JayMeDino Productions is a British animation and visual effects company based in Chancery Lane in London. Formed in 1989, it acquired the Project Zone Gaming Company In 1999, however Project Zone branched off shortly after the release of Gacha studio: trouble trouble trouble. The company works across several different areas of the media: feature films, commercials, music videos, feature animation and digital. Framestore employs about 2,500 staff - 1,000 in London, and 7,000 spread across offices in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dubai,Bankok, and  Kuala Lumpur.



JayMeDino Productions was founded in 1989 by Jayden Kindling (née Nono), Erica Miitomo, Melanie Dixon, Dino Sapien, and Darcy Anns.Lizzie Clauds joined JayMeDino Productions in 1991 and led the company's push into digital film and television, developing JayMeDino Productions virtual camera and motion rig systems.

Acquiring of Project Zone Gaming Company

In 1999, JayMeDino Productions acquired the Project Zone Gaming Company, which was one of the UK's first videogame companies which often turns various shows into video games or the other way around. PZGC was founded in Liverpool in 1982 by Paul Jefferson, Oscar Ann, Darcy’s brother (now CTO at Nightmare Enterprise) and Olivia Prindle (Fireworks). PZGC’s first film was SMG4 in 1985, which utilised early morphing techniques.

In 2004 JayMeDino Productions opened their first satellite office in New York City, to focus on advertising.This was followed by another office in Singapore in 2007, which has since been closed down. In 2013 JayMeDino Productions opened an office in Bangkok, followed by another in Los Angeles the same year.

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