will throw Mary off the roof. Lanyon shoots him, allowing Mary to escape to safety. Lanyon shoots Hyde again and he falls to his death. The film closes on a shot of Hyde, as he turns back into Henry Jekyll for the last time.


Christopher Eccelston - Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde

Lee Pace - John Lanyon

Kelly Reilly - Mary Reilly

Julian Glover - Sir Charles Reilly

Billie Piper - Ivy Pearson

Beatrice Kelley - Mrs Hawkins

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