Enigma Part 2 (also titled The Enigma War in some releases) is the fourth film in the Jane Bond franchise, and the final part of the franchise's first story arc. The franchise takes place outside of the long-running James Bond continuity.

Gillian Anderson plays the titular MI6 agent, she has no relation to the character of James Bond, who doesn't exist in the continuity of this franchise.


  • Gillian Anderson as Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6, an MI6 agent, who is a prisoner of Enigma in an unknown US army base.
  • Damien Lewis as Austin McKenzie,Jane's husband and an MI6 recruit who, despite being a prisoner of Enigma, maintains a cover of being a political adviser to Sven Johansson, Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • Emma Watson as Jessica Moneypenny 008 of MI6, an undercover operative who has gained Enigma's trust.
  • Emma Thompson as Dame Agatha Moneypenny AKA 'M', head of MI6, a brief return to the field has led to her being imprisoned by Enigma, alongside Jane and the other field agents.
  • Meryl Streep as Connie Wolfburg, a retired Swedish assassin who is now the wheelchair-bound second-in-command of Enigma, she is promised the highest quality healthcare once Enigma take global domination.
  • Colin Firth as Quentin Watersmith AKA 'Q', head of computing and technology at MI6, once taken prisoner by Enigma, he has no choice but to serve as their technological adviser, or face death.
  • Rooney Mara as Monica Harvey, a former assassin who is on the run from Enigma in hopes of releasing her new MI6 colleagues, after gravely injuring Connie she fled Stockholm, abandoning Jane and the other field agents, but she is constructing a plan.
  • Julianne Moore as Katriana Simpson, a Russian-born American terrorist who is the founder and leader of Enigma, she holds the MI6 operatives captive in hopes they provide key information in bringing down the British government, and eventually the world, while also preventing them from interfering.
  • Tom Hanks as President Laurence Harvey, the former President of the United States, who is missing and presumed dead, he is being kept captive and under manipulation of Katriana, who promises global power when her regime begins, but he is merely a pawn in her game.
  • Peter Capaldi as Horace Van Struten, the popular Prime Minister of Britain and the figure head of the Anti-Enigma movement, he recruits Evan Moneypenny to temporarily take his mother's place as head of MI6 and enter the field to recover their missing operatives.
  • Alexander Skarsgard as Sven Johansson, the Prime Minister of Sweden and a skilled secret service agent, he is held captive by Enigma, but concocts a plan to escape and destroy Enigma once and for all.
  • Freddie Highmore as Evan Moneypenny 009,the temporary head of MI6 operations while M and her operatives are held captive, he enters the field for the first time to carry out a rescue mission.



Katriana Simpson point blank shoots William Bodyman between the eyes, killing him instantly. Despite being distressed by the sight, Jessica conceals her flinch, hoping to gain Katriana's trust. Jessica tells Katriana that she didn't trust William either, and offers to be her new right-hand woman. Katriana laughs, and the President looks unnerved. Her phone rings.


Monica Harvey has just shot Connie Wolfburg in both legs, immobilising her immediately, fleeing the scene as dozens of soldiers descend on the MI6 operatives, disarming them all and taking them into Enigma's custody. An defiant Agatha screams after Monica. Medical soldiers recover Connie and take her to a helicopter, while the captives are forced aboard a military plane. As the plane sets off for America, a stable Connie, who has lost movement in her legs, contacts Katriana with good news.

The opening titles begin with "Enigma Rising" by Lana Del Rey, Sia and Lady Gaga plays.

Six months have past since Jane, M, Q, Austin and Sven were taken into Enigma custody in an abandoned American airbase in West Virginia. Jane and M have been particularly vocally opposing to their illegal kidnapping and placed in solitary, where there are regularly 'tortured' by Jessica, who is in fact feeding intel from the outside world to them, unbeknown to Katriana. Sven and Austin have quietly working on an escape plan and rescue mission, while Q has been seemingly assisting Enigma with their technology, he has been subtly planting SOS messages in their code.

In London, an underground organisation that opposes Enigma's work, headed up by the British Prime Minister, successfully hacks into Enigma's technology code and uncover's Q's SOS. The Prime Minister personally travels to the MI6 offices to inform the only remaining MI6 active agent, Evan Moneypenny, temporarily promoting him to his mother's post and inviting him to develop a rescue mission.

Connie Wolfburg is permanently wheelchair-bound but more vengeful than ever, determined to locate and kill Monica once and for all, but the long-gone assassin has been undetectable since fleeing Stockholm half a year earlier. As the world descends into chaos as Enigma's regime slowly begins to take shape across South America and Southeast Asia, the Enigma watchmen, Connie's personal henchmen scattered globally, are closing in on Monica, who is currently in Berlin, negotiating with the BND to help her travel from Germany to America.

Katriana has remained in America, and has assigned Jessica, who's under the alias of Maura, as her right-hand woman and successor to Bodyman, while allowing Connie to takeover as Second-in-Command. Jessica intentionally insisted on torturing Agatha and Jane and has been doing so since their arrival, but as Katriana's power grows, she suddenly insists on doing the torturing herself. Seeing this as an opportunity, Jessica steals some weapons and secretly drops them off with Jane and Agatha before Katriana's arrival. As Katriana arrives, she prepares to torture Jane first, and as Jessica sneaks up behind her, Katriana swerves round and points a gun at her. Jane kicks Katriana in the back and she stumbles forward, dropping the gun. An intense fight between Jessica and Katriana ensues. While they're fighting, Jane utilises the weapon holstered in her back pocket provided by Jessica to shoot off the chains at her hands, and does the same to Agatha. Jane and Agatha grab Katriana and free Jessica from her grasp. Jessica then reveals her real identity to Katriana, who laughs and tells the trio it doesn't matter as the world domination is in play. Just as Katriana goes to snatch a gun from Agatha, she is shot dead. It is revealed she was shot by none other than Monica, who has infiltrated the Enigma base. Soon behind her, Austin and Sven arrive and Jane and Austin have a passionate reunion. Agatha suggests finding Q and leaving, but Monica reveals she has unfinished business, but they should leave without her.

Connie discovers that Katriana's data implant, which all Enigma recruits have, has gone offline, suggesting she's either gone rogue or is dead. Instead of having an alert to find Katriana, she dismisses her former boss and ally and has Q rewire the ranking order, allowing herself to assume the title of Enigma Commander and insists on putting Enigma War into full effect, beginning the takeover of Europe and Africa. Q does as he says and excuses himself, suspecting his colleagues might be involved in Katriana's demise. Running towards the cells, he stumbles across a pack of Enigma soldiers who are hunting for escaped prisoners after discovering Austin and Sven missing. They chase Q down the corridor, but he proves to be fast enough to evade them and their gunfire, as he runs he bumps into the rest of the operatives. He tells them that they only have a matter of minutes before the world is in the hands of Connie and Enigma. Monica returns, having recovered the group's belongings, asking Q where she can find Connie. Q reveals she went to the watch tower with the help of some guards, as that is where the activation codes are. While searching for the exit doors, they stumble across a trapped Laurence Harvey, despite the protests of Jane and Agatha, Monica enters the room and point blank shoots her father, leaving the rest of the group shell-shocked.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Evan and the Prime Minister arrive, and they are alerted that Enigma has entered their next phase of takeover. Posing as a state visit to the new President, they head to the White House to explain the growing issue. but as they arrive, the White House destructs, exploding in front of them, surrounded by screaming crowds.

The group reaches the watch tower, and discovers Connie coming down the steps. She orders the group to return to custody, as they are now under Enigma Law. Monica shoots the two guards assisting Connie, leaving her vulnerable with no weapon. She prepares to shoot her, but Q stops her, suggesting that she could once and for all have the moral high ground. Jane and Agatha agree, and Jane suggests that they just leave and try to figure out how to prevent Enigma from spreading. Jane asks Q if there's anything he can do to stop anymore destruction, as they all get notifications that Washington D.C. is in meltdown, and other attacks are anticipated. Monica asks why she shouldn't kill Connie there and then, to which Q explains that all will become clear. He reveals that before they left London, he made sure to encrypt his phone with Enigma data files he had acquired during his time at MI3, and it takes him no time to rewrite the code to prevent destruction in every Enigma target except one. He then reveals that Katriana had Enigma targets buried beneath the very Airbase they're standing on.

As Q explains this, a Helicopter descends and a ladder dropped, Evan Moneypenny waving and inviting them to climb. Sven and Austin climb first, followed by Agatha and Jessica. Jane gives Q the nod and he follows suit. Connie has become an emotional wreck, begging for forgiveness. Agatha spits from the ladder and screams "you killed my husband!" as she boards the helicopter. Jane holds a hand out to Monica as she steps onto the ladder. Monica smiles and nods, looking at Connie who is slowly rolling towards her in a wheelchair, she points her gun and Jane objects, but Monica instead punctures the wheel of Connie's chair, causing her to fall. the two then climb the ladder and fly to safety as the base destructs in the distance, killing Connie with it.

3 months later, in an epilogue. it is revealed that Monica has voluntarily entered MI6 custody as a prisoner and assassin adviser in an unpaid role. Agatha has returned to the field full time, albeit it exclusively domestic. The Enigma Targets were successfully disabled by Q, and any living Enigma associates have been arrested. Jane contemplates returning to Somerset, but Austin reveals that Sven has offered him a position as an MI6 liaison for MUST and as they go to Agatha's office to reveal the good news, she instead calls them in with news of a new mission, in Cairo.


Announced as a two-part event in the closing credits of The American Assassin, Enigma Part 2 was shot back-to-back with Enigma Part 1 over 8 months in 2021 and 2022. All production crew and cast, with some exceptions due to plot development, returned for the fourth instalment.


Gillian Anderson has expressed interest in reprising her role in a fifth film, revealing a script by Jane Goldman was currently being produced but at the time of the interview nothing had officially been green-lit by Eon or MGM. The production companies, however, did confirm that ITV Studios have been in talks to develop a series starring Freddie Highmore and Emma Watson as 008 and 009 respectively, these talks collapsed in late 2025, but production of the series has instead moved to Channel 4. the pitch was not ordered to series despite a pilot being produced. In January 2026, Eon and MGM announced a fifth film in the Jane Bond franchise, The Man with No Tomorrow that would arrive in cinemas in April 2027, Gillian Anderson, Emma Thompson. Damien Lewis. Emma Watson, Freddie Highmore, Rooney Mara and Colin Firth are each expected to return, with more casting to be confirmed at a later date.

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