64px Mommy mommy i saw a ghost
~ Jamie Jameson shouting His Mom

Jamie Jameson
Name Jamie Jameson
Date of Birth 26 February 1997 (age 17)
Fathers Archie Jameson
Mothers Hayley Jameson
Grandmothers Jane Wentworths
Brothers and Sisters  :Lloyd Jameson (twin Brother)
Janet Jameson
Grandfathers  :Charlie Wentworths
Aunts And Uncles  :Daisy Wentworths (aunt)
Jamie Wentworths (uncle)
Jackson Wentworths (uncle)
James Wentworths (uncle)
Hiroshi Wentworths (half_uncle)
Kenji Wentworths (half-uncle)
Daisuke wentworths (half_uncle)
Portrayed by Brent Kinsman
Appearances  :The Ghost And Paranormal
The Paranormal
The Ghost
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