James Cook
 Homeworld Earth
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name James Cook
 Current Alias Commander Cook
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation Camelot
 Base of Operation Camelot
 Status Active
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Military Commander
 Species Human
 Gender Male
 Height 6'0"
 Eye Color Blue
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blond
 Unusual Features
 Universe Earth-3697
 Place of Birth
First Appearance


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Commander James Cook is a military commander, engineer, scientist, inventor, tachician, strategist, historian, field medic, and a hero of the Wastelands of Earth. Raised by the military.


Early Life

Born and raised before Morgan released the daemons onto Earth to combat against Merlin, Arthur was born in Australia to a military family that are known for being in the air force or the navy. A brilliant student for his age, he was ranked as the top 5 smartest students in the state, being classified as a polymathic prodigy. When he joined high school, he'd demonstrated superior intelligent, thought process and the will to overcome any challenge never seen before. Being one of the best students in the school, he went onto university where he studied to become a naval officer of the Royal Australian Navy, and was able to elevated to the rank of captain.

Has successfuly as he was, James was able to anaylze varioues situations, and predict outcomes and results. However, when Morgan released the Daemons, he was sent to confront Morgan directly, resulting in the destruction of his fleet as he was outnumbered. Ordered to retreat, James would then be placed into cyrogenic sleep for 1000 years.


Awakened from his cyrogenic sleep, Captain Cook not Commander Cook would be introduced to General T. Winters where he would returned him active military duty. The files on James spoke on hos polymathic genius on any field of military and scientific fields, which allowed him to command the ground base of Camelot, where he'd research various technologies, and locate a way to end the war against the Daemons and stop Morgan.

Powers & Abilities

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