Jeanine Epper was a member of the original Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (circa 1997-1998) and a talented
Jeanine Epper
Full Name
Jeanine Epper
Portrayed by
Aimee Teegarden
First Appearance
Chapter 12: The Assassination of Peter Harmon
Last Appearance
Chapter 17: Fire Meets Water
Date of Death
September 24th, 1998
Assassin, Actress
Los Angeles, California
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Los Angeles station actress who hit her big break on account of her boss/secret lover Bill.

Her code-name as a Deadly Viper was Asp and she was the second on Beatrix Kiddo's re-done 1998 Death List.

She appears in Kill Bill: Vol.3 portrayed by Aimee Teegarden.


Fledgling Career

Jeanine Epper had begun as a struggling small actress living in a crappy apartment in Los Angeles, California trying to make it big.

She had tried everything and despite her greatest efforts and countless hours dedicated was unable to break into major film acting.

She had come to murder a major film executive working on a film which was in dire need of a lead female.

In murdering him she had been spotted by Deadly Viper Assassin Chingo Martinez who came to her and told her he has just the person who can get her what she wants and help her with her other talents as well.

Jeanine had then been taken to see a man named Bill whose charisma won her over and connections secured that breakthrough role which was her smoking gun.


Sometime prior to the Assassination of Peter Harmon and his followers Jeanine had participated in other assassinations for Bill acting as a Deadly Viper with the assigned codename Asp. It had been clear however by Bill's former friend Sir Peterson who had later come to train Beatrix Kiddo and act as her first martial arts trainer that Jeanine had not participated in as many assassinations as her fellow Vipers as she had participated more in A-List Acting career.

The Assassination Of Peter Harmon + His Followers

Jeanine on January 27th, 1998 participated in the Assassination of Peter Harmon and his followers.

She was the radio patch in for Bill pin-pointing the exact locations he needed to be for in the take-downs.

She was spotted by Beatrix Kiddo in her last patch in before Beatrix was beaten senseless by Nox Janette and Chingo Martinez.

The Los Angeles Premiere of StarShine

Months following the Peter Harmon incident Jeanine had been informed of the death of Deadly Viper Ness at the hands of Beatrix Kiddo and Bill had warned Jeanine to not attend the large Los Angeles Premiere for her latest big movie.

She however ignored Bill's advice and attended the premiere.

Marked second on Beatrix's death list Beatrix also attended the premiere nicely dressed and engaged in combat with her.


Jeanine was killed as whilest locked in combat with Beatrix in the premiere building's large fountain she had her head smashed onto a granite edge then sliced all the way across the body by Beatrix's Komoto Sword lended by Master Sir Peterson.

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