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Jane Bond: Enigma Part 1
More Information
Director: Sofia Coppola
Producer(s): Sofia Coppola

Shonda Rhimes Barbara Broccoli Michael G. Wilson

Writer(s): Shonda Rhimes & Jane Goldman
Composer: Debbie Wiseman
Release: October 9th 2023 (UK)
Running Time: 129 minute
Budget: £150 Million
Box Office: £1.3 Billion
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The American Assassin
Enigma Part 2

Enigma was the third film in the Jane Bond series, and the first of a two-part film event to conclude the first story arc. The franchise takes the place of the long-standing James Bond series.

Gillian Anderson plays the leading character, Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6. She has no relation to the character James Bond as he does not exist in this franchise's universe. 


Enigma was confirmed to be a two-part film event in the post-credits sequence of the previous film. Sofia Coppola was confirmed as returning to direct after Lynne Ramsay declined the opportunity. It was confirmed that Shonda Rhimes would also return to work alongside Jane Goldman on the script.


Betrayed, disgraced and traumatised, Jane Bond lives in seclusion with her husband in the English countryside, haunted by her past. But with Enigma looming, she is called back into action by her old friend Moneypenny, determined to take down Katriana and her army once and for all.



  • Gillian Anderson as Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6
  • Emma Watson as Jessica Moneypenny 008 of MI6, Jane's right-hand.
  • Emma Thompson as Dame Agatha Moneypenny AKA 'M', head of MI6, she returns to the field to help 007 prevent the assassination of the Prime Minister.
  • Meryl Streep as Connie Wolfburg, a retired Swedish assassin who has raised and trained Monica to be a killer since kidnapping her from her wealthy American family when she was six months old. She sells Monica to William, who hires her on Katriana's behalf.
  • Colin Firth as Quentin Watersmith AKA 'Q', head of computing and technology at MI6
  • Rooney Mara as Monica Harvey, an American trained killer who is hired by Katriana to kill the visiting Prime Minister of Britain. The film's 'Hitman' antagonist.
  • Julianne Moore as Katriana Simpson, an orphaned Russian-born American terrorist, the daughter of two Russian agents murdered by British intelligence, she has a vendetta against the government, and after the death of her brother, against MI6 particularly. She escapes British custody with the help of William Bodyman, who introduces her to Monica. She is the film's primary antagonist.
  • Tom Hanks as President Laurence Harvey, a corrupted politician who lied his way into The White House, he is also Monica's estranged father.
  • Peter Capaldi as Horace Van Struten, the newly elected Prime Minister of Britain.
  • Tom Hardy as William Bodyman, Melissa's right hand man and Monica's mentor, he is a former British soldier who abandoned his post after learning British intelligence secrets.
  • Freddie Highmore as Evan Moneypenny 009, a homeland agent.
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