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Jean Grey is a mutant with powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is played by Elizabeth Olsen.


Early Life

Jean Grey was born the daughter of Dr. John and Elaine Grey. She lived with her family in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where John worked as a history professor. Jean was the only one in her family with mutant abilities. Her powers first manifested themselves when she was fourteen, after her sister was hit by a car. Due to the death of her sister, her parents neglected their daughter, before she ran away at fifteen.

X-Men: First Class

One night in 1952, Jean was caught by Charles Xavier while attempting to break in and squat. When he caught her, they both started a friendship due to the fact they both have the power of telepathy and Xavier lets her live with him. In 1962, Jean, along with Xavier, displayed their abilities to a group of CIA agents, among them Fred Duncan. It was Jean who convinced the government that mutants did exist by demonstrating her telepathic abilities. 

During a failed attempt to capture Baron von Strucker, Jean and Xavier met Erik Lensherr. Soon, Xavier and Lensherr went to find more mutants, who were sent to Division X. The mutants included were Bobby Drake, Scott Summers, Warren Worthington III and Hank McCoy; they formed the original team of X-Men. 

Whilst training to stop Strucker, Jean begins to be romantically interested in Scott and they share a view moments. Instrumental in stpping the Cuban Missile Crisis and foiling HYDRA's bid for world domination, the team eventually split when Lensherr asserted that humans would never accept mutants and opted to assert rule over them instead of waiting to be intered and executed. Jean refused to join him, as he formed the Brotherhood of Mutants with his new team from HYDRA; Azazel, Toad, Mastermind and Mystique

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