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Jake Time is an American animated sitcom based on the film of the same name, created by Alex Hirsch for Cartoon Network Studios. The series centers on a greedy humanoid, Jake the Horrible, who kidnap a 8-year-old boy, Darwin Dawson, but travel across a mysterious forest in order to find Jake's paper, the Plan, who is stolen, and encountering a variety of strange and fantastical things on their journey.



Main voices

  • Jon Lovitz as Jake the Horrible
  • Zach Callinson as Darwin Dawson
  • Peter Browngardt as Big Fat Man/Dawson Sr.
  • Eric Idle as Diablo
  • Alex Hirsh as the Showman
  • John Goodman as Kevin P. Bones
  • Charlyne Yi as Pencil Neck





Differences from the film

  • Darwin's sister, Pencil Neck, have a bigger role in the television series.
  • The villainous characters Kevin P. Bones and Showman takes the place of Scud and Peppers in the 1983 film, but in the television series, Scud and Peppers are replaced with his human counterparts.
  • Diablo's personality is more destructive than the film. In this version, it is shown in a flashback that Diablo killed Darwin's parents due to his succeesful plan of seizing control of the Magical Book, before Chief kidnaps Darwin when he was a baby and dump him into the orphanage. In the original film, this was merely implied.
  • In the television series, Big Fat Man is first introduced as Kevin P. Bones' business partner of Universal Studios, Los Angeles.
  • In the television series, Darwin and Jake's reason of beginning a journey is because that Jake's map, called the Plan, is stolen by the Showman, and later, Kevin P. Bones. In the original film, this was merely implied.
  • Jake's personality is more greedy than the film. In this version, it is shown that Jake steals Pencil Neck's shoes, Darwin's video game, and his deceased mother's necklace.