Jane's point of view:

Well i was in a hotel room and i was in my bed laying there thinking about that girl i killed just last night.

than i thought:"That poor,poor girl had to suffer through the pain from my knife blade haha! she really deserved it". then i got up from my bed and went to the patio of my hotel room and sat in a chair and pulled out a cigarette and got my black liter out and lit the cigarette and smoked.Then as i was seeing pepole drove by i saw a really pretty girl drive past the hotel she looked about 16 i think she was heading her way to school but oh well.

back to Stephanie's part:

Well me and my brother get to school and we get out of our cars and he went straight for his popular friends which i have 2 popular friends that are a couple too.So i ran into one of my popular friends Kellie Rose she was wearing a pink belly shirt and had a purple jacket on but it wasn't zipped up and she was wearing blue shorts and they were really tiny and she had her fancy high heeled boots on."Hey Stephanie what's up"? said Kellie."Nothing really hey do you have cheerleading practice in the afternoon"? said Stephanie."Yeah why do you think i have my pink gym bag filled with my tennis shoes and my long socks and my pink cheerleading outfit"? said Kellie."Oh well,listen i'll talk to you later ok"? said Stephanie."Ok i'll see you in English class". said Kellie."Alright see ya"! then we both left and i went to my locker and put my stuff up and got my English notebook and binder and ran into my boyfriend Kyle he was the computer guenis plus the same age as me and he wore glasses too."Hey Kyle"! said Stephanie."Hey Stephanie what's up"? said Kyle."Nothing just on my way to English class to learn you know"! said Stephanie laughing."Oh ok well i'll see you at lunch"! said Kyle."Ok bye"! said Stephanie then i kissed him and went to English class.

Jane's point of view:

Well i got done with my cigarette and went back into my hotel room and toke a shower and put on my black dress and high heels and my necklace and brushed my hair and teeth and left my hotel room and went to park across the high school.I saw this really,really beautiful girl that was dressed like a slut but she would probably suffer through the pain the same as the other girl did.

End of part 2

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