Well,in the past 2 years,iv'e never heard from jane and i lived a normal life.My mom and dad toke me to Florida and i went to the beach and to Disney World and to Universal Orlando it was a happy life.

There was a empty hospital room but it wasn't complety empty,there was a metal table in the room and it had a beautiful,blacked eyed women.It was Jane the killer's dead body but all the sudden,her eyes opend and she smiled and said:

Time for revenge and murder Sara Harrision.

Then Sara and her parents go back to the house at about 2:56 in the morining.

Then they all went to bed.

Then Sara had a feeling like someone was watching her sleep then as Sara woke up and saw Jane,she frozed and Jane sayed:

Well,well,well long time no see Sara.

Then,Sara fainted.

Then Jane got on top of Sara and smiled and laughed.

Well Sara it looks like you won't be waking up *laughing*.

Then Jane stabbed Sara in the stomach and Sara died.

Later in the year there was no whereabouts from Jane the killer.

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