Janette "Jeannie" Sullivan
Voiced by: Katie Lowes
Occupation: Businesswoman
Family: Jack Sullivan (husband)
Annabelle Sullivan (daughter)
Kyle Sullivan (son)
Status: Deceased
Alias: Janette Sullivan
Cause of Death: Casted on by Serana's spell
Date of Birth: August 20, 1973
Abilities: Flight

Janette "Jeannie" Sullivan (born August 20, 1973, died in 2011; aged 38) is the deceased mother of Annabelle Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan and the wife of Jack Sullivan. She is voiced by Katie Lowes.


Jeannie was the ghost of a deceased mother of Annabelle and Kyle and the wife of Jack Sullivan. She was a former businesswoman who died in 2011 after black magic casted on her by Serana's darkest magic. She lets out of a spooky moan when she gets worried, nervous or sad. She will haunt whoever doubts her. She enjoys being alone (unless she's with a love interest of her's), listening to sad music, classical music, opera music and goth music and haunting people by scaring them in a sad eerie tone.


Jeannie was born on 1973. She was the wife of a cartoonist Jack and mother of two children, Kyle and Annabelle. In 2011, it happens when Serana blashed red aura ball on Jeannie and through her death, she died. As a ghost, she haunts her house she died in for the rest of his afterlife for all eternity.



Jeannie is a bit lonely, shy and kind mother. When she is a ghost, she is self-confident at all times.


She has brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. As a ghost, she has white skin, silver eyes and white hair. She has high cheekbones.


In some flashbacks, she wears a pink dress, a blue cardigan and brown heels. As a ghost, she wears a white dress, a gray cardigan and dark gray heels.



Powers & Abilities

* = notable


  • "Whoooooooo!" -Jeannie's moaning noise when she gets worried, nervous or sad.
  • "Hello? Where are you?" -Jeannie when invisible so she can't see Annabelle and Kyle.
  • "I think being a ghost may be a curse!" -Jeannie thinking that being a ghost may be a curse.
  • "The burn marks. I got shot a couple of times by the lighting beams of Serana." -Jeannie showing her burn marks.
  • "Come here, you bratty teenager!" -Jeannie scaring away Wendy Corduroy in a sad, eerie tone.




  • She also appears on flashbacks as a human, but also appeared on the episodes as a ghost.
  • She moans in a dark, eerie tone (which is for ghosts) to haunt and scare people.
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