Jalan Batin Ningsih Tinampi is a Indonesia Television Series production by Tripar Multivision Plus and Warner Bros Pictures


Fahmi, a 24-year-old possessive and evil man. He is together with Fahri, his father goes to propose to a girl named Ina. The figure of a beautiful girl but physically and mentally very weak. However, their application was rejected by Arif and Heni, Ina's parents. Fahmi was very upset and returned home with a grudge with his family. Fahmi found a leaflet about a supporter of love. He went to see the Shaman Genta. Fahmi consciously asks to take care of Ina so that no man can have Him but her. Because the body is weak and not strong, a djinn sent by the shaman managed to enter Ina's body and immediately collapsed. Since then Ina often experiences things that are unreasonable and strange. He even hits Andi who is his own lover. He also felt the heat, often raging when he heard the call to prayer and people who recite. This made his parents worried about the condition of his daughter. In her sleep, Ina also always felt that someone was lying on her. This is the influence of Magical Creatures. Not only that, Ina did things that were even weirder to the point of disturbing the residents near her house. Ina's mother and father were even embarrassed by his behavior. Some smart people try to treat Ina, but are unable to fight the power of jinn in Ina's body. Almost every night, the ghost's sinister shadow is always with him. Every time he meets his girlfriend, Ina, who initially wakes up, then acts strangely and scares Andi. That makes Ina sad and tortured. Because not strong, Ina even wanted to commit suicide. But Ibu Ina and Irma try to strengthen and make Ina patient. On the other hand Fahmi started to be happy and thought that Ina would be his in the near future. However, the genie in Ina's body does not want her to be owned by someone else. He likes Ina too. Ina even finished off Fahmi and immediately ran to the bathroom after throwing up. Her family suspects that Ina is pregnant and she is seen by a doctor. Through his cellphone, Andi got info about alternative medicine and he found Youtube from Ningsih Tinampi. After watching Youtube, Andi with Arif, his father Ina took him to Ningsih Tinampi's place. After being treated by Ningsih Tinampi, the creature came out of her body and Ina was free from bad influences. Even the shaman who sent the magic genie witchcraft was scanned by Mrs. Ningsih. End of story Ina and Andi get married modestly and they are both very happy.



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