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Jane Bond: Enigma Part 1
More Information
Director: Sofia Coppola
Producer(s): Sofia Coppola

Shonda Rhimes Barbara Broccoli Michael G. Wilson

Writer(s): Shonda Rhimes & Jane Goldman
Composer: Debbie Wiseman
Release: October 9th 2023 (UK)
Running Time: 129 minute
Budget: £150 Million
Box Office: £1.3 Billion
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The American Assassin
Enigma Part 2

Enigma was the third film in the Jane Bond series, and the first of a two-part film event to conclude the first story arc. The franchise takes the place of the long-standing James Bond series.

Gillian Anderson plays the leading character, Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6. She has no relation to the character James Bond as he does not exist in this franchise's universe. 


Enigma was confirmed to be a two-part film event in the post-credits sequence of the previous film. Sofia Coppola was confirmed as returning to direct after Lynne Ramsay declined the opportunity. It was confirmed that Shonda Rhimes would also return to work alongside Jane Goldman on the script.



Katriana Simpson and Connie Wolfburg use their newfound friends in high places to infiltrate the Oval office of the White House, when the terrified president guarantees their arrest, they instead reveal they're not there to kidnap him, but instead make him an offer that he cannot refuse.


Jane Bond now lives in a rural village in West England, having wed her long-time beau Austin McKenzie, she has abandoned her 007 persona after failing to protect her country a second time. However, when she catches wind that the US president is missing, and that a plot to invade Europe is growing amongst some Enigma insiders, Jane realises she must return to the line of duty, not just for her country, but the whole world. She contacts the Swedish prime minister and informs him that Austin will be joining him as a liaison, while Jane herself announces her return to MI6 to Agatha Moneypenny.

The Opening Titles begin with "The Enigma" by Lana Del Rey playing

In Brighton, Monica Harvey has recovered from her injuries after falling from Connie's helicopter and into the English Channel, and her bullet-proof clothing proved to be useful. Knowing she is believed dead after laying low, she realises she's on the wrong side of history, and instead of using a fake identity to return to America to reunite with Connie and Katriana, she decides to make contact with William Bodyman, who she suspects is no longer on the side of Enigma.

In London, Jane Bond is hard at work constructing a plan with global allies to bring down Enigma once and for all, with the help of newly-recruited double agent William Bodyman, who reveals he's recovered a useful asset in the form of Monica Harvey. Agatha reluctantly agrees to recruiting Monica, but on the condition that she fully switches her allegiance, and enters the field with Jane. Bodyman reveals he was hoping he could take Monica to America with him, but Agatha instead reveals she intends to send Jessica with him, who Katriana and Connie have never interacted with before. Apprehensive, Jessica initially protests, but on Jane's guidance, she reluctantly agrees. Jane reveals that at this time, it almost looks like war, so more agents are needed in the field. Everyone is surprised when Q offers his field work, but Agatha is agreeable, revealing that Q was a top-quality field agent for MI3 during the Cold War. Q insists that he will only return to the field if Agatha joins him, much like her daughter she is apprehensive, but ultimately agrees. The meeting takes an unexpected turn when the new Prime Minister, Sunderland's successor, arrives unannounced.

In Sweden, Austin arrives and meets Prime Minister Johansson in Stockholm Airport, and learns that Johansson is a former MUST Agent, essentially Jane's Swedish counterpart, and he knows a lot about Enigma, and will do all in his power to prevent an overthrow of his government. While riding to the Sager Palace, their driver is shot dead and an ambush is carried out, revealed to be led by Sweden's most-wanted, Connie Wolfburg. Not knowing the true identity of Austin, she believes him to be a political adviser and takes him too. He secretly alerts Jane of the turn of events.

In London, Jane interrupts the new Prime Minister's rant about another war by revealing the Swedish prime minister, as well as a covert British ally agent, have been kidnapped by Enigma. A flustered prime minister reluctantly grants permission for the field agents to head to Stockholm, while Bodyman and Jessica make preparations for their return to America.

In America, Katriana briefs Laurence on her plans for world domination, and how she intends for him to be the face of the international takeover, but threatens him with assassination if he doesn't do as he's told. She gets wind that Bodyman has reached out and resurfaced, believing him to be one of her most trusted confidants, she agrees to have him brought back to America, and is even more excited when she learns he's found a replacement for a believed-dead Monica.

Jane, Agatha. Monica and Q head to the airport with Jessica and Bodyman, and part ways in secret. Jessica's new identity will be Maura Flagstone, a British-trained assassin. Agatha and Jessica share an emotional farewell, and Jane wishes her luck. The two teams head to their respective locations, Bodyman and Jessica to West Virginia, the others to a military base just outside Stockholm.

Austin and Sven find themselves in unfamiliar territory, clearly in a room with a two-way mirror. Connie enters the room and questions Austin, who she has identified as a wealthy Swedish casino-owner, and asks why he fled Sweden the year prior. He lies and he tells her that he was taking a break before returning to Sweden to serve in the Sven's government. Connie then pulls a gun out and shoots Austin in the leg, pressuring him to tell the truth, however she fails to notice that Sven has escaped his ties, and he knocks Connie out cold. Leaving the room to investigate, Sven realises he's in the former MUST HQ in outer-Stockholm, and assisting Austin, they take Connie's gun and escape quietly.

As Jane, Agatha. Monica and Q land in Stockholm, their plane is stormed by Enigma soldiers, and a shoot out occurs.

Bodyman and Jessica arrive in America and are greeted by Katriana when they arrive at the base, Katriana debriefs them both on the goings-on and brings them into the room with the US President. She tells Bodyman about her intentions and then pulls a gun on him.

Jane, Agatha, Monica and Q flee the plane and see two men stumbling down the runway, Jane recognises Sven and Austin and runs to them, but they are soon divided by a second round of soldiers, this time led by Connie, who is now holding a much larger rifle than the handgun she held earlier. Monica pulls out a weapon and points it at a bewildered Connie, who believed her dead.

In both America and Sweden, gunshots echo simultaneously as "to be continued" appears on screen.


  • Gillian Anderson as Agent Jane Bond 007 of MI6, the reclusive former agent of MI6 who, after the assassination of the British Prime Minister and the escape of Connie and Katriana, feels she is no longer capable in the field.
  • Damien Lewis as Austin McKenzie, a wealthy Swedish businessman who leaves his lavish life in Stockholm's high society to live a peaceful, recluse life in the English countryside with his new wife, Jane. However, when Jane is called back into action, he follows suit and returns to Sweden for intel on the impending attack on the Swedish government.
  • Emma Watson as Jessica Moneypenny 008 of MI6, Jane's right-hand women who is currently on a covert operation with William Bodyman inside Enigma HQ.
  • Emma Thompson as Dame Agatha Moneypenny AKA 'M', head of MI6, she returns to the field to help 007 prevent the triggering of World War Three.
  • Meryl Streep as Connie Wolfburg, a retired Swedish assassin who has raised and trained Monica to be a killer since kidnapping her from her wealthy American family when she was six months old. Since Bodyman's arrest, she has been Katriana's second-in-command having come out of retirement, she is unaware that Monica is still alive.
  • Colin Firth as Quentin Watersmith AKA 'Q', head of computing and technology at MI6, he enters the field for the first time at Agatha's request.
  • Rooney Mara as Monica Harvey, an assassin since being abducted at an early age, she is the protege of Connie Wolfburg. When she recovers in secret from her life-threatening injuries of the previous film, she realises that neither her real life or assassin life have meaning, and contacts William Bodyman and MI6 in hope she can prevent global disaster.
  • Julianne Moore as Katriana Simpson, a Russian-born American terrorist and political strategist, she is dead set on world domination and begins to build an underground army to destroy every government globally.
  • Tom Hanks as President Laurence Harvey, a corrupted politician who lied his way into The White House, he is also Monica's estranged father. After launching an FBI investigation into Katriana, he learns that her new plan may benefit his presidency rather than damage it.
  • Peter Capaldi as Horace Van Struten, the newly elected Prime Minister of Britain and a main target of Katriana, who is determined to kill all world leaders.
  • Alexander Skarsgard as Sven Johansson, the Prime Minister of Sweden, a former agent of the Swedish Secret Service turned politician who is a former associate of Jane, who connects him with her husband to ensure Sweden is a British ally in the Enigma War.
  • Tom Hardy as William Bodyman, a former British soldier-turned-hitman, his allegiance previously lied with Katriana and Engima, but after learning of her manipulation, he agrees to become a double agent for MI6.
  • Freddie Highmore as Evan Moneypenny 009, a homeland agent with a knack for hacking operation systems.
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