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April 15, 1998

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 Jayron Efferson is a horse he can talk a lot more than the regular Umagon, Born in Massachusetts, Boston Jayron could be adpoted by his parents in Los Angelous in June 2012 Jayron moves to the store to stay a little bit till his first ever owner Calvino he has friends to hang out with Hark, Boris, Bendall, Vaclor, Servern, Raythum Noalen, Kareson sadly they failed to come because Calvino's mother does not have enough money to go in Los Angeles Jayron was excited to go to B.E.T Awards with them after Calvino fails to arrive to Los Angeles Jayron decides to move New York, Manhattan he is currently waiting for Calvino to pick him up when he is in the store. Jayron is going to wait till mid November If not Jayron has had it of waiting for Calvino he is going to move Indiana where Hark and Boris, Bendall, Vaclor, Servern and Raythum, Kareson lives. Jayron Efferson is a replacement of Raythum Noalen.


Umagon blacked out

Jayron Blacked out.

Jayron has emotionality and curisoity and he is a comedic and he is a hip he does almost a lot of humorous things and he's somewhat of a bully since Jayron Efferson heard about Paris Jackson was misbehaving in July 2012 he want to pick on her for fun If he did bullied Paris Jackson online he would be on the hollywood news Jayron came from the anime the anime will get big as Dragon Ball Z. The only reason why Jayron Efferson wanted to bully Paris Jackson because of her religion Umagon will think viewers will laugh that they're different than Paris's religion. When Jayron Efferson joined the new microblogging service he heard the policies from Boris "No Linking" "No sharing" Jayron still wishes to bully Paris Jackson on a microblogging service someday. The second reason Jayron tries to bully her that she isn't half chubby although he likes half chubby girls. Jayron can be a pessimist when he cries and he was used to be large pessimist when he was younger he has not yet been living with the friend Mister93 is a larger pessimist than Jayron but Jayron won't feel that he is not going to be his best friend. Jayron is actually outgoing he used to think he is easygoing because nothing goes wrong in conversations along with his friends, he is more confident when he talks to anybody than "easygoing" Jayron will probably stop being a crybaby till 15 or 16 when his parents visit him to improve of being older. Jayron gets blacked out when a person loses or he cannot find a store to buy he is sort of being Team Rocket. He improved his maturity a little bit more between October 2012 to February 2013 when he realize something is wrong crying a lot.

Personal Life

November 17, 2012

Jaylynn logged into a new social network called Tent he was called out being a troll so is Boris. It has been confirmed that Jayron hates anti-bulling he only likes regular bulling and he does not troll people because he think it is not smart.

November 27, 2012

When Boris quited Tent for being called a troll the guy who is acussing Boris that he does not want staff to help trolls at all Jaylynn quited the same day Boris quited. However they're waiting for anew twitter alike to be launch to have a better place.

January 11, 2013

After Jaylynn seemed to gave up on Paris Jackson from Paris changing her ways since October. Now Jayron is finding a replacement bully online with he would probably does not need to wait for the new twitter alike.

January 16, 2013

Jayron gets a replacement to bully online with and they became boyfriend and girlfriend on new Myspace they get to know each other while chatting on new Myspace.

March 8, 2013 

Jaylynn wants to earn money by working and adds money on his Google+ ID card so he can purcahse things online till he is 15 If he was using a gift card without a Google+ ID card anything will go wrong when purchase things online.

December 30, 2013

Jayron decides to stop crying as a male forever.

February 5, 2014

Jaylynn plans to change his first name to sound less feminine, unfortunately he was still wasn't ready to change his first name he supposed to change his first name since February he would likely change his name sometime in March.

March 23, 2014

Jaylynn changed his name to Jayron he tells one of his friends who is over 18 to pay to change his name, he was been wishing to change his name to Jayron since Summer 2013 once he sees his parents again inside of the house, Jayron will not worry about meeting new friends or mutual friends when they're having conversation and getting confused which one is male or female having the same name because Jayron's former name is commonly a female name.

April 7, 2016

Jayron got interrupted by two women while having an online conversation with his friend on a rightwing social media and also he has been called a normalfag for having girlfriends.

April 15, 2016

When Jayron announced that he isn't going to evolve and also not going to leave the sub-team to start an adventure with his future wife and also getting engaged during his adventure, the same two women were confused about Jayron's post on a pro-speech Twitter alternative because it was jumbled up without putting things in order.

June 11, 2016

Jayron ditched a pro-speech Twitter alternative to find another pro-speech site which is a Twitter site builder where he doesn't have to deal being on a website being fearful by going after him what he said and he doesn't want the same recall from November 17, 2012.


Go Shudoruk is a little different than the regular one it has two horns in on top of his head he uses the horns as a goat the armor is red & gold the amour glows when Jayron runs to attack the foe or an oppenment.

Jayron's liked Social media types

Microblogging is his number one thing that he likes. Social Networking Service is his least favorite thing he uses social networking service most of the time.

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