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Jane Bond: Enigma Part 1
More Information
Director: Sofia Coppola
Producer(s): Sofia Coppola

Shonda Rhimes Barbara Broccoli Michael G. Wilson

Writer(s): Shonda Rhimes & Jane Goldman
Composer: Debbie Wiseman
Release: October 9th 2021 (UK)
Running Time: 129 minute
Budget: £350 Million
Box Office: £1.3 Billion
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The American Assassin
Enigma Part 2

Enigma was the first film in the reboot of the gender-bent series of Jane Bond films and the first of the two-part storyline to begin a new saga. The franchise takes the place of the long-standing James Bond series.

Gillian Anderson plays the leading character, Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6. She has no relation to the character James Bond as he does not exist in this franchise's universe. 


Despite the commercial success of The American Assassin in 2019 and a third and fourth film in the franchise already in the pipeline, Eon Pictures and Sony were unhappy with the films critical performance and decided to make some changes. Lynne Ramsay did not return for a second film and was instead replaced by Death is Not Enough's director, Sofia Coppola. Coppola opted to bring Shonda Rhimes back to write the sequel, alongside resident Jane Bond screenwriter Jane Goldman. Sony slashed the budget for the film by £50 million from the previous film.

Emma Watson confirmed her departure from the franchise at the 2020 BAFTAs. Emma Thompson would also be back as Moneypenny, but in an alternative capacity. Colin Firth confirmed he would not return.

Both Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep confirmed they would not be back, Moore stating that she felt her character had closure in her second outing and Meryl revealing she was not asked back. Soon after, Tom Hardy and Tom Hanks both confirmed a return to the series. Rooney Mara revealed she'd be back in a reduced, blink and you'll miss it role.

At the annual 007 panel at San Diego Comic Con in July 2020, Sofia Coppola confirmed that the film's score would be composed by Debbie Wiseman, who was also working with Sia on the theme song. She confirmed that the new film would be a reboot, with the previous two films being retconned and this being a new universe, with Gillian Anderson set to take on the lead role. Rhimes and Goldman would remain onboard as writers.

Principal Photography began in late August and concluded in January, Coppola confirmed that the film would be split into 2 parts and both films had been filmed back-to-back, the second part to be released in the summer of 2022.


Betrayed, disgraced and traumatised, Jane Bond lives in seclusion with her aunt in the English countryside, haunted by her past. She's dragged back into action by her friend and former colleague Aggie after Aggie's son James is dragged into the dark world of Enigma, the group that drove Jane into hiding originally. Can Jane save a brainwashed James and the world before they're both destroyed at the hands of Angelo Connor and former agent Martha Grisham and the rest of Enigma?


Leading Roles

Gillian Anderson as Jane Bond, a retired former agent of MI6 who remains troubled from her disastrous final mission.

Emma Thompson as Aggie Moneypenny, the highest ranking incumbent agent at MI6, only below M himself.

Jeremy Irons as M, the mysterious Head of MI6 who holds a private personal life full of secrets.

Kit Harington as Arthur 'Q' Quinn, head of IT and Technology at MI6.

Catherine Zeta Jones as Martha Grisham, Jane's former partner who has defected to British terrorist group, Enigma.

Stanley Tucci as Angelo Connor, Martha's love interest and the leader of Enigma.

Supporting roles/Cameos

Emilia Clarke as Eve Moneypenny, Aggie's daughter and M's secretary.

Ben Hardy as James Moneypenny, Aggie's son and a hitman for Enigma.

Liam Neeson as The Prime Minister.

George Clooney as The President.

Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Bond, Jane's father. (Flashbacks)

Lauren Cohan as young Catherine Bond, Jane's aunt. (Flashbacks)

Helen Mirren as Catherine Bond, Jane's aunt and confidante.

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