"Jason. My special, special boy. They must be punished, Jason. For what they did to you. For what they did to me." - Pamela Voorhees to Jason

Jason Voorhees is the central character and principal antagonist of the Friday the 13th film series. This page refers to the version which appears in the Friday the 13th reboot timeline. Jason appears in every film in the reboot series and is played by Michael Bailey Smith.

Jason was the mentally handicapped son of Elias and Pamela Voorhees. Pamela worked at Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp, and brought Jason with her. Jason was picked on by other kids and one night was pushed into the lake, where he drowned. A grief-stricken Pamela tried to resurrect him with the Naturom Demonto, a Sumerian version of the Book of the Dead. It appeared unsuccessful and Pamela started killing those she deemed responsible. She was eventually decapitated by Ginny Fields, her final victim. Jason, who had actually been brought back to life, witnesses his mother's death and went to live in the woods.

Years later, Jason became a legend in the area when he started to murder those who dared entered the abandoned campground. Two such victims were the parents of Tommy Jarvis, a young boy who then became obsessed with Jason. Years went by before Tommy returned to Crystal Lake and finally killed Jason by once again drowning him in the lake. Jason was resurrected by Freddy Krueger, who needed Jason to spread fear to help Freddy return from Hell. However Jason wouldn't stop killing and the two fought, with Jason eventually impaling Freddy to death with his own glove. Jason was then captured by the government, while Freddy was once again resurrected and used the Naturom Demonto to create an army of Deadites. Jason led the Deadites in an attack on Washington DC, where he was once again confronted by Tommy, for the final time. In their ultimate showdown, Tommy stabbed Jason in the chest with a pipe bomb, which then exploded, killing him for good.

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