Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral (2016)

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral is a 2016 Horror-Slasher film that will be a sequel to the 2003 horror film, Jeepers Creepers 2 and the 2001 horror film, Jeepers Creepers. This film will bring back some of the same charact from the first and second film but the third installment will have a different protagonist. Gina Phillips will reprise her role as a middle-aged Trish Jenner helping the protagonist of the film try to kill the Creeper. This film will have more of a violent, action packed thriller then the two other films. The film stars Danielle Panabaker, Chace Crawford, Trey Songz, Arielle Kebbel, Darren Criss, Katrina Bowden, Alex Pettyfer, Johnathan Breck, Gina Phillips, Emjay Anthony, Justin Long, and Gerard Butler.


Tracy is taking all her friends out on a car trip to go see her grandparents for Spring Break where they are listening to music, telling ghost stories and causing mischief around the cornfields. During the car trip, Tracy and her friends get attacked by an old rusty truck from an unknown driver who keeps honking his horn and trying to bump them off the road. The truck then pushes them into a cornfield and the truck drives away without a trace but soon they realize that the broken down car and being stranded in the middle of nowhere were the least of their problems. The car gets broken and the friends are worried that they might get lost in the cornfield and get stranded on the highway. The friends walk on the side of the road looking for a passing car to drive them to safety and they pass by an old church that's painted in black "HOUSE OF PAIN" and ehat they find is much worse. They find body bags of half-eaten human body parts hanging near the church. Meanwhile, a young rich woman named Trish Jenner and her son Darry who she named after her deceased brother move into a large mansion in the country. The group of teens meet up with the Jenners and Trish lets them stay for the night but Trish told them to lock the doors and windows at night and the teens don't know why she explained that to them. When night has struck, start becoming strange when Tracy and her friends start feeling like they are being watched, something is in the mansion and whatever this figure it is, it's hungry.


Danielle Panabaker as Tracy Smith - Tracy is a beautiful and a very rich college student who lives a wealthy, perfect lifestyle in a giant city where she attends college with all her friends. She is a smart, beautiful girl who has a big heart who is willing to help those in need. Anya is very strong minded and learned from her father how to use a gun at a young age. Anya is a very cultured and adventurous girl. She likes visiting different countries and U.S States to learn about all of the different cultures and people's heritage. Her family is very rich and luxurious but doesn't rub it into people's faces instead donates it and buys whatever they need with it. By the time she is 20 years old, Amanda brings all her college friends to a car trip around the Country side of Florida for Spring Break where they are drinking beer, telling stories, listening to music and eating some snacks while they are heading to Tracy's grandparents house. During their car trip they get attack by an old rusty truck where the license plate on the truck says BEATNGU. The truck crashes Tracy's mini-van into a cornfield and the truck drove away without a trace. The van was broken down so, Tracy and her friends had to walk in the hot sun to find help. Later they passed an old church where a sign is painted in black "HOUSE OF PAIN" where they saw something completely horrifying. They found by the church body bags full of half-eaten corpses and they wanted to report to the police but they have no phone service. Later two of Tracy's friends, Amanda and Jeremygo missing while still looking for help. When they teens are still walking in the highway they meet up with a luxorious woman named Trish Jenner and her teenage son, Darry. Trish let them stay for dinner and let them stay for the night. Trish said before they go to sleep they should lock the doors and windows and Tracy started getting suspicious on why she explained that. During night when her friends are walking around the cornfields, listening to music, drinking beer and having sex, Tracy starts feeling like she is being watched and that whatever is watching her has a big appetite. Tracy has a girly personality and has a lot in common with her best friend. She is a perky brunette teen with a big heart. She is really good at cooking and likes making meals and desserts. She has a hilarious sense of humor, but can be a little bitchy at times but will always be there for a friend and family member. She has a huge fear of being alone because she's been hearing that their have been dissapearences of people in the country and just wants to tell herself it's not going to happen to her or her friends. Tracy works as a hairstylist because she loves stuff like fashion and hair styles.

Chace Crawford as Nick Thomas - Nick is the girlfriend of Tracy and best friends with Julian and Jeremy. Nick is a 24 year old college student who is a professinal jock who tags along on his girlfriend's car trip around the country of Florida during Spring Break. Brady has a cool and fun spirited urge to party more then anything else. All Nick wants to do is do stunts, have a great time, and break the rules even if it turns him into a bully but has caring and loyal to his friends and relatives. He is a black belt in karate and will only use his skills for defense, good, and when he is about to get beaten up. Nivl mostly admires and respects his girlfriend Tracy because she is never mean or selfish instead she is kind and loving and Nick always brings the romantic side in him when his girlfriend is around. Nick carries a brave demeanor and is not afraid to stand up to fear, even if it's stuff like facing the Creeper and will do anything to protect those he loved from the flesh-craving, blood-thirsty winged creature that is terrorizing them.

Trey Songz as Julian - Julian is best friends with Jeremy and Nick and a close friend of Tract. Trevor is an 24 year old African-American college student who is always in a good mood and is interested in a lot of things. Julian likes stuff like sports, eating pizza and having fun with his buddies. Julian tags along with his Amanda and the rest of friends on a car trip around the country side of Florida to have a great Spring Break, go swimming, and have some food when they get to Tracy's grandparents house. Julian has always got some tricks up his sleeve and loves showing his friends a good time even if it ends up turning bad he tries it again. All likes to do is party and be in a good mood. Trevor works as a cook at a Steakhouse because his father owns the Steakhouse and he loves cooking and eating stuff off the grill like steaks, burgers, ribs and wings. Despite schoolwork and responsibilities, Trey still finds the time to play sports, have sexual relations with 20 year old girls, and partying. He is very suave with the ladies and comes off as a superficial womanizer, but Julian is truly a warm-hearted soul who treats others with respect, is a loyal brother figure to Nick and Jeremy and is always there or has their backs for tyem when needed.

Arielle Kebbel as Amanda Davis - Amanda is best friends with Tracy and the girlfriend of Jeremy who tags along on Tracy's car trip during Spring Break. Amanda is a up going and pretty college student. She is a beautiful blonde haired girl who is always loyal and respectful to her friends. She looks up to Tract as a surrogate sister because she has a tite relationship with her. She has a girly personality because she loves doing girly stuff activites and participating in her friends activities. Amanda is always in a good mood neither angry nor sad but she gets scared and cowardly when her and her friends get terrorized by a shark. She also likes water-skiing and skinny dipping because she likes getting peer pressured by her friends. Amanda is a party going and slutty dressing dirty blond haired teen who will do anything to have a good time. Amanda is a pretty and sophisticated college student who loves embarking on her boyfriend's journeys even if it gets her into trouble. Amanda uses her sexy body to get whatever she wants even if it makes her boyfriend jealous. She is acts really tomboyish and likes doing guy type activities and learned how to use a gun at a young age by her father. When she hears about a fun and cool party is somewhere she is, she likes to go and party more than anything. She likes making her own creative art, driving around her car, and swimming at the beach. Her life long dream is to be a famous ice skater at the Olympics.

Darren Criss as Jeremy - Jeremy is the boyfriend of Amanda and a close friend of Nick. Derek is a smart and suave 25 year old college student who always likes tagging along and participating on his friends activities and is a part of Tracy's car trip around the country side of Florida on Spring Break. Derek is a fun spirited up going college student who has a raunchy and offensive sense of humor but has a big heart and will promise to stay loyal to his friends and family. Him and Amanda have a very close romantic relationship and nothing can make them made at each other. Derek is always curious about stuff that live in the sea. Jeremy has a issue of drinking alcohol and whiskey and will refuse to stop drinking even if his friends order him to stop. He works as a chef at a local restaurant in Miami, Florida and he uses his cooking skills for good use or when needed like for his family and occasionally volunteers at a soup kitchen to show his selfless personality.

Katrina Bowden as Chelsea - She is a close friend of Tracy and Amanda and the girlfriend of Chet. She is a fun-spirited and provocative teen who enjoys rough partying and avoiding as much drama as she can. During Speing Break, she goes on a car trip with all her friends to go see Tracy's grandparents. Most of the guys find themselves falling head over heels for Chelsea due to her physically captivating appearance and less because of her mind. She loves to drink, get high and most importantly, have sex until she reaches a numbing vibe, as long as the men she sleeps with are handsome and have a decent amount of cash in their pockets. Chelsea is a mature and sophisticated girl who tries her best to have a fun time, but also tries to work hard to get her school work done. Despite her maturity, intelligence and hardworking ambition, Chelsea also knows how to have fun with her friends and keeps an open mind at all circumstances. She carries a cowardly demeanor when it comes to the Creeper. Chelsea is an A honor roll student and is the top and probably the smartest student in all her classes. Despite her nerdy attributes, she is still very popular at her school and is liked by almost the whole student body and her teachers.

Alex Pettyfer as Chet - Chet is a strong, supportive, and big hearted 25 year old college student, the boyfriend of Chelsea and a close friend of Tracy. Chet is an athletic 23-year-old daredevil that always likes to do things hard core or dangerous. Chet is never afraid to take a dare and whatever his friends dared him to do, he'd do it. Chet can be really insensitive and self-centered at times but he still shows loyalty to his family, friends and girlfriend. He also likes partying, playing football, drinking alcohol and having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, Kelly. Trevor lives in Pineville where he attends college along with his friends and girlfriend. All Chet wants to do is have fun and break the rules, even if it bothers those around them. Trevor is interested in stuff like watching TV, looking and masturbating to pornography magazines, eating junk food, playing video games, and getting intoxicated on beer and alcohol but sometimes he can have a mood to play outside. Chet has a hard time taking stuff seriously but does whatever he can to be a good boyfriend. He goes to Tracy's car trip in the country side of Florida to see Tracy's grandparents. He is a game developer with a raunchy sense of humor and is unable to take anything seriously but will show loyalty to his girlfriend and would do anything to see her happy.

Johnathan Breck as The Creeper - The Creeper is a demonic creature over 1,000,000 years old that only survives by eating human organs. It is unknown how this thing was formed but it is revealed to be a dangerous hell demon. During the day it pretends to be a normal average man that drives an old 1940s rusted brown truck with a license plate that says BEATNGU and dresses up in a brown fedora, brown overcoat, black leather gloves, brown pants, a brown shirt, and uses an axe and it's sharp teeth as it's favorite weapon. But reveals its true creature identity at night. No one has ever tried to stop it and if someone tried to stop The Creeper, It would never work. On the Spring Break of 2016, It returns for Trish's son, Darry so he can be his next meal. If someone enters his territory they we'll be caught in a twisted game of Cat and Mouse when The Creeper picks off a group of teens that he crashed with it's truck on the highway and left them for dead so he can come back and eat them later. A woman named Trish and her son Darry befriends the group of teens and let them stay in their mansion for the night and told them to lock the door at nights because of The Creeper. The Creeper tried to kill Trish in the first film and now it returns for her son Darry. The Creeper wont stop until he catches Darry, Trish and the other group of teens. The Creeper is an ancient, mysterious being implied to be a demon of some sort, though the details of his origin are never elaborated on. He appears as a fairly masculine, humanoid figure, and usually wears a tattered, 19th century duster, wide-brimmed stetson and tattered trousers to pass for human. This disguise is effective at a distance, but fails the moment his face comes into view. The Creeper's skin is covered in thick, dark-green scales, while his digits end in hooked claws. His face has no prominent jowls, framing a set of needle-like teeth. The majority of his head is bald, save for a patch of bushy, white hair around the back of his head. A third nostril sits upon his nose, but perhaps his most distinctive feature is his "hood". While normally lying flat against his head, the Creeper is able to expand a wide fringe of webbed, insect-like appendages as a threat display. A set of bat-like wings lie folded against his back, nearly invisible under his duster, but capable of propelling him through the air with astounding force. to have a twisted sense of aesthetics, and sets aside time from his short 23 day span of awake time to focus on creative endeavors. He makes grotesque art by sewing skin and bodies together, placing them on the walls and ceiling of his "home" as a form of decoration. He also carves pictures into the handles of his knives or attaches skin and teeth to his weapons in an attempt to decorate them. He also seems to possess a somewhat crude knowledge of human biology and medical practice as he is able to preserve human bodies in perfect form, by some unknown method, for centuries. He can cut out the organs of humans, sew them up and keep them alive in the process. The Creeper apparently has some level of mechanical skill in the rusted truck he drives.

Gina Phillips as Trishia "Trish" Jenner - Trish is a smart and pretty middle aged woman who is wealthy and smart. Trish is someone from the creeper's past who has been traumatized and depressed ever since the mysterious death and kidnapping of her older brother, Darry Jenner. Now she is a changed woman who married a man and had a kid with him named Darry who is named after his deceased uncle but then her husband died in a car crash and she later raised Darry on his own. On the Spring Break of 2016, She moves into a large luxorious house with her son so her son can have a wealthy and non violent life. Later on Spring Break she has a nightmare about her son suffering the same fate as her brother. Meanwhile when they get there, Trish finds out that a group of teenagers have disappeared in the area she's in while on a road trip. Then she makes an alliance with a group of teenagers that have seen the winged creature in a car trying to crash them and eat them for later and are out to find it for eating and kidnapping a relative of theirs. Later that day she finds out The Creeper has returned to find Trish and is looking for her son, Darry but Trish wont let that happen.

Emjay Anthony as Darry Jenner - Darry is a mute 13 year old boy who is named after his deceased uncle which he never met. Darry is a shy but big hearted teen who is only comfortable around his parents. Darry is mostly quiet and plays on his video game consults. He has no friends because he's different and is quiet. During the Spring Break of 2016, Him and his mother move to a large luxorious house with a big open field and a large swimming pool in the country side of Florida. When he moves to the mansion, His mother finds out that The Creeper has returned for Darry. He tries to escape The Creeper but it wont rest until he takes Darry. But his mother won't let that happen. He has is really tough but carries a brave, manly demeanor when it comes to fighting the Creeper or seeing someone he loves in danger. Darry had a hard time making friends in school because he was often picked on by his classmates for being quiet and different from everybody else but he knows that his mother is always their for him

Justin Long as Darry Jenner - He is the deceased older brother of Trish who was kidnapped, eaten and murdered by The Creeper 15 years ago and his body never found after that but he is still on the search. He is also the brother-in-law of Trish's husband, Bryan and the uncle of Trish's son who has the same name as him. On the Spring of 2001 when he went on a road trip with Trish to go see their parents for Spring Break, He suffered a horrible fate from the winged creature and the front half of his body was left and his eyes was gouged out and eaten by The Creeper. His sister is still out there looking for the beast that killed him many years ago and he always had a close friendship with his sister. Darry would've been super happy to see Trish raising a family of her own. Later Trish named her son after her deceased brother who is also Darry's 13-year-old nephew. Darry has appeared as illusions and visions towards Trish and her so warning them to escape before it is too late.

Geard Butler as Officer Boyd - He is a police officer who investigates the disappearances of Amanda and Jeremy. Officer is a serious and non humorous police officer who always takes everything serious. At times he can be a little humorous but mostly takes all his possessions and everything he does seriously. Officer Ford always carries around emergency items in the backseat of his car like mace, tazers, and guns so incase he can defend him self. During his breaks he orders carry out food and watches MTV with his buddies. He is first seen stopping the group of teens to make a drug and alcohol search but the teens hide it from him. He is later found investigating Trish's mansion for the disappearances of Amanda and Jeremy. Sheriff Woodley looks for criminals in and out of town so he can be a hero for doing a good deed for everyone and be remembered for something good.

Ray Wise as Jack Tarragart Sr. - He is a hardworking farmer who is the father of Jack and one of the Creeper's previous victims, Billy Tarragart. Years ago when his son Billy was working in the cornfields, him and his family have interacted with the Creeper for the first time in the form of one of his scarecrows and the Creeper kidnapped Billy. Him and Jack Jr. never forgot it since. Later Jack and his eldest son, Jack Jr. have met up with over 20 high school trapped on a school bus who were all kept hostage by the Creeper. Jack, the teens and his son soon then defeat the Creeper remaining only a few high school students left alive. Jack and his son soon kept it crucified calling it "The Bat From Hell" and hoping that it would never come back alive ever again. Years later Jack and Jack Jr. have moved to a new farm in the same area the Creeper lives blocking away all the memories they had of the Creeper's feeding frenzy. Soon, Jack Jr. and Jack Sr. fall victim in the hands of The Creeper and get their body parts ripped apart and eaten by The Creeper. After the Creeper incident, he has become really paranoid and doesn't want anyone on his property.

Luke Edwards as Jack Tarragart Jr. - He is a local middle aged farmer who is the eldest son of Jack Sr. and the brother of one of the Creeper's previous victims, Bill Saragart. Years ago when his brother, Billy was working in the cornfields, him and his family have interacted with the Creeper in the form of one of his father's scarecrows and he never forgot it since. Later Jack Jr. and his father, Jack Sr. have met up with 20 high school students trapped on a school bus who were all kept hostage by the Creeper. Jack, the teens and his father then defeated the Creeper remaining only a few high school students left alive. Jack and his son soon kept it crucified calling it "The Bay From Hell" and hoping that it would never come back alive ever again. Years later Jack Jr. and Jack Sr. have moved to a new farm in the same area the Creeper lives blocking away all the memories they had of The Creeper's feeding frenzy. Soon, Jack Jr. and Jack Sr. fall victim in the hands of The Creeper and get their body parts ripped apart and eaten by The Creeper.


Amanda Davis and Jeremy - Kidnapped and dismembered by The Creeper.

Julian - As Julian was running around the cornfield with Chet and Chelsea playing mischivioeus games and getting intoxicated on alcohol, Julian stumbles upon a crucified scarecrow that is facing down at the ground and he finds it strange because a bunch of crows are laying on the scarecrow instead of getting scared from it. He walks closer to the scarecrow and whenever he got closer to the scarecrow, he felt a chill down his spine and in his stomach because he felt the scarecrow wasn't an ordinary scarecrow. Julian then hears his friends calling out for him to see where he is and so he turned around and was about to run off. The scarecrow then lifted his head and stared at Julian, so Julian quickly turned around slowly walking in fear. He looked at the scarecrow again and noticed razor sharp teeth in the mouth of the scarecrow. The mouth then moved, which made Julian run in fear yelling for his friends and Trish. The scarecrow ripped his self of the cross and chased Julian around the cornfield. Julian was so close to making it to safety but then the Creeper leaped into the air and tackled Julian to the ground where he ate and dismembered his guts, heart and limbs.

Jack Tarrgart Jr. - As Jack Sr. and Jack Jr. we're driving around the fields looking for trespassers, they notice a man in a cloak and fedora walking slowly into the cornfield and so Jack Sr. stops the truck, grabs a baseball bat, gets out of the truck and walks up to the man asking him why he is he on his property. After the man wouldn't respond back. He beated him savagely with a baseball bat as Jack Jr. was anatagonizing the man when he was doing it. The man completely fell to the ground unconscious and the both left the man's body to die. They both got into the truck and were about to start the truck but then the Creeper's hand went through Jack Jr.'s side window and the Creeper ripped off his arm and gouged one of his eyes out and ate them aggressively as Jack Sr. watched in fear. The Creeper later took Jack Jr. and Jack Sr.'s half eaten corpses inside their house close by the front door where they were left to rot. It is later revealed that Jack Jr.'s left arm, guts and eyes were found missing from his corpse thus meaning that meaning that the Creeper ate them.

Jack Tarrgart Sr. - After Jack Sr. was watching his son get killed and eaten by the Creeper, Jack Sr. was filled with rage and ran out of the truck in anger holding his bat and planned not to only beat the Creeper with it but kill him as well. When he was about to swing his bat towards the Creeper's face, the Creeper snatched it out of his hands and broke his leg with the bat which made him fall to the ground. The Creeper then picked up Jack Sr. and threw him into a field. Jack tried to crawl away from the Creeper but the Creeper was to quick. The Creeper walked over to Jack Sr., stood over him and then grabbed a hunting knife out of his pocket from his cloak. The Creeper then started dismembering and eating Jack Sr.'s body parts. The Creeper later took Jack Jr. and Jack Sr.'s half eaten corpses inside their house close by the front door where they were left to rot. It is later revealed that half of Jack Sr.'s body parts and major organs were completely missing from his corpse thus meaning that the Creeper at them.

Chet - Chet was walking around Trish's cornfield to look for Julian that dinner is ready and couldn't find him. He could hear footsteps coming from the area surronding and started seeing a figure in a cloak and dark fedora running across the cornfield and thought it was Julian playing a joke on him. Chet ran towards where he saw the figure running and started following it. Chet soon got lost in the cornfield ad tripped on an object that is buried in the dirt. Chet uncovered to see what the object was and it was a blood spattered shuriken. Then he notices trail of blood leading to crucifix where he saw Julian's half-eaten bloody corpse pinned to the crucifix like a scarecrow. Chet then frightened with fear, heard a noise coming from the cornfield and started running towards where he saw Trish's mansion. The Creeper then threw a hunting knife at Chet and the knife sunk into Chet's leg making fall to the ground and bleed uncontrollably. Chet was crawling closer to the house but was later killed by the Creeper. Later, Officer Boyd found the Creeper eating Chet's guts, ribs, stomach and colon.

Officer Boyd - As Officer Boyd was investigating around the cornfield looking for the missing teens, he hears a loud gargling, pounding noise coming from inside a shed. Officer Boyd slowly walks over to the shed with his loaded gun and flashlight. As he slowly opens the door, he sees the Creeper in a dirty trench coat, dirty fedora, dirty clothing and holding a knife as he stands over eats Chet's bloody corpse. Officer Boyd was then horrified and shot the Creeper several times in the head and back. The Creeper didn't die and instead got up and slowly walks up to Officer Boyd. Boyd was then scared that the Creeper didn't die and shot bullets out of his gun several times but then the Creepr grabbed Boyd's arm real tite and didn't let it go. Officer was trying to get loose but the Creeper was to strong. Then the Creeper yanked Boyd's arm off which made him bleed uncontrollably and Officer slowly died onto the ground. He was later found hanging from a tree nearby Trish's mansion with barbed wire tied around his neck and chest area.

Chelsea - Chelsea calls for police back up telling them has eaten their friends and Officer Boyd. As Chelsea is still explaining her report, Julian's corpse was thrown through a nearby window, they all panicked and went to go see who threw the body through the window as Nick was holding a gun. Then all the power suddenly went off which frightened them all, mainly Darry. The others looked around the house for a flashlight or matches so they can see in the dark. Eventually, Chelsea walked into a bedroom and found a flashlight laying on a nightstand and she grabbed so they can all see where they are going. Chelsea pointed the flashlight towards the window and when she did, a wingedfigure suddenly grabbed her. The figure pulled Chelsea out of the house, climbed onto the roof emerged his wings and flew off into the nightly sky. The others were panicking in fear as they heard Chelsea's loud screams coming from the clouds in the night sky. Later, the others found the bloody lims and half-eaten head of Chelsea's body in a ditch on the highway presuming that the Creeper ate most of Chelsea's body. The Creeper - As the Creeper was chasing Trish, Darry, Tracy and Nick on the road in it's old car, the others run to the side into a cornfield where they will hope to escape the Creeper. The Creeper then drive it's truck into the cornfield and started going after the others hoping to kill them and later eat them. The car started getting closer and closer to them but then they found an opening and was hopping they could find help in the opening. They stumble upon the Tarragart house and hope that they could find help inside the house. As Nick knocks on the door of the house, no one answers. Nick knocks on the door again, a little louder but no one answers. They then open the door to see if anyone was home and when they did they saw Jack Jr. and Jack Sr.'s half-eaten corpses laying on the floor by the door. Tracy notices a nearby truck and thinks they can get away from the Creeper with the truck. Trish and Nick break the side windows, open the car and Trish sits in the drivers seat and couldn't find the keys to the truck anywhere. Trish then hot wired the car which made it start and then the Creeper threw Jack Sr.'s corpse at the windshield which made them all scream in terror. They all ran out the truck screaming in fear as the Creeper flew into the sky following them. While running they noticed, a farm where they found oil, sharp weapons and shot guns everywhere and they had a plan to kill the Creeper. They all ran out the farm holding buckets of oil, loaded shot guns and sharp weapons ready to kill the Creeper and started hearing noises coming from inside the Tarragart house. The four slowly made their way inside the house scared knowing that the Creeper will attack them. They all started hearing growling noises coming from a room down the hall and as they slowly opened the door, they saw the Creeper's clothes on the floor and it was eating Jack. Jr's organs and guts which frightened and disgusted them. Trish, Nick and Trady all grabbed their guns out and started shooting the Creeper repeatedly. Nick then grabbed a wine bottle with a cloth in it out of his pocket and lighted it on fire hand threw the bottle at the Creeper which burned the Creeper and started spreading through the house. They all ran outside as they watched the house flatten to the ground in flames with the Creeper still inside. Later, as Darry was walking around the fields while his mother and friends were calling the police. He was starting to hear noises around the area he's in but he think's it is just a small animal. Then Darry as contiued to walk through the fields minding his own business, he was mysteriously jumped by a brutally burnt Creeper and was pinned to a tree. The Creeper's hood came off, his eyes turned red and his teeth turned more sharper and was running up to and attacking Darry which made him scream in fear. The Creeper pinned Darry to the ground and was about to rip open his chest but then Trish, Tracy and Nick heard his screams. Trish grabbed a spear out of her fence and stabbed the Creeepr through the stomach with it which made him let go of Darry. Trish wrapped a chain around the spear and through the chain in a woodchipper which she later turned on. The chain started dragging the Creeper towards the woodchipper and it pulled Darry by his leg, hoping that he'll become his next victim. Tracy grabbed a shovel off the floor and chopped the Creeper's arm off with it which made him let go of Darry. The Creeper was then dragged into the woodchipper where it was chopped up and all it's blood and organs started splattering all over the place and getting onto Darry, Trish, Tracy and Nick's clothes. Later the next morning, Darry out the remains of the Creeper in a trash bag and dumped it in a close by river as police investigated the area.

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