Jak X is a 2017 racing, dark comedy action film based on the video game, starring Jermey Renner, Jerry Trainor,



One year after the events of Jak 3, Haven City has been steadily rebuilt after the defeat of the Dark Maker menace, and has grown into a peaceful utopia. A new sport called "Combat Racing" has sprung up in Kras City, a dangerous city full of ruthless gang-banging mobsters. Jak, Daxter, Ashelin, Samos, Keira and Torn are invited to the reading of Krew's (one of the villains of Jak II) last will, where they meet Krew's daughter, Rayn. After offering a toast, Krew reveals in a recording that he always wanted to win the Combat Racing championship and demands that everyone present drive for him, revealing that the wine they toasted with was poisoned. Krew gives them an ultimatum: win the next Kras City Championship as his team, and receive the antidote when they win, or die. Divided into 4 rounds Jak and his friends must race and win each round of the race to gain entrance to the championship.

Jak, Ashelin, and Torn enter the first race, and there they find out that Kras City Championship has been hosted by G.T. Blitz, a famous TV speaker, with his new host being no other than Pecker (which enrages Daxter). The first race is held in Spargus City's downtown area, and Jak manages to win, defeating some of the goons who were also in the race. After the race Jak finds that the other drivers are racing for another crime syndicate led by the mysterious gang lord named Mizo, who wants Jak dead.

Jak progresses through races, and Sig, hearing of his friends situation, returns from Spargus and joins the group to help them. Jak meets Razer, a retired pro champioship racer, now working for Mizo, who assembles new drivers race against Jak, including a KG Death Bot named UR-86 in the end of the first round. After the end of the first round, Jak's rival, Kleiver. returns from Spargus and enters the race on the neutral side, though Jak easily realizes that he is on Mizo's payroll. As Jak continues, undefeated Razer comes out of retirement and enters the championship himself to kill Jak. Keira, worried about the situation, also wants to enter the race to help Jak, but Samos forbids her to race.

In the first race of the 4th round of the Kras City Championship, Jak's car is sabotages with explosives, jamming his weapons, and he barely manages to finish the race. G.T gives Jak a message left for him from Mizo, saying that he is willing to let Jak and his team walk away if he leaves the championship, however Jak refuses, much to G.T's surprise (who doesn't know that they are all poisoned). Jak later visits grumpy G.T at the bar, who reveals that his father used to race, and that a group of drivers killed him on the Deathdrome track, Jak informs him that the same explosives were used to sabotage his own car, G.T however remains uninterested about this and demands them to leave. Rayn talks to Jak about his relationship with the team, when G.T reveals to Rayn that Jak left her father to die in the explosion that killed him, driving a wedge between her and Jak, and enraged, she enters the race.

Afterwards, Packer arrives and reveals that something is just not right about Blitz. Jak is curious why Mizo wants to win the championship, and he talks to Rayn, who reluctantly reveals that Krew and Mizo made a deal years ago; at the next Kras City Championship, Krew and Mizo will bring in their crew, and the loser of the championship will have to give all the business to the winner and leave Kras City for good. Rayn tells Jak that she didn't know about this, and she discovered it when they entered the championship, and that she doesn't know who will control Krew's business. As the competition enters the final rounds, Jak and his friends begin to feel sick and will die if they don't win and get the antidote soon. Keira finally snaps, and decides to enter the race. Samos tries to forbid her again, but she yells at him, telling that her friends are also in danger and that she will drive to help them. Samos reluctantly agrees, but not before commenting; "She is just like her mother!"

Before the final race, Jak and his team learn on TV that a mysterious new driver has entered for the Mizo team. When Jak starts the final grand prix, he spots the driver and realizes that this driver is none other than Blitz himself. Jak wins the race, and Rayn arrives with the antidote, however the celebration is cut short when Blitz storms over to Rayn, accusing them of cheating. Blitz takes off his toupee and reveals himself to be none other than Mizo, and Pecker appears with a camera having broadcast his confession across Kras city. Mizo steals the antidote for the poison and drives off with Jak in hot pursuit. After a tense chase through Kras City, Jak manages to shoot down Mizo, causing him to crash. As Jak retrieves the antidote, Mizo warns Jak that Rayn will betray him, Jak counters saying that Mizo killed his own father. Mizo says that his father abandoned his family for his "sick love of racing" and they swore to control all of it as revenge. Jak turns his back on Mizo and walks away leaving Mizo to die in his flaming car. Mizo comments on Jak's habit of leaving people to die (as Jak left Krew to die in Jak II), to which Jak says "You get used to it..." as Mizo's car explodes, killing him.

Back at the lounge, Rayn thanks her friends for their help, and Samos compliments Keira on her driving. As Rayn walks away, Daxter notices she left behind Krew's video diary. Daxter fools around with the diary and triggers a secret message to Rayn revealing that she knew about the poison before, and was never actually poisoned, confirming Mizo's earlier warning. As Rayn drives away, now in control of Mizo's gang and crime empire she organizes a meeting of the cities head gangsters, however she tells her people to spare Jak, Daxter, and their crew (for now, at least). Jak and his friends decide not to pursue Rayn, and Jak and Keira share their first unobstructed kiss. Daxter comments; "Oh yeah! This is what I call a photo finish!"

After the credits a secret video with Daxter and Tess plays.


  • Jeremy Renner as Jak
  • Jerry Trainor as the voice of Daxter
  • Emma Stone as Keira
  • Robert De Niro as Samos
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Ashelin
  • Michael Angarano as Torn
  • Bonnie Wright as Rayn
  • Jamie Foxx as Sig
  • Ewan McGregor as Krew
  • Nicholas Hoult as G.T Blitz/Mizo
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Kleiver
  • George Lopez as the voice of Pecker
  • TBA as Greaser
  • TBA as Edje
  • TBA as Cutter
  • TBA as Razer
  • TBA as Shiv
  • TBA as the voice of UR-86


  • Emma Watson as the voice of Tess


The Opening Scene

  • (Camera pans around the city for a sec and then settles in through a window and aquarium to see Daxter and two thugs (Shiv and Edje) at the Bloody Hook bar.)
  • Daxter: So there we were, wheel to wheel with the nastiest racing cars I've ever seen. Razor sharp chrome gleaming in the dark, weapons bristling under rumbling hoods...
  • Shiv: Oh... the Kras City welcoming committee.
  • (Shiv pours from a bottle with a skull and crossbones into Daxter's cup)
  • Shiv: Have a drink, friend.
  • Daxter: Yeah, well, whoever they were, they messed with the wrong racers! Jak and I are world famous! And we're connected too. We've been...
  • (Edje pours some more liquid into Daxter's cup)
  • Daxter: Thanks... invited to Kras city for the reading of some will... a rich guy named Krew
  • Edje: The big gang lord?
  • Daxter: Yeah, "big" is right! We were Krew's muscle in Haven City, but old tub of butter kicked the bucket. Anyway, where was I? Oh Yeah!
  • (Camera cuts to Jak in his car.)
  • Daxter: Slowly the racers circled us. The smell of fear hung in the air, and the smell of something else too! I told Jak, "Lose the suckers!"
  • (Camera cuts back to Jak after a brief cut to Daxter during the "smell of some thing else too" part, and Jak turbos away and a sweet driving, jumping, and exploding scene happens with awesome music. Camera now cuts back to Daxter.)
  • Razer: My, my, sounds like this city's terribly dangerous. Maybe we should get law enforcement to crack down. Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmmm... hmmmm...
  • Daxter: Yeah, well, this place don't scare us. No nasty gang is gonna get us to turn tail and run.
  • Razer: Sounds like they had you dead to rights. How did you survive?
  • (Camera cuts back to Jak. Another sweet scene with the same awesome music. Lotsa "fireworks" and great driving. Camera now cuts back to Daxter)
  • Daxter: Jak was barely able to handle himself, but with my help we took 'em all out until only one was left.
  • Razer: Really? You know, people in this town have a way of getting in over their heads... like at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Daxter: Ehh... easy boys, my story's almost over.
  • (Razer pulls out a knife)
  • Razer: Yes, it is!
  • Daxter: Wait a minute it gets better. Really!
  • (Turns out those scenes weren't flashbacks, but real time, as Jak and his car come flying through the window behind the bar. Cool stuff)
  • Jak: Dax, get in the car!
  • Daxter: Jak! Are you crazy? You ruined my story!
  • Jak: NOW!
  • (Razer throws his knife and it sticks into the bar next to Daxter's head)
  • Daxter: Agghh! What are you waiting for? Step on it, Jak!
  • (Jak drives back out through the window to safety)
  • Jak: I told you not to go out. We're getting death threats, Dax. Someone doesn't want us here.
  • Daxter: Ya think?! I say we take the next boat home.
  • Jak: Not a chance! Hang on!
  • Daxter: JAAAKK!!!
  • (Jak turbos off into Kras City, and the Jak X logo comes on screen)

Poison Toast

  • (Jak and friends are seated at one end of a large table in a room)
  • Daxter: Let's get this over with and blow this burg. Who called us here anyway?
  • Keira: Krew's daughter... Rayn.
  • Jak: Krew had a daughter?
  • Daxter: Krew... REPRODUCED?! Eeew... Can you imagine what that tub of jelly must look like?
  • (Rayn walks in and apparently her looks are inherited from the mother's side of the family)
  • Rayn: Thank you for coming to Kras City. It looks like some didn't make it, ah well... I'm Rayn. Before father died, his wishes were simple, to have his will played for his closest associates and for us to drink to his passing. This special vintage he kept for the very occasion... to toast his death. Here's to old friends, and to father's untimely... death.
  • (Everyone drinks their wine glass)
  • Rayn: So, without further delay his message to us.
  • (Holographic Krew appears over the table)
  • Krew: Hello nearly friends and mostly enemies. If you're listening to this message then I must be dead, oh well... As you all know I loved racing, almost as much as I loved weapons. But, alas I never fulfilled my living dream of winning the biggest race of all - the Kras City Grand Championship. But even in death, I will field the greatest racing team ever assembled and win the biggest race on the planet. You are the best and you will race for me!
  • Torn: Never!
  • Daxter: No way!
  • Jak: Forget it!
  • Krew: I expect you're all riled up by now. So, let me tell you why you will race, and will win. If all went as planned, you just gave a touching toast in my honor. Sorry to say that I put poison in that special vintage! Quite unsporting of me really.
  • Rayn: Father!
  • Krew: This is where Rayn probably gets upset. Sorry dear. It's a slow acting poison, or you'd already be dead! You have just enough time to finish this year's racing season. If you race for me and win, my associates will provide each with an antidote to the poison. Simple, eh?
  • (Hologram of Krew fades, Ashelin puts a gun in Rayn's face)
  • Ashelin: What the hell did you do to us?
  • Rayn: Please, I didn't know. I drank it too. Father never did play favorites.
  • Torn: Yeah, well your father's crazy!
  • Keira: We're all crazy for coming here!
  • Jak: I think she's telling the truth.
  • (Hologram of Krew reappears)
  • Krew: Well, it's been one minute, so I figure by now you're all arguing about how to get out of this mess. My advice is trust no one! Win the race and save yourselves!
  • (Hologram of Krew fades)
  • Daxter: Jak, next time you invite me to one of your little parties... DON'T!
  • Jak: We can do this. We can race and we can beat Krew at his own game.
  • Rayn: Father bought us the best mobile racing garage money can buy and each of you has a racing car waiting. We're in this together, so let's get to it.
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