Jaws Is a Horror Thriller Animal Killer Film and Remake of 1975 Starring Andrew Lilcon,Gina Philips,Hilary Duff,Tom Welling,Selena Gomez,Steven R. McQueen,Mia Taerico,Ryan Merriman,Emma Bell,Nico Tortella,Crystal Lowe,Amanda Riggethi,Chelan Simmons,Matt Lanter,Matthew Lintz and Vanessa Hudgens


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  • Andrew Lilcon As Daniel Brooks
  • Gina Philips As Alanna Brooks
  • Hilary Duff As Rachel Brooks
  • Tom Welling As Sam Henderson
  • Selena Gomez As Elena Brooks
  • Steven R. McQueen As Daniel(Dan Jr) Brooks
  • Mia Talerico As Tammy Brooks
  • Ryan Merriman As Sean
  • Emma Bell As Veronica
  • Nico Tortella As Brady
  • Crystal Lowe As Sarah
  • Amanda Riggethi As Mary
  • Chelan Simmons As Candice
  • Matt Lanter As Trent
  • Matthew Lintz As Boy
  • Vanessa Hudgens As woman lifeguard


  • Brady-shattered
  • Sarah-shark bites her arm to make it down to the water and be eaten
  • Boy-eaten
  • Woman Lifeguard-Shark bites in the rib to devour
  • Trent-head ripped off by the shark
  • Candice-arm ripped dies from blood loss
  • Mary-Half body Ripped
  • Sean-devoured by the shark tried to flee when the rope
  • Veronica-devoured by the shark tried to flee when the rope


Daniel,Alanna,Rachel,Elena,Daniel,Tammy Brooks and Sam Henderson

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