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Jak 4: The Darkness Within
is a video game that will be release in 2017. It will take place after Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.


The story starts with a widowed elf named Lukas who lives with his 5 year old autistic daughter, Elaine, in Fawn City. His wife, Lorrayne, died after giving birth with Elaine, so Elaine doesn't know her Mother very well, but Lukas always tells stories about Lorrayne how she is very beautiful. He goes to the police station and meets up with his best friend, Don. (No, he is not a crook, he is an officer) They talked about Lukas’ dream about him leaving Elaine all alone. Lukas was going to meet Lorrayne’s sister, Abby, when he bumps into his ex-girlfriend, Tami, who tells him that she is now engaged to her boyfriend, Tobi, a racer at the Fawn City race, and invites him to her wedding. Lukas talks to Abby about his dream and what it means. Abby decided to research Lukas’ dream. (She is a scientist) Lukas goes to work and meets up with the Mayor of Fawn City, Arrianna, and talks with her for a little while. After work, Lukas walks home, when he gets attacked by wolves. He uses a stick to beat them, but more came out of nowhere. Then all of the sudden, the stick transformed into a sword and Lukas’ kills the wolves. The sword disappears and Lukas’ wondered why it appeared like that.

The next morning, Lukas’ old middle school friend, Quaz, called on his phone and come pick him up from the police station after threatening a girl while he was drunk. He takes Elaine along and goes to the police station to pick up Quaz. He went to talk to Don’s boss, Captain Seler, about Quaz’s arrest. As they talked, Elaine looks at a photo of a young girl who is about 16 years old, but Seler took it away from her. Elaine asks who “Ava” is. Seler was shocked when Elaine said “Ava” and he angrily doesn't want to talk about it. Lukas was confused of why his daughter said “Ava”. After Quaz was released, Lukas told him to never drink again. Quaz just cursed about everything (Lukas covered Elaine’s ears).

The next day, Lukas walks around town, thinking why that sword appeared in his hand. He picks up a stick and watched if he can summon it again, but it didn’t. He throws the stick away, but the stick hit Captain Seler. Seler angrily yells at Lukas to where he was throwing. Lukas apologized to Seler for throwing the stick at him. Seler gives Lukas a warning.

Lukas goes meet Don and they talked for a while. After the talk, a police officer told Don that there is a robbery at the jewelry store, so Lukas and Don hurried there. When they arrived, the burglars knocked out Don and they were about to shoot Lukas, suddenly the same sword appeared in Lukas’ hands again and he killed the burglars. Lukas was officially shocked and scared when he killed those burglars and when the sword didn’t disappeared.

Seler summons Lukas (who has brought Elaine along too) to the police station so he can examine the sword. As Seler asks Lukas about the sword, Elaine saw Seler’s mug that is gray and begins to cry. Lukas puts the gray mug away from Elaine and tells Seler that Elaine doesn't like the color gray because she had a nightmare about a gray monster attacking her. Seler doesn't care about Elaine’s nightmare and gets right back to the sword and says that this sword is defenseless. So Lukas and Elaine go see Abby to examine it.

Abby is very surprised to see the sword. She thinks it’s very fascinating. As Lukas and Abby talk about the sword, Elaine takes a white amulet with a symbol on it off the sword, thinking that it’s a dolphin. Elaine asks Lukas if she can keep the dolphin amulet. Lukas tells Elaine that the amulet is not a dolphin, yet he doesn't know what it is. Elaine begs Lukas to keep the dolphin amulet. Lukas gives in and lets her keep it. Elaine jumps up in excitement and Lukas puts the amulet on around her neck.

The next morning, Lukas goes meet Tami and Tobi for lunch and congrats them for being the future married couple. Tami looks at Lukas’ sword and asks why he has it. Lukas told her that it appeared out of nowhere.  Tobi asked why it appeared. Lukas doesn't know. But he told them that he might get used to it. After lunch, Lukas went by to the City Hall to continue working. He hides the sword underneath his desk so Arrianna won’t see it, but it was too late, she already knows about it. She asked where he got it. Lukas told her that it appeared out of nowhere and it didn’t disappear after he killed those burglars. Arrianna understands and she will figure out where the sword came from. Lukas thanks her and goes back to work.

The next morning, Lukas takes Elaine to school. Elaine says goodbye to Lukas. He told her he will pick her up at 2:15. Lukas goes visits Abby. Abby tells Lukas about the wolves that attack him when that sword appeared. She tells Lukas that they should go to the woods to investigate. As Lukas and Abby search in Fawn Forest for the mysterious wolves, Lukas asks Abby why she wants to investigate the wolves. Abby tells Lukas that wolves are white, but the wolves that attack him are purple so she must research them. The wolves appeared and started attacking Lukas and Abby, but luckily Lukas kills the wolves. Lukas and Abby returned to Fawn City and Abby tells Lukas that she has got the wolves fur and she will analyze it as soon as possible. Lukas comes picks up Elaine from school. Elaine asks Lukas what happened to him. Lukas tells Elaine that he doesn't want to talk about it.

The next morning, Lukas went to the city hall early and notices that Arrianna is not here. So he went to work. After he was finished, he went over to Abby’s house to see how the analyzing is doing. When he arrives, Abby has already finished analyzing. (But accidentally hits Lukas when she opened her door, but she apologized)  Abby explains Lukas why the wolves are purple. They have to go to the sewers to find this purple gooey stuff (Dark Eco). When they arrived at the sewers, Lukas asks Abby why the purple gooey stuff is in the sewers. Abby tells Lukas that she doesn't know, but it might be the reason why the wolves are purple. After walking around the sewers, they found the pool of purple gooey stuff. Abby researches the purple gooey stuff while Lukas looks at it carefully trying not to fall down in there. Then all of the sudden, the sword starts to glow really black. Abby asks Lukas how he did that. Lukas doesn't know. Suddenly, a giant purple monster appeared out of nowhere and Lukas fights it. After Lukas defeats it, Abby finished analyzing the purple gooey stuff and they head back to the surface of Fawn City. Seler spots the two coming out of the sewers and asks them why were they in there. Lukas tries to stay silent, but Abby tells Seler that they went to the sewers to investigate the purple gooey stuff, but they were attack by a monster and Lukas defeated it. Seler sniffs at Lukas, and then says that he smells like a hip hog rolled around in mud. He then gives Lukas a second warning and tells him that if he gets one more warning, Lukas will go to jail.

The next day, Lukas drops Elaine off to her grandmother’s (Lorrayne and Abby’s mother) house, so he can go see Don. When he goes to the police station, he bumps in Quaz with a bottle of beer in his hand (He was obviously drunk). Lukas takes Quaz home so he won’t hit on any girls anymore. After he took Quaz home, Lukas sees Don and asks him why Seler hates him so much. Don just told him that Seler is a little upset that he lost his daughter. Lukas didn’t know Seler had a daughter and asked Don what happened to her. Don only told Lukas that Seler’s daughter died. Lukas wants to know what Seler’s daughter name is and how she died. Don told Lukas that Seler doesn't want to talk about. His daughter’s death is the reason why he is so mean. Not to mention the disappearance of all girls ages 5 to 16 from a mysterious man. Lukas always wonders why the mysterious man takes girls away. He always keeps Elaine safe from danger.  Lukas says goodbye to Don as he went to pick up Elaine.

That night, Lukas wakes up by the sounds of knocking. He went to the door and sees Abby. He asks her why she’s here in the middle of the night. Abby tells Lukas that she saws someone in a black robe sneaking around town and she wants to follow him with his help. Lukas doesn't understand why, but he agrees. They went into town and saw that person in the robe. Lukas wants to know who it is. Abby doesn't know. They follow the mysterious person in the Ever Woods. They hid behind a boulder and they saw the mysterious person dragging a body. Lukas recognizes the body as his co-worker, Lauren’s, 14 year old daughter, Barbara. Abby doesn't think, but Lukas knows her because she went to his house for her school foundation 2 months ago. She went missing for 3 weeks. The mysterious person throws Barbara’s dead body to the river. Lukas was so angry that he had to fight this person, but Abby tried to stop him, but he attacks the mysterious person. Once Lukas defeats the mysterious person, half of the mysterious person’s pants ripped, showing his leg, Abby looks at his leg for a moment and sees a scar on it. The mysterious person got up and runs off. Lukas tries to go after him, but Abby stops him and told him to go home and get some rest. Lukas did.

That morning, Lukas goes to the City Hall, knowing that Arrianna is still not back yet, and tells Lauren that he found Barbara dead, which made Lauren sad and broke down. Lukas felt very hurt telling his co-worker that her own daughter is dead. Whoever was this person, Lukas really wants to reason with him.

After work, Lukas goes to see Don and tells him about what happened to Barbara. Don is trying his best to solve the case of Barbara’s murder. After they talked for a little while, Abby came in and tells Lukas that she might find some more purple gooey stuff in the Ever Woods Lake and wants him to come with her. Lukas agrees and asks Don if he wants to come. Don said he has to do his job. Abby looks at Don for a moment, then Don said he’ll be out for just a few hours. Abby tells Lukas and Don to meet her at the forest. Lukas asks Don what’s between him and Abby. Don said it’s nothing, but Lukas keeps an eye on him.

Lukas and Don meet Abby at Ever Woods just like she said she would. The three went into Ever Forest to find the purple gooey stuff. After a long walk, they found another pool of purple gooey stuff. Don was a little bit disgusted of the sight of the purple gooey stuff. Abby researched it for a little while. Lukas looks around. Don asked Lukas what he is doing. Lukas wanted to make sure no giant purple monster would appear again. Don was very confused about the monster thing. Lukas explained to Don that a giant purple monster attacked him and Abby while researching the purple gooey stuff in the sewers. Don asked if he and Abby are okay, especially Abby. Lukas told Don that he and Abby are fine. Abby tells the two men to shut up, as she is focusing on researching. After Abby finished researching, she, Lukas and Don went back to Fawn City. As he walked back to Fawn City, Lukas heard a noise that sounded like a roar, he looked around to see what it is, but nothing was there. Then he walked back.

The next morning, Lukas looks at the sword for a little while when Elaine comes in and asked if he’s going to take her to school. Lukas told her that he will drive her to school in 10 minutes. Then, he heard that same noise from yesterday. All of the sudden a monster (Metal Head) crashes throw the window and starts to attack Lukas and Elaine. Luckily, Lukas kills the monster and he and Elaine ran out of the house to get away from the monster. When they did, they saw that more monsters all around Fawn City. Lukas saw Don shooting the monsters. He needed to help his best friend. He told Elaine to go to the hiding place in case of emergencies, when the coast is clear, she’ll meet him back in their house. Elaine understood and runs off to the hiding place. Lukas kills the monsters for Don and asks him what’s going on and where did these monsters come from. Don has no idea what those monsters are or where they came from. He tells Lukas to evacuate everybody to the City Hall. Lukas gets all the citizens of Fawn City to the City Hall, including Abby, Tami, Tobi and Quaz.

Once everybody is inside, they all started to freak out, except for Lukas, Abby, Tami, Tobi and Quaz. Don and the other police officers try to calm them down. Abby asked Lukas where Elaine is. Lukas told her that she’s in their hiding place, so she’s safe. Once everybody is calm down, Arrianna (who is back in Fawn City) tells everybody that these monsters are very dangerous. Lukas asked Arrianna where she was. Arrianna told Lukas that she went to Haven City to talk with the Baroness (Ashelin) about the sword that Lukas has when she heard that a bunch of monsters attack Fawn City and she hurried back there. Lukas asked her what those monsters are. Arrianna tells him and everybody in Fawn City that they are Metal Heads, the most dangerous creatures in Haven City. She thought that they would be gone after the whole Dark Maker War (From Jak 3) was over. Lukas finally asked Arrianna where the sword came from. Arrianna tells Lukas that the sword is called the Eco Sword once hold by Mar himself. Everybody looks so confused. Arrianna explains her citizens all about Mar and the Eco Sword. Arrianna explains that the Eco Sword vanished because of the darkness; she explains that it will return again to fight the darkness, but only with Mar’s descendant ancestor, but has mistaken Lukas as Mar’s descendant ancestor. Lukas remembers the sword turning black when he and Abby research the purple gooey stuff in the sewers before the giant purple monster appeared. Arrianna tells everybody to stay in the City Hall, except for Lukas, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi and Quaz, while goes to her office and calls her help.

After Lukas talks with Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi and Quaz, Seler comes in and tells Lukas that he is under arrest. Lukas was confused and told Seler that he didn’t do anything. Seler heard everything that Arrianna said and tells him that he was the one who send the Metal Heads because of the Eco Sword and now he has given Lukas the third and final warning and is now going to prison. Abby tells Seler to butt out and Don tells him that he can’t arrest his own best friend since kindergarten. Seler doesn’t care and tells the officers to arrest Lukas. The police officers hesitated and go to arrest Lukas, but Lukas punches them and makes an escape from them.

Lukas finds a car, starts it, and drives off really fast to get away from the police. He drives to the Ever Woods, but one of the police shoots the wheels of the car making it crash, but Lukas survives it. He breaks the windows to the car, gets out of there and escapes. He goes up the hill where he can see Fawn City. He looks around until he sees another city somehow close by Fawn City. Lukas guesses its Haven City. After Lukas finishes looking at both cities, Seler appeared saying that he is going to jail. Lukas tries to reason Seler that it wasn't him who sends the Metal Heads in Fawn City. Seler calls him a liar and fights him. After Lukas defeats Seler, Seler runs off and yells at Lukas to go to hell. Lukas, now worried if he causes more trouble, tries to think of something to never hurt his friends and his own daughter. He found Seler’s gun and picks it up. He puts the sword down and puts the gun to his head. He then said that he is very sorry to Elaine as he pulled the trigger, killing him. The background goes white and the title screen, Jak 4: The Darkness Within, appears and the game begins.

1 day after the Metal Heads came to Fawn City and Lukas committed suicide (nobody doesn’t know about Lukas’ death), a buggy (Sand Shark) came driving in very fast and is driven by none other than Jak (Now back to wearing his Jak 3 outfit, but with a black coat on). His best friend, Daxter is screaming because of him driving. Torn has send the duo to Fawn City to kill the Metal Heads as a request to Mayor Arrianna, but first he has to meet her in the City Hall.

The duo arrived in Fawn City and goes to the City Hall and meets Arrianna. Arrianna is very glad to finally meet the great hero, Jak. Daxter complained that he’s a hero too, but Arrianna doesn’t care. Arrianna tells Jak that the Metal Heads have been attacking Fawn City and has been killing 8 or 9 of her citizens. Jak tells Arrianna that he will handle the Metal Heads in no time, as he hasn't killed a Metal Head for 3 years.

He and Daxter go around Fawn City and started to kill the Metal Heads. After he killed a few more Metal Heads, he meets Tami and Tobi who mistaken him as their friend, Lukas. Jak told them that he looks nothing like their friend and tells them that he is really busy. When he was about to leave, Tami saw Daxter, then squeals and hugs him and says that he is the cutest animal ever. Daxter tells Tami to watch the fur and he just got groomed. Tobi apologies to Jak about Tami’s love for little animals. Jak forgives him and he and Daxter left.

After killing more Metal Heads, Jak saw two more going into a house (Lukas’ house) and the duo followed them. Once they got inside, they saw a little girl, holding on a rail, being attack by the two Metal Heads and Jak starts to fight them. After Jak kills the last two Metal Heads, the little girl couldn't hold on to the rail must longer and fell, but luckily Jak caught her with just one slid and asks her if she was okay. The little girl looks at Jak for a moment and says “Daddy?” Jak was confused and shocked when the little girl hugged him and told him that she did what he told him to. Jak was even more shocked and Daxter was completely shocked. This little girl was Elaine.

The duo took Elaine to the City Hall and Jak explained Arrianna of what happened while Elaine plays with Daxter (Which he does not like). Arrianna tells Jak that Elaine is autistic and she lives with her father, Lukas. Her mother died of childbirth and Lukas had to raise her all by himself. When the Metal Heads came, Seler tried to arrest him for something he didn’t do and Lukas escaped, but was never found for just 1 day. She then told Jak that he looks exactly like Lukas. Jak tried to tell Arrianna that he doesn’t look like this Lukas person. Arrianna told Jak that his face, eyes, hair, and goatee are very similar to Lukas’, but not Lukas’ attitude or his age. Lukas is 25 and Jak is only 21. Jak was very confused. Arrianna is very worried about Lukas and she really needs to find him. After a little talk between Jak and Arrianna, Don came in with an important report. Arrianna introduces Jak to Don, as Don looked at Jak for a moment since he looks like his best friend, but shakes if off for a second. Don told Arrianna that he and the police officers found Lukas, dead. Arrianna was shock from the news and tells Jak to follow Don to Lukas’ body. Jak agrees and he and Daxter follow Don.

Don lead Jak and Daxter into the Ever Woods where the crime scene is performing (Not a TV show crime scene, an actually crime scene). There the three saw the police officers, including Captain Seler. Seler looks at Jak for a moment, then suddenly Jak felt a very strange pain in his chest and his Dark Eco form came through for a second. Don asked if Jak was okay. Jak says he’s fine. Then he notices a sword on the ground and picks it up and looks at it. Don tells Jak that sword is the Eco Sword that Lukas has been carrying around and tells him that he can use it anytime he wants to.

Jak, Daxter and Don went back to the City Hall and Jak asked Arrianna what is Elaine going to do with no parents now that she is an orphan. Arrianna tells Jak that he will take care of Elaine which shock Jak very much. Daxter then says very loudly if Elaine had any grandparents or aunts or uncles to take care of Elaine. Arrianna told Daxter that she only has her grandmother, but she only goes there a day and there is Elaine’s aunt, Abby, but she can’t take care of her with all of the science stuff going on. Lukas lost his parents when he was 15. Jak asked why he has to take care of Elaine. Arrianna tells Jak that he looks just like Lukas and he might learn to be a father when he gets married. Jak blushes a little about the marriage part, but he doesn’t know if he can do it. Arrianna knows he can. Arrianna tells Don to have Jak and Daxter around the city to make sure if more Metal Heads are here.

Don leads the duo to Abby’s house. Abby is glad to see Don and tells him to find Lukas and bring him to her house because she might have found more purple gooey stuff in Fawn Forest. Don tells Abby that Lukas is dead. Abby was completely shocked of what Don said and is worried about Elaine. Don tells her not to worry and explains that Jak will take care of Elaine because Jak looks like Lukas. Abby, completely confused, looks at Jak and told Don that she doesn't trust a complete stranger to take care of Elaine. Daxter asked what does that even mean. Abby, now even more confused when Daxter talked, tells Daxter that Jak is a stranger and Elaine doesn't even know that her own father is dead, which leaves her all alone. Abby can’t trust a stranger to take care of her 5 year old niece. Jak angrily tells Abby that he is not a complete stranger and he didn’t even want to take care of that little girl that Arrianna forced him to do it. Abby, now angry, yells at Jak that he won’t take care of Elaine. Daxter breaks up the little fight and tells Abby that if she pissed Jak off, then he will go Dark Jak and he’ll kill her. Daxter reminded Abby to not piss Jak off and listen to the wise. Abby forgets what she said and needs to accompany someone to the Fawn Forest. Don tells Abby that Jak could come with her. Abby disagrees. Jak disagrees as well. But Daxter just said “Will ya do it for once?!” Jak and Abby just groaned as in an “okay” agreement.

Jak and Daxter followed Abby to Fawn Forest to find this purple gooey stuff. Jak claims that he doesn't like Abby while Daxter claims that Abby is totally hot. Abby heard all that and tells Daxter that she doesn't date animals. Daxter only said “Ah. You don’t know what you’re missing.” (The same thing Daxter did from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to Keira, only this time Jak didn’t hit Daxter behind the head) Jak slightly shook his head, Abby did the same. Jak, Daxter and Abby arrived at the pool of purple gooey stuff. Jak recognize it as Dark Eco. Abby asked Jak what Dark Eco is. Jak explained everything about Dark Eco. Daxter just said “You people don’t know anything about this Precursor crap, do you?” Abby just shook her head no. Abby researches the Dark Eco while Jak looks around. Jak asked why Abby is researching Dark Eco. Abby told Jak that there are wolves that are purple and she needs to find every Dark Eco to figure out why they are purple. Daxter simply yelled “PURPLE WOLVES?! WHEN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPENED?!”  Abby doesn't know. After Abby finishes researching the Dark Eco, she, Jak and Daxter went back to Fawn City where he gets a message from Torn that he needs him back in Haven City. Daxter reminds Jak to bring Elaine along too since he is Elaine’s new body guard and her new daddy. Abby doesn't agree on bringing Elaine to a horrible town like Haven. Jak tells Abby that he will keep Elaine safe and he can handle the Metal Heads. Abby gives up and tells Jak to don’t crawl back for her help if he or Elaine get hurt.

The duo went back to the City Hall to get Elaine. Jak spots Arrianna and tells her that he needs to go back to Haven City and he’s bringing Elaine along too. Arrianna tells Jak to be careful out there and take care of Elaine. Jak agrees. Jak (acting like Lukas) tells Elaine to get her stuff together. Elaine asked Jak where they are going. Jak tells Elaine that they are going to Haven City to meet new people. Elaine put all of her stuff in her backpack (Her blank drawing book, her crayons, and her stuff bearicorn, Mr. Whiskers) and goes with Jak and Daxter to Haven City.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived at Haven City and went to the HQ. Jak spots Torn who is with Ashelin and Samos and Torn asked Jak if he defeated all the Metal Heads in Fawn City. Jak only nodded. Torn looks at Elaine and asked him who she is. Jak quietly tells Torn that Elaine thinks that he is her father, so he has to watch her. Torn understands. Elaine introduces to herself to Torn, Ashelin and Samos. Samos greets Elaine, then suddenly he felt something when he touches Elaine. Jak asked Samos what was wrong.  Samos just told Jak that it was nothing. Torn tells Jak to go with Jinx to find the generator and turn it on and also fight more Metal Heads, because they have gotten into Haven City and must of escape from Fawn City. Jak understands and leaves.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine see Jinx at some part of Haven City and Elaine introduces herself to Jinx. Jinx smokes at her, but luckily Jak covers Elaine’s mouth and nose (And Daxter coughs from Jinx’s smoking and passes out). Jak angrily asked Jinx what was he trying to do, kill Elaine. Jinx just wants to say hi to Elaine. Jak told Jinx that smoking is bad for children. Jinx asked why he has a kid with him (As he sprinkles some cigarette ashes into Daxter’s mouth). Jak covered Elaine’s ears so she won’t hear and tells Jinx that she thinks that he is her father, Lukas, and he has to pretend to be him. Jinx asked why he had to pretend to be someone he doesn’t know. Jak told him that the Mayor of Fawn City forced him to. Jinx finally gets it and tells Jak that they to find the generator before the Metal Heads get there. Jak nods (As he uncovers Elaine’s ears and Daxter woke up and spits out the cigarette ashes out of his mouth in complete sickness). 

Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Jinx made it to the generator and there is no sight of the Metal Heads. Jinx tells Jak that he’s going to check to see if there’s a power switch. While the duo wait for Jinx to turn the generator on, Elaine goes off and plays, then all of a sudden, Jak heard Elaine’s scream and runs to her to see if a Metal Head attacked her, but the duo see a giant purple monster trying to attack her. Daxter, now scared, said “Jak, I think we’re DEAD MEAT!!!” Jak notices the sword glowing really bright, so he uses it to fight the giant purple monster. After Jak defeats the monster, Elaine runs to Jak and tells him that she was really scared when that monster appeared. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells her that it’s okay. The power went on and Jinx tells Jak that Jak did really good, especially when he defeat that purple monster while Jinx was turning on the generator. Jak didn’t want to ask Jinx that he was watching, but he had to make sure Elaine wasn't really hurt or else Abby would kill him. Then Jak notices the amulet around Elaine’s neck and asked her where she got it. Elaine told Jak that he (Lukas) gave it to her when Abby was researching the sword. Jak, still as Lukas, understands and says that he must have forgotten. Jak keeps on looking at the amulet as he knows that it is the Seal of Mar.

Jak talks to Torn on the communicator that he turned on the generator while Elaine draws Daxter on her notebook. Torn tells Jak that he’ll find some clues of how the Metal Heads came back and why they are attacking Fawn City. Jak only nods. Elaine tells Jak that she wants him to read her a story. Jak doesn’t know anything about stories, but luckily Daxter came to the rescue and tells Elaine one of his “stories”. “So there I was, face to face, with the nastiest Metal Heads I’ve ever saw! Very sharp teeth snapping at young children. So I jumped into the battle and gave them a WAM! And a PUNCH! And a-“Elaine just said “BOOORINNG!” Daxter fell of how Elaine said it. Jak just snickered and says he already likes this kid. Elaine tells Daxter that she wants to hear a real story. Daxter thinks of a really good real story, then gets one. He tells Elaine about a story of a warrior hero (Jak) and all about his adventures and saving the world. (From Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to confronting Errol at the Metal Head place in Jak 3) Elaine likes the story and tells Daxter what happens next. Jak tells Elaine and Daxter that the story has to wait because he wants to visit Keira. Elaine asked Jak if she can listen to the story sometime a day. Jak looks at Elaine confused, but, as Lukas, he promises Elaine that Daxter will continue the story. 

Jak, Daxter and Elaine went to the garage and see Keira (Who was still in her Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier outfit). Keira asked who the little girl is. Jak tells Keira that her name is Elaine and (he covers Elaine’s ears again so she won’t hear) he has to take care of her because he looks like a guy name Lukas. Keira understands (And Jak uncovers Elaine’s ears) and Elaine introduces herself to Keira. Keira introduces to herself to Elaine as well. She asked Jak if she can hold. Jak only said “Sure. I guess.” Keira picks up Elaine, then she suddenly felt something when she picked her up. Jak asked Keira what was wrong. Keira tells Jak that she felt some light inside Elaine. Daxter says “Maybe she didn’t eat much.” Keira told Daxter that she meant light, like Light Eco. Elaine asked what Eco is. Jak was about to answer that question, but Daxter just said “Eco is a big pool of weird stuff that might turn you into a fuzzy little creature.” Jak slaps Daxter on the back of his head and Daxter rubs it and glares at Jak. Elaine giggles at Daxter when Jak did it. Jak does it again and Elaine laughs. Jak once again slaps Daxter behind the head and Elaine laughs really loud. Elaine wants to slap Daxter behind the head too, but Daxter stopped him. Keira notices a sword behind Jak’s back. Jak notices the look in Keira’s eyes and tells her that the sword belongs to Lukas and Don let him have it. He also told Keira that it glowed really bright after a giant purple monster appeared. Keira is now curious. She tells Jak to find some Eco Stone and maybe she can converge the sword with the stone. Jak, Daxter and Elaine headed out to find the Eco Stone. 

Jak found the Eco Stone and took it back to Keira. Keira uses her Eco Channeling abilities to converge the sword and the Eco Stone. As she did, the sword turned deep white. Keira is amazing of how it changed colors. Jak says “No wonder why this is called the Eco Sword. It can develop any kind of color eco it touches.” Jak (taking his goggles off for the first time) wonders why Lukas has a sword like that. Keira doesn’t know why, but she thinks that the Eco Sword is very powerful. Jak thinks so too. Keira looks at Elaine and laughs a little bit. Jak asked what was so funny. Keira tells Jak that Elaine is wearing his goggles. Jak turns around and see Elaine is wearing his goggles. Jak picks up Elaine and takes his goggles off of Elaine and tells her that he doesn’t allow anyone to touch his goggles but him. Elaine just looked at Jak confused. Jak, still acting like Lukas, apologies to Elaine for yelling like that. He didn’t mean to. Elaine forgives him. Jak puts Elaine down and talks with Keira for a while. After they talked for a little while, Keira went back to repairing the Hell Cat while Jak looks at the Eco Sword for a bit. Elaine goes up to Jak and asked why was he flirting with Keira. Elaine knows that he (Lukas) still loves Lorrayne. Jak doesn’t know what Elaine was talking about. Daxter slaps Jak upside his head meaning Jak is blowing his cover. Jak, hesitantly while acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he still does and always will, but he has to move on. Elaine was confused and asked Jak why he (Lukas) has to move on. Jak told Elaine that even though Lorrayne died, he has to find a new mommy for Elaine. Elaine understands. Keira tells Elaine that Elaine has a something very powerful inside her. Elaine asked Keira why is it powerful. Keira doesn’t know, but she might research Elaine’s DNA to know why she is powerful. Elaine asked if it going to hurt her. Keira told Elaine that it won’t hurt her. Elaine asked when will she going to do it. Keira was about to say 2 weeks, but Daxter just yelled “Will ya do it already?!” Keira will try her best and figure out why Elaine is so powerful. Once Keira got to work on Elaine’s DNA, Elaine tells Jak that it’s okay to flirt with Keira, as long if he still loves Lorrayne. Jak made an awkward smile and looks at Daxter for a few minutes 

Jak, Daxter and Elaine went back to the HQ and speaks with Torn and Ashelin. After they talk for a little while, the alarm system went off. More Metal Heads are coming out of nowhere. Torn sends Jak and Daxter to stop them. Daxter says “Can you just once stop giving us the crappy missions?” Jak, Daxter and Elaine left.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine found the Metal Heads. Jak, still pretending to be Lukas, told Elaine to go hide somewhere. Elaine did what she was told and Jak fought the Metal Heads. After he defeated the Metal Heads, Jak told Daxter to go find Elaine. Daxter complained about getting Elaine all by himself, but he goes looking for her anyway. As Jak looks around, a strange light appears out of nowhere and it flashes all around Jak. When the flash dies down, Jak opens his eyes and sees that he wasn't in Haven City anymore, he was back in Fawn City, but somehow he was at a high school. Jak sees a boy with glasses and blonde hair. He thinks that’s Lukas. Jak watches Lukas as Lukas bumped into a girl with blonde hair as well. Lukas apologies to the girl, since he is bad at where he was going. The girl forgives him know that it was an accident. Lukas introduces himself to the girl. The girl tells Lukas that her name is Lorrayne. Jak was surprised by the name, Lorrayne. The blonde haired girl is Elaine’s birth mother. Lukas asked Lorrayne if she was new to his school. Lorrayne told him she is. Lukas led Lorrayne around school. Jak was about to follow them, but the light flashes him back to Haven City. Jak was confused of what was going on. Daxter came back with Elaine. Elaine asked Jak what was wrong. Jak, still pretending to be Lukas, tells Elaine that nothing is wrong and that he is fine. Elaine smiles. Daxter asked Jak if it’s okay to go to the Naughty Ottsel to see Tess. Jak said it’s okay. Daxter heads off to the Naughty Ottsel. Jak and Elaine follow him.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived at the Naughty Ottsel. Tess is very happy to see her hero (Daxter) again. Tess asked who the little girl is. Elaine introduces herself to Tess and tells her that Tess looks exactly like Daxter, but a girl. Tess knows and tells Elaine that Daxter is his poopsy woopsy honey bear. Jak is still sick of how Daxter and Tess talk all lovey dovey. Elaine asked Jak what was wrong with love. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that nothing’s wrong with love. Daxter asked Jak if he still needs a hug. Elaine loves love a lot and she always dreamed to be a marriage design for any newly married couple looking for a house. And Elaine images the perfect house for Daxter and Tess, a little pink house with a white picket fence and a fireplace and a queen size Ottsel bed for them and if they have a baby, she will get them a little Ottsel cradle and tells them that if they have a baby Ottsel boy, it will be Dennis or if they have a baby Ottsel girl, it will be Susan. Tess tells Elaine that she thought of the same thing to Daxter when she thought of moving out of Haven City (Which was in Jak 3). Tess believes that she and Elaine might become great friends, which awkwards Jak eventually. Jak doesn’t know if Daxter and Tess’ love thing or Tess becoming friends with a 5 year old autism girl are worse or not. Tess tells Jak that she has made a new gun mod and wants him to test it out. Jak could only nod and asked Tess if he could watch Elaine while he and Daxter go to the Gun Course. Tess agrees, she was once a babysitter before. Jak and Daxter headed out to the gun course. 

Jak tested out the new gun mod in the Gun Course and he got a perfect score. Elaine comes in. Jak was confused and asked Elaine what was she doing here. Elaine got bored at the Naughty Ottsel and comes here to see how he is doing. Jak, stilling acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he is fine, but tells her that it’s dangerous in here and she might get hurt. Elaine just looked at Jak. Jak couldn't help but stare into Elaine’s cute light blue eyes. Daxter tries to snap Jak out of it by waving his hand in his face, but it didn’t work (Which Daxter did in Jak II when Jak was staring blankly at Keira behind the curtain). So Daxter could only slap Jak upside his head to snap him out of it. Jak asked Daxter loudly what was that for. Daxter told Jak that he was stared at Elaine very awkward. Jak apologies, but Elaine’s eyes are very touching, very curious, very calm, it made him somehow happy. Daxter got very confused of what Jak said. “Since when did her eyes made you happy, or better yet, when “was” the last time you WERE happy?” Jak doesn’t know, but it made him did. After talking for a few minutes, Don comes in. Jak asked Don what was he doing here. Don tells Jak that Abby has found more Dark Eco and he wants him to come back to Fawn City, he can bring Elaine along too. Jak could only nod and he, Daxter and Elaine follows Don back to Fawn City.

Once the trio returned to Fawn City, Don leads them to Abby’s house. Once they arrived, Abby asked Don why was Jak here. Don tells Abby that he can help you out to find more Dark Eco since he knows all about them. Abby just groans. A man with green hair and a beard asked Abby if Jak’s her boyfriend. Jak and Abby were shocked when he said that. Don introduces Jak to Lukas’ friend from middle school, Quaz. Daxter tells Don that Quaz is a bit weird. Quaz yells “I heard that!” Jak and Abby tells Quaz that they are not dating and Jak tells him that he already has a girlfriend (Which is Keira). Quaz asked Jak why he looks like Lukas. Jak doesn’t know why. Don asked Jak how was his first time with Elaine. Jak told Don it was fine. Daxter tells him that she met Grandpa Green (Samos), Tattooed Wonder (Torn) and Ashelin, then she met Jinx who almost smoked her, but luckily Jak covered her mouth, then she met Keira who then felt Elaine that she has light inside her, then she met his (Daxter) girlfriend, Tess at the Naughty Ottsel bar and they became friends and then she watched Jak do all of his gun skills. Abby was shocked and angry at Jak for letting Elaine get smoked by Jinx, take her into a bar and letting her go inside a Gun Course. Jak told Abby that Elaine didn’t get sick from the smoke and she didn’t drink and beer and she didn’t get shot. Abby tells Jak that Elaine might be. But Abby just tells Jak to forget about it and tells him that she found more Dark Eco at the police station. Daxter asked why was it at the police station. Abby wants to find out why when she goes see Seler. Jak asked who Seler was. Don told Jak that Seler was his boss and the captain of the police force. He told Jak that he saw him when he was at the crime scene of Lukas. Jak remembers now. Jak asked Don to watch Elaine for him. Don agrees. Abby, Jak and Daxter go to the police station. 

Jak, Daxter and Abby arrived at the police station and sees Seler. Seler asked Abby what was she doing here in a disgusted way. Abby tells Seler she’s here because he has some purple gooey stuff called Dark Eco. Seler then asked Abby who the kid with the blonde hair is. Jak tells Seler that his hair is greenish blonde. Abby tells Seler that his name is Jak and his talking pet rat is Daxter. Daxter got very angry when Abby said that he was Jak’s pet rat. Seler looks at Jak and Daxter for a few seconds. The very same sharp pain came back in Jak’s chest and his Dark Form came through for a second. Seler pushes Jak down to the ground. Seler angrily asked Abby what was wrong with this freak. Abby doesn’t know what it was, but it was strange. Daxter asked Jak if he was okay. Jak tells Daxter that he was fine. Abby says “Now if you excuse me, Seler, I’ve got some research do to.” Jak, Daxter and Abby went inside the police station without Seler’s permission. 

The trio found the Dark Eco in the basement of the police station. Abby analyzes it. Abby asked why was Jak in pain. Jak doesn’t know, his Dark Eco was acting all weird. Abby asked Jak if his Dark Eco had anything to do with Seler. Jak doesn’t know. Abby thinks it might do something with Seler, because when Jak is sometimes near him and he start having chest pains and why Seler has Dark Eco in the basement. Jak tells Abby that he is not gay and that he has Keira as his girlfriend. Abby didn’t say that Jak was gay. Abby was just thinking that Jak’s Dark Eco might be connected to Seler. Jak angrily yelled at Abby that he is not connected to Seler and his Dark Eco powers went on and hits the window. Abby tells Jak that it may be connected to Seler. Jak doesn’t think his powers are connected to Seler. Abby may have to research Seler later. Once Abby is finished researching the Dark Eco, she tells Jak to go get Elaine and maybe go visit Tobi for a little while. Jak doesn’t know why Abby is being nice all of the sudden, but agrees. Jak and Daxter get Elaine and headed out to see Tobi. And just in case, they might fight some Metal Heads. 

The trio found a racing stadium and found Tobi. Tobi was surprise to see Jak again since he and Tami met him and Daxter. Tobi notices that Elaine was with Jak and asked Jak why does he have Elaine. Jak covers Elaine’s ears again so she won’t hear and tells Tobi that he has to pretend to be Lukas since he looks like him because Lukas is dead. Tobi was completely shocked by what Jak had said. Tobi told Jak that he and Tami invited Lukas to come to their wedding and was planning to be their best man, but he guess he won’t be at the wedding now that Lukas’ dead. Jak apologies to Tobi and tells him that he didn’t know that Tobi and Tami were getting married. Tobi tells Jak that it’s okay. Jak looks at a racing car and tells Tobi that his car looks really nice. Tobi thanks Jak and tells him that he had love racing since he was 14 years old and that he wanted to become a racer when he grows up, and when he was 18 after he graduate high school, he has become a racer. Jak asked Tobi how he met Tami. Tobi tells Jak that he met Tami when he was 20 and Tami was 19 and they fell in love at sight and he proposed to Tami just about 2 weeks ago and they will be married in about 7 months. Daxter just shouted “7 MONTHS?! That’s way too long!” Tobi just said “I know.” Tobi asked Jak if he wanted to race him. Jak tells Tobi that he would love to since he likes racing a lot. Tobi tells Jak that he’ll make a bet. If Jak wins, he might come to Tobi and Tami’s wedding in 7 months, but if Tobi wins, he gets to keep Daxter as their new family pet. Jak agrees with the bet, which make Daxter completely shock and angry.

Jak won his race against Tobi. Tobi tells Jak that he wasn't so bad. Jak thanked Tobi. Jak, Daxter and Elaine leave the stadium and they bumped into Seler. Seler angrily yelled at Jak to watch where he is going. Jak yells “You watch it, smart guy!” Elaine looks at Jak and tells him that he always apologies to Seler whenever he bumps into him. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he must have forgotten. Seler gives Jak a warning. Daxter asked Seler of what would happen if Jak has all of the warnings. Seler tells Daxter that if he has three warnings, he’ll be thrown into jail. Daxter gulps slightly and says, “I was afraid of that…” Jak yells at Seler that he is not going to prison again. Abby sees this and breaks up the fight between Seler and Jak. Abby tells Seler to leave Jak alone. Seler just stares at Jak until he leaves. Abby asked Jak if he felt any sharp pains. Jak tells Abby that he didn’t. Abby was relieved, but Jak looks at her and Abby quickly changed it to a normal status. She tells Jak that she found another Dark Eco, but not in Fawn City. Jak asked Abby where the Dark Eco is. Abby tells Jak that the Dark Eco is in a town called Spargus. She tells Jak that the town is in the desert, but she’ll never get there in time. Jak tells Abby that he’s been to Spargus before, but Abby doesn’t believe him. Jak told her that he have lived in Spargus for 2 weeks while he was banished from Haven City (Which we all know it was in Jak 3). Abby asked Jak why was he banished from Haven City. Jak told Abby that he was banished because of the return of the Metal Heads before they came to Fawn City and everybody in the city blamed him for the return and the palace collapsed because of him, so the council banished into the wastelands. Jak was gonna tell Abby that he was founded by a king name Damas, but realizes of what happened 3 years ago, so he just tells Abby to forget what he said and tells her that he can take her to Spargus to research the Dark Eco. Abby doesn’t know why Jak is allowing her to come to Spargus with him, but agrees. Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Abby head out to Spargus.

Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Abby arrived in Spargus. Abby was sort of confused to be in Spargus when she looks around the town that it is a desert as well. She notices some people walking with big sticks. Abby asked Jak why are those people carrying sticks. Jak tells Abby that they are not sticks, they are guns and they’re wastelanders. Abby was very shock when Jak said that the sticks were actually guns and was afraid that these “wastelanders” might hurt Elaine. Daxter told Abby that the wastelanders are friendly and that Jak’s a wastelander too. Abby, now in shock, asked how Jak became a wastelander. Jak tells Abby that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Abby tells Jak that she doesn’t know where the Dark Eco is in Spargus, but she wants to explore the town for a little while. The duo takes Abby and Elaine to the arena so he can show them some moves.

The four of them arrived in the arena. Jak tells Abby to take Elaine to the throne up there so the two of them can watch him do some training. Abby agrees and she and Elaine go up to the throne and places Elaine on it. Jak starts his training with some dummies. After Jak’s done training, Abby was somehow snoozed off while Jak was training. Abby tells Jak that it was pretty okay. Then a voice said “That’s not just pretty okay, that was really powerful for a cherry.” The voice belonged to Sig, which Jak and Daxter are very happy to see. Abby was slightly confused as she and Elaine goes down to see Jak and Daxter as they go up to Sig. Jak introduces Sig to Abby. Abby just waves awkwardly. Sig shakes Abby’s hand really hard and introduces himself as the King of Spargus. Abby looked confused and asked “You’re a what?” Daxter tells Abby that Sig is a King of Spargus. Abby doesn’t know that Spargus had a king. Daxter tells Abby that Sig is really awesome. Abby could only nod. Sig asked Abby if she would like a tour of Spargus. Abby just said it would be fine. Sig summons Seem and she and Abby left to look around Spargus. Sig looks down at Elaine and Elaine introduces herself to Sig. Sig is very pleasure to meet her. Elaine thanked Sig. Sig said “You seem pretty close with cherry.” Elaine tells Sig that Jak is her daddy. Sig was very confused when Elaine said that and looked at Jak. Jak goes up to Elaine, covers her ears and tells Sig that he has to pretend to be a man name Lukas because he looks like him and Elaine thinks he’s her father. Sig gets it. Daxter just said “We really need to get earmuffs for that chick.” Jak ignores Daxter’s comment and asked Sig if he can show Elaine around Spargus. Sig tells Jak that he could. Jak thanked Sig. Daxter yelled “HEY! What about me?!” Jak tells Daxter that when he’s done touring around Spargus with Elaine, he’ll meet them at the garage and also inform Abby to meet her in the garage as well. Daxter agrees and goes out to find Abby as Jak and Elaine go around Spargus. 

Jak and Elaine had finished touring around Spargus and they are now in the throne room at the Spargus Palace and they talked about Sig, Seem and even Kleiver. After they talked for a few hours, Elaine asked Jak who “Damas” is. Jak was shocked when Elaine said “Damas” and was about to asked how did she know, but Elaine just said “It just came to me.” Jak just made a very sad face when he was about to show her to Damas, his deceased father…

Jak and Elaine are now in a beautiful garden and in the garden; there was a tombstone that said “Damas, a great king of both Haven City and Spargus and a loving father to Mar. Rest in Peace.” Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that Damas found the warrior hero (Jak) unconscious in the desert after the people of his town banished him and they became very close together. As the warrior hero comes to fight Errol in the Dark Maker Ship, the warrior hero was surrounded by Dark Makers and he thought it was the end for him, but Damas came to the rescue and he and the warrior hero team up to go to the catacombs. Elaine asked Jak what happened to Damas. Jak tells Elaine that Damas died in the warrior hero’s arms when a Dark Maker harbinger blast overturned the Slam Dozer they were driving in. Before Damas died, he requested the warrior hero to find his son, Mar, and says that he would be wearing an amulet similar to the one Elaine’s wearing, but different color (The one Elaine’s wearing is white and Jak’s amulet is red). The warrior hero realizes that Damas’ son was actually him as his younger self and Damas never knew that the warrior hero was his son. (This sadly happened during the end of Jak 3) Jak just said “I guess losing a parent is really sad…” and suddenly, for the first time ever, Jak felt tears running down his cheeks knowing that he had told Elaine that story of his father’s death. He still can’t believe that his father is dead and that he didn’t know who he really was. Suddenly, Elaine patted Jak’s head and tells him that it’s okay to cry. Jak was confused. Elaine tells Jak that he (Lukas) always tell her that she’ll cry whenever she is sad about something and let her tears flow down her face and now she tells Jak to do the same thing as well (Even though she doesn’t know that Jak is not Lukas and not knowing that Jak is actually the warrior hero). Jak wipe his tears away and smiles at Elaine and said “Yeah… I guess I did.” Elaine smiles back at Jak.

Jak and Elaine arrived at the garage as well as Abby and Daxter. Jak asked Abby how Spargus was. Abby tells Jak that Spargus was okay. Elaine tells Abby that Jak told her the story about King Damas and how he sacrificed his life to save his son, warrior hero (Jak). Abby asked “There used to be another king here?” Jak could only nod. Abby didn’t know that there was another king who died. But then she tells Jak that they can’t stay in Spargus for long, she has to find the Dark Eco somewhere around here. But someone interrupts their conversation by saying “Hello ankle bikers!” and that was none other than Kleiver. Abby just groaned and said “So close…” Kleiver tells Jak and Abby that he was told by Sig that these two “love bird” are in the garage. Jak and Abby were shocked of what Kleiver had said and told him that they are not dating. Daxter tells Kleiver that it’s a love-hate relationship but with a helping hand thing, but Kleiver grabs Daxter and tells him to bite his bum or Kleiver will pound Daxter and lets him go. Daxter tells Kleiver that his breath still stinks and he needs to brush his teeth (Which is what happened in Jak 3). Abby looks at the buggies and said “These are some very interesting cars.” Kleiver tells Abby that the wastelanders uses them to hunt stuff. Abby asked what kind of stuff. He tells her that they hunt Metal Heads and Maurarders. Abby was impressed. Jak also tells Abby that he sometimes uses them for a little ride or a race. Speaking of race, Kleiver re challenges Jak for another race and they’ll make a bet. Daxter tells Kleiver that he is not going to be it again. Kleiver doesn’t want Daxter; he wants Abby, because she is a “cute thing”. Abby tells Kleiver that she likes someone else. He asked Abby who the guy is. Abby just said nothing. Kleiver tells Jak that whoever wins the race gets to have Abby. Jak agrees. Abby tells Jak to “Don’t blow it.” 

Jak and Daxter beat Kleiver and Abby is now saved. Elaine congrats Jak for beating Kleiver. She also told him that Jak is a really good racer than Tobi. Abby tells Jak that she knows where the Dark Eco is and it is inside a temple. Jak can take Abby to the temple. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, and Abby went to the temple. 

When they arrived at the temple, Jak asked Daxter to watch Elaine while he and Abby go look for the Dark Eco. Daxter desperately agreed. Jak and Abby looked around the temple to find the Dark Eco, but they both got separated. Jak tries to find a short cut, but then the same light came in and flashes Jak all around. Jak is now back in the same high school in Fawn City and sees Lukas, but without glasses. Then he sees a girl with straight purple hair. Jak guesses it’s Tami when she was a teenager. Lukas and Tami go to the park for a little walk. As Jak listens to Lukas and Tami talking, both of them told to each other that they need to talk. Lukas told Tami to go first. Tami tells Lukas that she is breaking up with Lukas. Lukas asked why she is breaking up with him. Tami tells Lukas that she notices that Lukas was in love with Lorrayne and wants him to be with her. She also tells him that it’s okay to be friends. Lukas couldn’t do anything by smile. Tami gives Lukas a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Then Lukas leaves as well. The light flashes Jak back to the temple. Jak wants to know what’s going on, but leaves the subject and finds a short cut to find Abby. 

Jak found Abby researching the Dark Eco. Abby asked Jak what happened. Jak doesn’t know what happened. As Abby continues to research the Dark Eco, Jak heard a growl. He thought it was a Metal Head, but he saw Elaine, who has Daxter on her shoulder, running and is crying and is completely scared. Jak asked Elaine what was wrong, but Elaine is still crying. Daxter tells Jak that a giant purple monster is in the temple. The giant purple monster came in and attacked Jak, but luckily, Jak dodge the attack and goes to fight it. After defeating the purple giant monster, Jak looks at Elaine and asked her if she was okay. Elaine told Jak that she was fine. Abby has finished her research and tells Jak to take her back to Fawn City. Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Abby leave the temple and went back to Fawn City.

When they returned to Fawn City, Jak takes Abby to her house. Abby tells Jak that she has to find more Dark Eco and also to figure out why his Dark Eco is acting weird he’s near Seler. She also told him to stay away from Seler. Jak agrees. As Jak and Abby are talking, Elaine walks around Fawn City as Daxter follows her to make sure she doesn’t get lost. As she keeps walking, she bumps into Seler (And she fell on Daxter with her butt, but luckily, Daxter gets out of her butt, which is similar when Jak fell on Daxter with his butt in Jak II and Daxter only said “This place has too much excitement. We need to move back to the country!”). They look up at Seler and Daxter could only say “Uh… Hi Seler.” Seler was disgust when he sees Elaine again and asked what does she want. Elaine just told Seler that she was just walking and she accidentally bumped into Seler. Seler doesn’t care of what Elaine did; he just doesn’t want to be near her or that animal (Jak). Elaine asked Seler of what happened to “Ava”. Both Seler and Daxter were both shocked when Elaine said that. Elaine tells Seler that it just came to her. Seler angrily doesn’t want to talk about it. Jak sees Seler yelling at Elaine. Angry about this, Jak approaches to Seler to tell him to back off, but when he got near him, his chest started to hurt and his Dark Eco form begins to come out for a few seconds. Seler was very much disgust when he saw Jak. When the chest pain was gone, Jak looks at Seler and tells him to leave Elaine alone. Seler didn’t say anything, he just left. Jak bents down to Elaine and, acting like Lukas, asked her if she was okay. Elaine tells Jak that she’s okay. Daxter compliantly asked “HEY! What about me?!” Jak looks at his best friend and then starts to laugh of how Elaine is sitting on him. Jak apologies Daxter for laughing like that, he just thinks it was funny. Daxter tells him to keep an eye on Elaine and if she falls on him again, Daxter is going to send Elaine to “Dallas, Texas” and then some country music was playing when Daxter said that in the background. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine went to the City Hall to see Arrianna for a little bit. Elaine takes Daxter and plays with him while Jak and Arrianna talked for a little while. Elaine is done playing with Daxter and starts to draw a picture, so Daxter goes up to Jak and Arrianna. Jak asked Arrianna why Seler is so mean. Arrianna doesn’t know why. She told Jak that Seler was a very good guy. Daxter asked “Is it because of this Ava chick?” Arrianna was surprised by the name. Daxter tells Arrianna that Elaine said Ava to Seler and tells him that it came to her. Arrianna will figure out why Elaine said “Ava”. After a few minutes of talking, Tami came in and tells Arrianna that see saw Lauren going into the Ever Woods. She thinks that Lauren might commit suicide. Arrianna was shocked about this and tells Jak to go with Tami and stop Lauren from killing herself. Jak agrees and asked Arrianna to watch Elaine. Arrianna agrees. So Jak, Daxter and Tami leave the City Hall and go to the Ever Woods.

As Jak, Daxter and Tami look for Lauren when they arrive in the Ever Woods; Daxter asked Tami if Lauren is holding a gun. Tami tells Daxter that she saw Lauren holding a knife and not a gun. She wants to know why. Daxter doesn’t get shot by a crazy lunatic who wants help (Which happen in Jak II when Vin tries to shoot Jak and Daxter when they went to help him). Tami understands. She really wants to help Lauren after what happened with Barbara. Jak was very curious of what happened to Lauren’s daughter, but he really to help Lauren, even if he doesn’t know her. After a long search, they finally found Lauren, holding a knife. Tami tries to reason with Lauren to not to kill herself. Lauren yells at Tami that she wants to because she wants to be with her daughter. Then she yelled “Lukas gets to kill himself, so why not me?!” Tami tells Lauren that Lukas only killed himself because he doesn’t want to cause any trouble and that he doesn’t want any of his friends to get hurt. As Tami walks up to Lauren, Lauren pulls a gun and was about to shoot Tami. Jak saws this and grabs Tami and he, Tami and Daxter jump to a boulder to avoid the shooting. Daxter panicking tells Jak to do something. “It’s the Vin shooting all over again!” Jak cautiously pokes his head to look directly at Lauren and tells her to calm down and that killing herself is not a good idea. Lauren asked Jak why it’s not a good idea to kill herself just because she wants to be with her daughter. Jak tells Lauren that Barbara might be in her heart that way she’ll be with Lauren forever and then maybe when she gets really old and dies from natural causes, she might be able to see Barbara again. Lauren stops shooting and looks at Jak. Lauren apologies to him for shooting, then drops the gun and knife to the ground. Tami is very happy that Lauren didn’t kill herself and tells Lauren to go back home because Lauren’s husband is worried sick about her. Lauren agrees and walks back home. Tami thanks Jak for reasoning Lauren. Jak asked Tami what happened to Lauren’s daughter. Tami tells Jak that all the girls ages 5 to 16 are being kidnapped and somehow killed and she might think Elaine could be the next victim so she tells Jak to watch Elaine over his life. Daxter just said “Relax, babe. If that killer comes for Elaine, he better face Orange Lightning!” Tami tells Daxter that the mysterious person is not easy to fight. Jak tells Tami that he’ll be fine. After they talked a little, Jak, Daxter and Tami went back to Fawn City to tell Arrianna that Lauren is okay now.

When they arrived in the City Hall, Arrianna was relieved that Lauren is okay. She doesn’t want to lose another worker. Jak asked Arrianna if she found any information about Ava. Arrianna tells Jak she did and that she learned that Ava died in a car crash along with her friends. She was only 16 years old and right before Elaine was born (Jak and Abby were also 16 years old when Ava died. Back then, Jak was still in prison before Jak II started). Jak was shocked of what happened to Ava, but still doesn’t know why Ava is important to Seler. Arrianna doesn’t know either, but she will figure out why. After Jak and Arrianna talked, Keira calls in Jak with the talk box and tells him to come over to the garage and bring Elaine that she has to analyze her blood to make sure why she is powerful. Jak told Keira that he’ll be there. Jak tells Arrianna that he has to go back to Haven City. Arrianna understands and tells Jak to be careful. Jak, Daxter and Elaine left the City Hall and headed back to Haven City.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived back to Keira’s garage and Keira begins her Eco Powers and uses them on Elaine. When Keira was finished, she told Jak that Elaine must some Eco powers as well. Jak was very surprised of that. When did Elaine have Eco powers? Jak asked Keira what kind of Eco does Elaine have. Keira tells Jak that Elaine has light eco powers, but yet, she doesn’t know it yet. Jak looks at Elaine who was playing with Daxter. Jak knows that the name Elaine means light in French, but can Elaine really use Light Eco. Jak tells that he’s going to take a walk. Keira agrees and tells him that she will watch Elaine. Jak thanks Keira and gives her a kiss on a cheek and left the garage.

Jak looks around town as he thinks about Elaine’s powers. Can Elaine use a Light Eco Form like his? He really doesn’t know. As Jak keeps walking, he sees the same light once again and flashes all around him. Jak was now back in Fawn City and he sees a house that has a lot a flowers and water. He spots Lukas and Lorrayne going there all happy, Jak followed them. Jak looks through the window and sees Lukas and Lorrayne kissing, on the lips. They stop kissing and looked at each other. Jak wonders what Lukas is planning to do. Lukas goes to his pocket and pulls out a box. Inside the box was an engagement ring. Lukas asked Lorrayne if she would marry him. Lorrayne accepts the proposal. Just as Lukas and Lorrayne kiss, the light flashes Jak back to Haven City. Jak doesn’t understand why that light always flashes him to all of Lukas’ life. Before he could think again, Elaine and Daxter came up to him. Jak asked them what are they doing here. Daxter told Jak that Ashelin wants them at the HQ. Jak, Daxter and Elaine headed  to the HQ.

When they arrived in the HQ, Ashelin told Jak that the Metal Heads have gotten into the Power Station and wants him to defeat them. Jak agrees and as he heads out, Elaine opens the door and says “Peekaboo!” as she is playing peekaboo with Jak. Jak, acting like Lukas again, tells Elaine that there is no time to play and that they have to go to the Power Station to fight off Metal Heads. Elaine, desperately, understands and Jak, Daxter and Elaine head out to the Power Station.

When Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived at the Power Station, the Metal Heads are eating the systems. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine to go hide somewhere. Elaine agrees and runs off. Then Jak starts to fight the Metal Heads. After defeating the Metal Heads, Jak and Daxter went to find Elaine. The duo found Elaine talking to a multi-layered hyper linking digi-memoc-bio-construct-super-clocked-mega-memory-construct Vin head. Jak and Daxter were surprised that Elaine is not weirded out of how Vin looks. Vin is glad to see Jak and Daxter again. Vin quietly tells Jak that he knows that Jak is pretending to be a man name Lukas because Elaine thinks that Jak is Lukas. Jak doesn’t know why Vin knows, but he understands. Vin thanks Jak for destroying all the Metal Heads. He was completely scared when they were eating the Power Station, but he was calm when Elaine talked to him. Jak looked at Elaine. She made Vin calm down when the Metal Heads attacked? Jak tells Vin that he, Daxter and Elaine have to go, but he’ll keep in touch. Jak, Daxter and Elaine leave the Power Station.

Jak talks to Ashelin in the talk box for a little while. After he talks with Ashelin, Jak turns around and sees that Elaine is missing. Jak asked Daxter where Elaine is. Daxter doesn’t know. So the duo went to find Elaine. Jak and Daxter spot Elaine playing with a butterfly. Then Jak notices that Elaine is going inside a building to follow the butterfly, which shocks him completely. Jak and Daxter follow Elaine as they know that Elaine has gone into the Krimzon Guard Fortress (The one from Jak 2 where Jak was in prison).

Jak and Daxter found Elaine standing on the chairs Jak was one from 6 years ago. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine to get off of those things before she gets hurt. Elaine tells Jak that she’s fine, but suddenly, she slipped and is about to fall, but luckily Jak caught her just before Elaine could fall to the floor. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine to never scare him like that ever again. Elaine apologizes to Jak for scaring him. Jak looks at the chairs. He can still remember being tortured on one of those things by Baron Praxis. All the Dark Eco pumped into him and making him become what he is now. Elaine looks at Jak and asked him if he was okay. Jak, still acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he’s fine and also says. “Let’s get out of here.” Jak, Daxter and Elaine leave the Krimzon Guard Fortress.

After getting out of the Krimzon Guard Fortress, Jak, Daxter and Elaine went to the Naughty Ottsel for a little while. Jak just looked at the Eco Sword while Daxter and Tess flirt and Elaine draws. Abby suddenly came in the Naughty Ottsel to find Jak, then she notices Elaine is here as well, but she pushes the subject off. Jak asked Abby what was she doing here. Abby tells Jak that she may have found some more Dark Eco somewhere in a different city. Jak asked what the town is called. Abby tells Jak that the town is called Lintono City. It used to be a peaceful city, but now it was destroyed by the Metal Heads. Jak agrees to go to Lintono City to find the Dark Eco. Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Abby leave for Lintono City. 

Jak, Daxter, Elaine and Abby arrived in Lintono City. Jak looks around Lintono City. It was now a complete ruin with Metal Heads all around. Abby gives Jak her laptop and book. Jak asked if she was going in there. Abby might thought Jak would research the Dark Eco for her. Jak thinks for a while, then he agrees to research the Dark Eco for her. He looks at Lintono City. He had to protect Elaine from the Metal Heads. All Jak has to do is just research the Dark Eco and get out. Before he heads in, Daxter, being completely scared, wants to stay here and protect Abby and tells Jak that he is ready to go into Lintono City without him. Abby tells Daxter that she’ll be fine and just go with Jak and Elaine. Daxter just got annoyed and goes with Jak and Elaine into Lintono City. 

Jak, Daxter and Elaine found the Dark Eco. Jak sets Abby’s laptop down and looks at her book. He doesn’t know how she researches them with a laptop and a book at the same time. Daxter tells Jak that he’ll type things down on the laptop while Jak writes it down. Jak seriously doubts that Daxter will do some typing, but he agrees anyway. But before Daxter can research the Dark Eco, he looks through some of Abby’s stuff a little bit before Jak can notice. He discovers Abby’s diary and reads it for a little while. He later discovers that Abby has a major crush on Don, which might be useful sometime. After looking through all of Abby’s stuff, Daxter begins to type down all some stuff about the Dark Eco on Abby’s computer. When they were done researching, Jak tells Daxter and Elaine to go back to Abby. Daxter and Elaine agreed, but before they do, they were attacked by the Metal Heads. Jak fights them off as he protects Elaine. After defeating all the Metal Heads, the three heard an evil laugh. A mysterious shadow appeared out of nowhere and tells them that they will not be leaving here. Jak asked the mysterious shadow who is he? The mysterious shadow tells Jak that his name does not matter and it went through him. Suddenly, Jak feels a very sharp pain in his chest and his Dark Eco Form went through, but only this time he stayed in his Dark Eco Form completely. Elaine sees Jak like this and starts to scream and runs off. Dark Jak sees Elaine and chases after her. Daxter runs off to find Abby. Elaine keeps on running, but she stumbles upon a wall, meaning she is trapped. Dark Jak slowly walks up to Elaine as she backs away from him. Dark Jak attempts to kill Elaine, but when he was about to do it, Dark Jak saws Elaine crying. He suddenly has a vision of Lukas and Elaine talking with Seler when Elaine started to cry because of Seler’s gray mug and Lukas explaining to Seler that Elaine always has nightmares of a gray monster attacking her. After having that vision, Jak realizes that Elaine is scared of his Dark Eco form, knowing that he’s the gray monster. Jak returns to his normal form and he apologies to Elaine for scaring her. Then Jak suddenly passes out and Elaine, scarily, said, “Daddy?” 

Jak regain consciousness in a house. He looks around and tries to find someone. Jak has found Lukas, who is pacing around for no reason. Jak probably thinks that the light must of brought him back to Fawn City again. A doctor comes out of the bedroom and hands Lukas a blanket with something in it. Jak walks over behind Lukas’ shoulder to see what it is. In the blanket was a baby, it had blonde hair and blue eyes. Jak guesses the baby is Elaine. A doctor tells Lukas that he is sorry. Lukas looks through the room completely sad. Jak goes into the room to see why Lukas was sad. He looks at the bed and he made a completely shocked face. Lorrayne was lying in bed lifeless. She was dead. Lorrayne had died from giving birth to Elaine. Just like Arrianna had said. Jak backed away from Lorrayne’s lifeless body, only to discover some darkness spreading around him. He feels his Dark Eco Form ready to come out of him once again. But the same flashes the darkness away, saving Jak from transforming. Jak looks at the light as it transforms into a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes and is wearing a light blue dress. The woman introduces herself as Lorrayne and tells Jak that it is very nice to meet you. Jak was pretty surprised of how Lorrayne looks, even though she is dead. Lorrayne tells Jak that she is an angel and that she is the one who sends Jak to her past life. Jak asked Lorrayne why is she sending him to Lorrayne’s past life. Lorrayne tells Jak that she wanted him to know all about Lukas and that she is watching him everywhere. Then she tells Jak that she is helping him to become a father so he will take care of Elaine. Jak doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Suddenly, Lorrayne starts to disappear. Jak tried to ask Lorrayne why she is helping him become a father, but it was too late, she disappeared into thin air. 

Jak woke up violently calling out Lorrayne’s name out loud. But no response. He looks around and sees that he is in a different room. He notices that his black coat, red scarf and goggles are hanging on a coat racket. Arrianna comes in and sees that Jak is awake. Jak is back in his current time in Fawn City. Jak asked Arrianna what happened. Arrianna tells Jak that he almost killed Elaine in Lintono City. Jak remembers that, but luckily he stopped himself for doing that. Arrianna asked Jak if he was okay. Jak tells Arrianna that he’s fine, just a little dizzy. He asked Arrianna where Elaine is. Arrianna tells Jak that Elaine is outside with Daxter. She also tells Jak that Abby brought him to the City Hall when Daxter told her everything that happened. Jak understands. Arrianna tells Jak that he screamed out Lorrayne and wants to know why he did it. Jak tells Arrianna that her spirit is sending him to Lukas’ past life. When he first met Lorrayne, when Tami broke up with him, when he proposed to her, and when Elaine was born and that Lorrayne died. Arrianna thinks that Jak is crazy, but she believes him anyway. Arrianna tells Jak that he can go see Elaine now and leaves. Jak gets up, puts his black coat, red scarf, and goggles on, and left the City Hall. When Jak found Elaine and Daxter outside, Daxter has already finished telling the story of the hero warrior (From when they met the real Precursors in Jak 3 to Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier) to Elaine. Jak walked towards them. Daxter sees Jak and completely yelled at him to never do something like that ever again. Jak will try his best not to. Jak looks at Elaine and he probably thinks that Elaine hates him now. Elaine tells Jak that she is glad that he is okay. Jak just smiled, relieved that Elaine doesn’t hate him. He looks at a drawing Elaine did. It was an old man dying in a teenager boy’s arms. It almost looked like him and Damas. Jak asked Elaine when did she draw this. Elaine tells Jak that she drew about 3 years ago during a thunderstorm. She doesn’t know why she did it, but she did. Jak understands and looks at the picture. Daxter asked Jak what that shadowy monster was. Jak doesn’t know. But maybe Onin might know. So he decides to go see her. Daxter complained that he doesn’t want to go there because Pecker will be there. Jak tells Daxter that it will only be a minute. So Jak, Daxter and Elaine went to Haven City to see Onin. 

They arrived at Onin’s hunt. Elaine looks at the creepy stuff and gets scared. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine to not to be afraid. Elaine understands. Jak approaches to Onin and asked her about the shadowy monster was. Onin waves her hands around and Pecker translates “Onin says the shadowy monster is unknown to me. It is mysterious, yet very evil.” Jak asked why is it after him. Onin waves her hands again and Pecker translates “She does not know why it is after you, but you have to be very careful not to let it near you.” Daxter complainly asked “What does that mean, feather butt?” Pecker angrily tells Daxter that it means that he’s not allowed to go fight that shadowy monster. Daxter didn’t like this idea and that Jak should fight that shadowy monster. Pecker angrily tells Daxter that Jak has to stay away from the shadowy. Both Daxter and Pecker started arguing, but Jak stop them from arguing. Elaine approaches to Onin and asked her if her daddy (Jak) is going to be okay. Onin waves her hands again and Pecker translates “Onin says that your father will be fine. He just has to stay away from the shadowy monster; otherwise he will lose control of his Dark Eco powers.” Elaine understands. As Jak watches Elaine looking around Onin’s creepy stuff, Jak quietly tells Onin that Elaine is not his daughter. Pecker tells Jak that he and Onin already know that. Jak asked them how they figured it out. Pecker tells Jak about the “Before, after, it is all the same” part. Jak remembers it. After talking with Onin, they heard a smash; Jak turns around and sees that Elaine has broken one of Onin’s stuff. Elaine tells them that it must of slipped, but Jak knows that she is lying. Pecker got extremely angry at Elaine. Jak tells Pecker to calm down and that it was an accident. Pecker angrily tells Jak that it was no accident. Jak tells him that Elaine is autistic. Pecker doesn’t care and flies to attack her, but Jak pulls Elaine away from Pecker. Daxter yells at Pecker for almost attacking Elaine and he starts to attack Pecker. As Daxter and Pecker fight, Jak asked Elaine if she was okay. Elaine tells Jak that she’s fine. Jak goes to the fighting animals and separates them from fighting. Onin waves her hands and Pecker translates “Onin says that to find out whom the mysterious shadowy monster is, you must go to the Cave of Truths.” Jak asked where the Cave of Truths is. Onin waves her hands and Pecker translates “It is in the Wastelands. Go there and see who the monster is.” Jak agrees and he, Daxter and Elaine go to the Wastelands. 

Jak, Daxter and Elaine made it to the Cave of Truths. Elaine looks around in the cave while Jak approaches to a pool of water. He looks at it carefully. He must think that the water will know the truth. Jak looks closer at it and asked “Who is that shadowy monster that attacked me at Lintono City?” The water begins to glows and reveals a picture of Seler. Jak is confused. Why would Seler attack Jak at Lintono City? He’ll go to Fawn City and find out. As he was about to leave the Cave of Truths, a light suddenly appears around Jak. Daxter started to freak out and jumps off Jak’s shoulder. The light flashes Jak all around. He is now in the Ever Woods. Jak wonders why Lorrayne would take Jak in the Ever Woods. While Jak takes a look around Ever Woods, he stumbles upon a lake with animals gathered around. As Jak tries to get a closer look, a girl stops him. Jak looks at the girl. She has reddish brown hair, purple eyes, wears a red and black sweater, black pants, and black gloves. Jak thinks that the girl is probably 16 years old. The girl apologizes to Jak for shouting like that. Jak forgives the girl. Jak introduces himself to the girl. The girl introduces herself as Ava. Jak was surprised that the girl is Ava. She is the one who died in the car crash. Ava asked Jak if he was okay. Jak tells Ava that he was fine. Jak and Ava sat near the lake and they talked for a little while. After they talked, Jak looks at a heart shaped necklace around Ava’s neck. Jak tells Ava that her necklace is very beautiful. Ava thanks Jak and tells him that her father gave it to her on her sweet 16th birthday. Jak asked Ava who her father is. Ava tells Jak that her father is Captain Seler. Jak is shocked. That is explains why Ava is so important to Seler. She is Seler’s daughter. Jak goes back to his normal status and tells Ava that he understands. After talking more, Ava heard Seler calling for her. She gets up and says goodbye to Jak and leaves. The light flashes Jak back to the Cave of Truths where Daxter and Elaine are right beside him, worried. Jak looks at Daxter and Elaine and tells them that he’s fine. He also tells them that they have to get to Fawn City to tell Arrianna who Ava really is to Seler. They all leave the Cave of Truths and head to Fawn City.

They arrived in Fawn City and headed toward the City Hall. Jak goes up to Arrianna and tells her that Ava is Seler’s daughter. Arrianna is surprised about this; she didn’t know that Ava was Seler’s daughter. Jak is angry that Seler didn’t tell anyone, including Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, Lauren and even Lukas, that Ava was his daughter. Arrianna tells Jak to calm down. Jak can’t help it, he is so angry, that his Dark Eco form comes out. Arrianna got a little frighten by Jak’s transformation. Jak notices it and goes back to his normal self. Jak apologies to Arrianna for transforming in front of her. Arrianna tells Jak that it’s okay. Arrianna tells Jak to go tell Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Lauren that Ava is Seler’s daughter. Jak understands. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that they’re visiting their neighbors. Elaine understands. What Jak doesn’t know is that Elaine has gotten his Seal of Mar while he was unconscious; she puts the seal in her coat pocket and goes with Jak.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived at the police station, but, without noticing, Jak bumps into Seler. Seler got angry and yells at him, and then he tells Jak that he got his second warning and if has one more warning, then Jak will be thrown to jail. Jak, remembered what he saw in the Cave of Truths and knowing that he is Ava’s father, just said nothing and walks away from him. Jak found Don practicing his gun shooting. Don notices Jak and tells him how watching Elaine was going. Jak tells Don that it’s okay. Jak also tells Don that he knows what the name of Seler’s daughter is, Ava. Don was surprised to recognize that name. Jak asked Don how he knows Ava. Don tells Jak that she was involved in the car crash 5 years ago and died in it, he didn’t know that Ava was Seler’s daughter. Jak understands. After they talk for a few minutes, Seler comes in and tells Jak to take his pet and Elaine and get out of the police station. Jak just said nothing and takes Daxter and Elaine with him and leaves the police station.

Jak, Daxter and Elaine arrived at Abby’s house. As Jak was about to knock, Abby opens the door, hitting Jak. Abby, sarcastically, saying to Jak that was an accident. Jak figured that Abby knows that he tried to hurt Elaine back at Lintono City. Jak tells Abby that he didn’t mean to hurt Elaine; his Dark Eco Form was uncontrollable. Abby just ignores Jak. Jak also tells Abby that maybe Seler was the mysterious shadowy monster. Abby was surprised by that. Abby asked Jak why is Seler the shadowy monster. Jak doesn’t know. Jak also tells Abby that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Abby was also surprised by that as well. She didn’t know Seler had a daughter. Abby tells Jak that she will continue to research Seler some more. Jak understands and he, Daxter and Elaine left Abby’s house. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine arrived at a café and sees Tami eating alone. Jak goes up to Tami and asked her if he can sit here. Tami tells Jak that he can. Jak sits down and asked Tami why she is eating alone and why isn’t Tobi here. Tami tells Jak that Tobi is too busy with his racing to spend time with her. Jak understands. Jak tells Tami that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Tami gotten confused and asked Jak why Seler has a daughter. Jak doesn’t know, but Seler really does. After Jak and Tami talked for a little while, Tami tells Jak to go tell Tobi about the whole Seler thing. Jak will do that and he, Daxter, and Elaine left. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine arrived at the racing stadium and sees Tobi racing against a racer, so Jak waits until Tobi is done. Once Tobi was done racing, he sees Jak and goes to him. Jak tells Tobi that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Tobi was surprised that Seler has a daughter. Jak also tells Tobi that Tobi needs to spend time with Tami and stop racing for a little while. Tobi understands and he and Tami will be married in 7 months. After talking for a while, Tobi tells Jak that he has to go find Tami and start hanging out. Jak understands and he, Daxter and Elaine leave the racing stadium. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine look around the city, looking for Quaz. Daxter asked Jak “What the heck are we doing looking for a drug addict, who doesn’t even care about anything in the first place?” Jak doesn’t know, but he has to tell Quaz that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Elaine knows where Quaz is and goes wandering off. Jak and Daxter follow Elaine. Elaine leads the duo to an alley and they see Quaz, sleeping in a garbage can, holding a bottle full of whisky. Daxter, who is seriously unimpressed, does not like the fact that Quaz is the most drunken person he has ever met. Jak goes up to Quaz and wakes him up. Quaz, who is now drunk, wakes up, looks at Jak, and asked “What the hell do you want?” Jak tells Quaz that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Quaz wasn't surprised at this at all. He only said “So?” Jak doesn’t know why, but he does. Quaz just went back to sleep. Jak just leave Quaz there and he, Daxter, and Elaine left the alley.

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine arrived at Lauren’s house. Jak knocks on Lauren’s door. A man opens the door and looks at Jak. Jak thinks that this man is Lauren’s husband. Jak tells Lauren’s husband that he is here to talk to Lauren. Lauren’s husband calls out Lauren and leaves. Lauren goes to the door and is surprised that Jak is here. Lauren tells Jak to come into her house. Jak, Daxter, and Elaine went inside Lauren’s house. Lauren tells Elaine to go play some toys. Elaine goes over to the toys and plays with them. Jak tells Lauren that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Lauren was surprised by that. Lauren asked Jak why Seler has a daughter. Jak doesn’t know why. After talking for a little while, Jak tells Lauren that he is about to go. Lauren understands. As Jak leaves, Lauren thanks him for saving her life. Jak could only nod and he, Daxter, and Elaine leave Lauren’s house. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine arrived back to the City Hall. Jak goes up to Arrianna and tells her that he told Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Lauren that Seler has a daughter name Ava. Arrianna thanks Jak for doing that. Jak looks at a picture of Arrianna and a little boy who is about 7 years old. Jak asked Arrianna that she had a child. Arrianna tells Jak that she does, a son, he is at home with a babysitter. Jak understands. Jak looks at the window and sees that the Metal Heads are still roaming around town. Arrianna notices as well. She tells Jak that Seler always comes here and blames her for letting Metal Heads into the city. Jak tells Arrianna that he will finish the Metal Heads once and for all. Arrianna thanks Jak, and he and Daxter left leaving Elaine with Arrianna.

Jak has finally killed all of the Metal Heads and returns to the City Hall. Jak tells Arrianna that he has finally killed all the Metal Heads. Arrianna thanks Jak for killing the Metal Heads at last. As Arrianna keeps talking, Jak sees Elaine holding something, which turns out to be his Seal of Mar. Jak quiets Arrianna and goes over to Elaine. Jak tells Elaine that his seal is not hers, it’s his. Elaine doesn’t know that the dolphin amulet is Jak’s. Daxter begins to laugh that Jak’s Seal of Mar is a dolphin. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that the Seal of Mar is not a dolphin. Elaine tells Jak that it kinda looks like a dolphin. Jak puts the subject out of the way and tells Elaine to give him back the seal. Elaine gives the seal back to Jak. Just then, Jak’s talk box was activated. Torn wants Jak back in Haven City. Jak tells Torn that he is on his way. Jak says goodbye to Arrianna and he, Daxter, and Elaine left Fawn City and went back to Haven City. 

Jak, Daxter, and Elaine went to the HQ. Torn tells Jak that there are dark creatures around Haven City and the Krimzon Guards are having a difficult time defeating them. Jak asked why are there dark creatures in Haven City. Torn doesn’t know, but it’s really bad. Torn tells Jak to kill all of them. Jak understands. Jak tells Elaine to stay at the HQ. Elaine agrees and Jak and Daxter leave.

The duo see all dark creatures attacking Haven City. Jak was shocked to see this. Daxter tells Jak to snap out of it and tells him to kill the dark creatures. Jak nods and goes to kill the dark creatures. After killing all the dark creatures, Jak gets tired. Daxter asked Jak if he was okay. Jak tells Daxter that he’s fine. Jak and Daxter then goes back to the HQ.

When the duo return, Jak notices that Elaine is playing with Samos’ beard. Jak just smiles when Elaine was playing with Samos’ beard without Samos yelling at her, because when Jak was little, he was playing with Samos’ beard and he yelled at him. Torn tells Jak that he did a great job killing the dark creatures, but they will try their best to figure out why they are attacking Haven City. After Jak and Torn are done talking for a little while, Ashelin comes in with Abby, who is handcuffed. Ashelin tells Jak that Abby was going towards to the HQ, thinking that she was trespassing. Jak tells Ashelin that Abby is his friend, sort of. Ashelin understands and uncuffs Abby. Jak goes to Abby and asked why is she here. Abby tells Jak that she may have found more Dark Eco in Haven City. Torn asked why would there be Dark Eco in Haven City. Abby doesn’t know why, but it is. Jak understands and he, Daxter, and Elaine leave the HQ with Abby. 

Jak, Daxter, Elaine, and Abby walked around Haven City to find Dark Eco. Daxter tells Abby that there is no Dark Eco in Haven City. Abby tells Daxter that her detector doesn’t lie. As Daxter and Abby argued, Jak notices that the Eco Sword has turned black. Jak looks at it, then it starts to move and pulls Jak to an ally. Daxter, Elaine, and Abby follow Jak. The Eco Sword stops where Jak sees the pool of Dark Eco. Daxter, Elaine, and Abby also stopped. Abby thanks Jak for finding the Dark Eco. Jak, confused, tells Abby “Your Welcome?” Abby starts to research the Dark Eco. As Abby researches the Dark Eco, Jak sees a Dark Creature coming towards them. Jak goes after it to fight it. After defeating the Dark Creature, Jak sees more Dark Creatures coming towards them. Daxter just yelled “How many Dark Creatures are there?!” Jak fights off the Dark Creatures. After defeating all the Dark Creatures, Abby has finished researching the Dark Eco and notices that Jak is tired. Abby asked Jak if he was okay. Jak tells Abby that he had to fight all the Dark Creatures and is exhausted. Abby understands and tells him to come to Fawn City to rest. Jak could only nod and he, Daxter, Elaine, and Abby went to Fawn City. 

When they arrived back at Fawn City, Tami comes a running and bumps into Abby, making them both fall to the ground. Abby notices that Tami was crying. Abby asked Tami what was wrong. Tami tells Abby that Seler is arresting Tobi for no reason at all. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, and Abby were shocked to hear this. Tami tells them that they need to stop Seler before they arrest Tobi. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, and Abby follow Tami to the racing stadium. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Abby, and Tami arrived at the racing stadium. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine to stay here. Elaine understands. When they went inside, Jak sees that Don is with Seler as well, but he is not so happy about this as well. Seler handcuffs Tobi and was about to take him to the police car. Jak goes to Seler and stops him. Seler yells at Jak for stopping him to arrest Tobi. Jak angrily tells Seler that Tobi didn’t do anything. Seler tells Jak that Tobi was the one who released all the Metal Heads into Fawn City. Tobi tells Seler that it wasn’t him. Seler tells Tobi to shut up. Jak, now pissed off because Seler told Tobi to shut up, punches Seler in the face and starts to fight him. After Jak defeated Seler, Seler falls to the ground and his pants ripped slightly in half, showing his leg. Jak notices that Seler has a scar on his leg. Abby recognizes the scar from the night the mysterious person throwed Barbara’s body in the river. Abby realizes that Seler was the mysterious person who’s been killing girls ages 5-16. Everybody was now shocked to hear this. Don and the police officers try to arrest him, but Seler tells them to not arrest him, only to shoot out Dark Eco from his hand, killing a few police officers, Don luckily survived. Seler was shocked at first, but then he smiled evilly and escapes. Jak chases after Seler to stop him, but Seler uses his Dark Eco powers to control Jak’s and it made Jak’s chest hurt even more. Seler tells Jak that he can’t stop him now since he is too weak and leaves. Abby goes up to Jak and takes her back to her house. Daxter, Don, Tami, and Tobi, who is now uncuffed, follow them.  

Jak, Daxter, Elaine (Who has followed them as well), Don, Abby, Tami, and Tobi arrived at Abby’s house. When they went inside, they see Quaz was inside too. Abby asked Quaz how did he get in here. Quaz tells Abby that her door was unlocked. Abby pushes the subject away and puts Jak on a chair so he can rest. Don can’t believe Seler was the killer who killed at those girls, including Barbara. Abby can’t believe it either, but it was true. Tami wonders where Seler is now. Abby doesn’t know where Seler is. Jak then said “Wherever he is, I’ll look for him, I’ll find him, and I’ll kill him!” Abby tells Jak that killing Seler won’t be a good idea since he controls his Dark Eco powers now. Jak knows. Abby has to search for where Seler went to. As Abby tries to find Seler’s location, Jak falls asleep. Jak awakes up into white space. He realizes that he is dreaming. A light appears and transforms into Lorrayne. Jak asked Lorrayne why is he here? Lorrayne tells Jak that she knows where Seler is. She tells Jak that Seler is in a dark forest called Dark Eco Forest, a forest full of Dark Eco. Jak understands and will go there and stop Seler. Lorrayne tells Jak to be careful. Jak could only nod. Jak’s dreams ended and wake up. Abby is still looking for a book to where Seler might be. Jak tells Abby that he knows where Seler is. He tells her that Seler is at Dark Eco Forest. Abby was shocked at first, but she tells Jak that they have to go there. Don tells Abby that he’ll go too so that he can arrest Seler for killing all the girls. Daxter just said, “Eh, we won’t fall into Dark Eco, right? Because I hate to fall in again and turn into that slobbering Dark Eco monster again!” Abby asked Daxter what was he talking about. Jak tells Abby that he will explain later. Abby tells Quaz to watch her house while she is gone. Quaz understands, but accidently breaks a vase. Abby just face palmed herself and tells Quaz what is she going to do with him. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby leave Fawn City and head towards the Dark Eco Forest.  

Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Abby, and Don are in the Ever Woods in Don’s police car as they head to the Dark Eco Forest. Elaine asked Jak if he’s not really going to fight Seler, is he? Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he has to. Elaine reminds Jak that Onin told him to stay away from Seler because he might control his Dark Eco powers again. Jak remembers that, but he wants to kill Seler for killing all those girls from ages 5-16 and he doesn’t want Seler to kill Elaine as well. Elaine understands. After Jak and Elaine finished with their talk, Don’s car stopped for no reason. Don realizes that he is out of gas. Daxter, now angry, said, “Ooooh great! Now we’re stuck here with nowhere to go, and now we have to walk out of the forest smelling like a wet hip hog in a warm barn!” Then Daxter sniffs at his armpits and replies “Although, I still smell like sewer gunk.”  Abby tells Don that Daxter is right; the only to go to the Dark Eco Forest is by walking. Don understands. So Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby started to walk through the Ever Woods. As they walked, Elaine goes to a different direction. Jak follows her. Jak sees Elaine, standing on a log, trying to catch a butterfly. After what happened at the Fortress, Jak is worried that Elaine might fall again. Elaine gets the butterfly and jumps down from the log. Jak is relief that Elaine didn’t get hurt. Elaine goes up to Jak and gives him a flower. Jak thanks Elaine for giving him a flower. Jak asked Elaine why she still trusts him after he tried to kill her in his Dark Eco Form. Elaine might be scared of Jak’s Dark Eco Form, but she still loves her daddy (Lukas) no matter what. Jak wonders why love is the most important thing to a child. Elaine wonders off again and Jak follows her. During their time alone, Elaine mimics Jak, gathers food which Jak gets annoyed and he crosses a line so she can stay on her side, but Elaine made a circle around her and Jak, then Elaine tells stories to some forest animals, but Jak pulled her away from them, then Elaine runs towards a field of flowers which they covered Jak, during the nighttime, Elaine tries to sleep with Jak, but he just pushed her away, when the rain comes, Jak was getting wet while Elaine jumps into puddles, then Elaine pretends to fly when the wind came and tells Jak to try it out. Jak does and he’s enjoying it, but when the wind stopped, Jak and Elaine fell down and landed in the mud. Elaine messes with Jak’s hair with mud and starts to laugh, but Jak messes with Elaine’s hair as well and laughs really loud, so Elaine joins in. As Jak and Elaine chase each other in the Ever Woods, they meet up with Daxter, Don, and Abby. Abby asked them where they were. Jak told Abby that he and Elaine were just having fun. Daxter tells Jak that he never had any fun since they arrived in Haven City and Jak was sent to prison 6 years ago. Jak just said “I know.” Abby sees the Dark Eco Forest and is shocked of how far it is. Jak sees some elephmoths (Half Elephant and Half Mammoth) and tells Abby that he has an idea. The scene then changes to Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby riding on the elephmoths. Daxter, now scared on riding on the elephmoths, yells “THIS IS THE STUPIDEST IDEA YOU’VE EVER CAME UP WITH!!!” Elaine screams in happiness and says “THIS IS THE MOST GREATEST RIDE I’VE EVER BEEN ON!!!” Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby keep riding on the elephmoths as they’ll be on their way to the Dark Eco Forest.  

Still on the elephmoths, it’s nighttime and Don, Abby, and Daxter are asleep. Jak and Elaine are still awake looking at the stars. Elaine wonders who watching them from above. Jak doesn’t know, but whenever he looks at the stars, he was thinking that the Precursors are watching over them. Elaine asked Jak if the Precursors are really cute fuzzy Ottsels like Daxter. Jak could only nod. Elaine guesses that Daxter is a Precursor too. Jak tells Elaine that he is. He even told Elaine that Daxter did an “I’m a Precursor” dance after discovering he is. Elaine giggles when Daxter did the “I’m a Precursor” dance and tells Jak that Daxter is a silly guy. Jak tells Elaine that he’s sometimes annoying, but he’s a very sweet guy. Elaine understands and snuggles up to Jak. Elaine asked Jak if he (Lukas) will always be there for her. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that he will be with her no matter what. Elaine smiles, tells Jak that she loves him (Lukas), and falls asleep. Jak rubs Elaine’s back a little bit, then he felt his Light Eco going on. He remembers that Elaine has Light Eco in her. As he continues looking at the stars, Jak fears that Elaine might discovered that he’s not really Lukas and she’ll hate him forever…  

When the morning came, Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby have made it to the Dark Eco Forest. They all get off the elephmoths and went inside. Daxter claims that the Dark Eco Forest gives him the creeps. Elaine gets scared and holds onto Jak. Abby tells Jak and Don that Seler’s hideout could be anywhere in this forest. Jak looks down at a pool of Dark Eco and remembers of how Daxter fell into it when they still lived in Sandover Village. Jak sees a Dark Eco monster, wanting to attack him, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby. Elaine sees it as well, covers her face in Jak’s coat, and starts to cry a little bit. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine not to be scared. Elaine could only nod. Abby sees a tower somewhere part of the forest. She thinks that that tower is where Seler is hiding. Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby headed towards the tower, then suddenly, the Dark Eco monster attacks them. Elaine screams in terror and Jak fights it. After fighting the Dark Eco monster, Elaine starts crying really loud. Jak, acting like Lukas, tells Elaine that the scary monster is gone now and she should stop crying. But Elaine is still crying. So Daxter just yelled “STOP CRYING!!!” which causes Elaine to cry more. Jak slaps Daxter behind the head telling him to stop scaring Elaine. Jak calms Elaine down for a little bit. Elaine stops crying, looks at Jak, and hugs him. Abby was surprise that Jak calm down Elaine, but she pushed the subject back and tells Jak that they have to get to Seler’s hideout in order to stop Seler. Jak understands and he, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby continue to head towards Seler’s hideout.

They approached to the hideout of Seler. Jak tells Elaine to stay out here so Seler won’t get her. Elaine, who is scared, tells Jak that the monsters would get her. Daxter has to agree with Elaine. Jak thinks for a moment and gets an idea. He pulls out his Scatter Gun and gives it to Elaine. Elaine looks at the Scatter Gun and asked Jak what it is. Jak tells Elaine about the Scatter Gun and it can help her defeat some Dark Eco monsters when they appear. Abby is mad at Jak for giving Elaine a gun that she might be killed by. Jak tells Abby to calm down and he teaches Elaine how to use a Scatter Gun. Elaine uses the Scatter Gun by blasting a rock into pieces and she jumps up in excitement saying that she did it. Don and Abby were shocked that Elaine did that. Jak tells Elaine that if a scary monster comes out, Elaine tells Jak that she’ll shoot them all with the Scatter Gun. Jak pats Elaine on the head and tells her to stand guard while he, Daxter, Don, and Abby go into the hideout. Elaine did a captain salute and says “Ay, ay, Daddy!” Abby can’t believe that Elaine can use a gun now. Don can’t believe it either. Jak tells Don and Abby that they should finish off Seler for go. Don and Abby pushes the subject out and agreed. Jak, Daxter, Don, and Abby went inside Seler’s hideout while Elaine stands guard.

Jak, Daxter, Don, and Abby are inside Seler’s hideout and they see two paths. One to where Seler is and the other could probably be a different path. Abby suggests that she and Don can face Seler while Jak and Daxter can go face whatever this path goes to. Jak and Don could only nod, but Daxter shakes his head no cause he’s scared of what’s in there. Don and Abby take the path where Seler is while Jak and Daxter take the path to wherever it leads them.

Jak and Daxter are lead to a cage of the Giant Purple Monsters and Metal Heads. Daxter says “Whoa! That is a lot of monsters and Metal Heads here! Seler does know how to capture things.” Jak believes that Seler is the one who sent all the Metal Heads and the Giant Purple Monsters into Fawn City, Haven City, and Spargus to attack him and Abby. Jak takes a close look at them, but a Metal Head tries to attack Jak, so he quickly backs away from it. Jak tells Daxter that they should keep moving. Daxter nods his head and the duo walked away from the Giant Purple Monsters and the Metal Heads.

Jak and Daxter are now in a room full of computers. Jak goes over to one of the computers and sits down. Jak thinks that Seler uses these computers to spy on him and Abby. Jak turns on the computer, but a pop up comes up, needing a password. Jak needs to figure out what the password is. Daxter decides to try the password. He typed down “Captain, Squad, Police, and (The most stupidest one) Password.” None of them gets into Seler’s account. Jak thought about Ava and that maybe Seler’s password could be Ava. Jak types down Ava’s name. It gets through Seler’s account. Daxter says “Looks like you still got the moves, Jak!” Jak goes through all of Seler’s files and clicks on the videos he has recorded. But they are not videos of Jak and Abby researching the Dark Eco, they are videos of Elaine, when she turned 5 years old, when she went to school, when she went to the hiding place Lukas told her to go to, when she first met Jak, and when she always follows Jak around. Jak remembers what Tami said about the girls from ages 5-16 are kidnapped and killed by Seler. He realizes that Seler is after Elaine next. Jak gets off the computer and goes to find Abby, but suddenly a light appears and flashes Jak while Daxter calls out his name.

Jak wakes up back in Fawn City. Jak wonders why Lorrayne has send him back to Fawn City. He’s seen enough of Lukas’ life already. Jak sees Ava walking around the city. Jak calls out Ava’s name, but Ava didn’t hear him. Jak wonders why Ava didn’t hear. So he just follows Ava. After following Ava around Fawn City, Jak stopped at a stop sign where Ava is standing. A car pulls up to where Jak and Ava are standing. Two boys, one with black hair and the other with orange hair, and a girl with blonde hair are in the car. The boy with the black hair asked Ava if she needs a ride. Ava tells the boy, whose name is Welston, that she is good taking a bus. The girl with the blonde hair tells Ava that they are going to a party and she wants her to be there. Ava tells the girl, whose name is Summer, that she doesn’t do parties. The boy with orange hair tells Ava that it will for a couple of minutes. Ava hesitated a little bit, but she agrees and gets in the car. The car drives off to the party. Jak follows the car with his Jet-Board. While driving in the car with Welston, the boy with orange hair, whose name is Nolten, and Summer, Ava pulls out the earbuds, puts them on her ears, plugs it in her cell phone, and listens to some music and falls asleep. Jak almost caught up with Ava, but he sees a car coming towards Welston’s car. Jak stops his Jet-Board, takes cover as he heard a crash between the two cars. Jak goes over to Welston’s car to make sure Ava is okay. He sees that Welston and Summer are okay and Nolten is killed. He searches for Ava until he sees her not moving with blood in her head and her mouth and her eyes closed. She was dead. Jak backed away from Ava’s dead body in shocked. He looked at the car that crashed into Welston’s car. A person got out of there in time. Jak goes up to the person and was shocked to see who that was. It was Arrianna. Arrianna was the one who caused the car crash and killed Ava. Arrianna looked shocked to seeing this and runs off. Jak wanted to chase after her, but the light send him back to his currently time.

Jak violently woke up back in Seler’s hideout. Daxter asked Jak what happened. Jak can’t tell Daxter that Arrianna killed Ava 5 years ago. He would be scared. Then Jak remembers Don and Abby and that he has to tell them that Seler wants Elaine. He and Daxter ran off to find them. 

The duo searched all over Seler’s hideout and they still haven’t found Don and Abby. Suddenly, Seler appears out of nowhere, scaring Daxter. Jak notices that Don and Abby are captured by Seler. Jak tells Seler to let them go. Seler won’t let Don and Abby go until he brings Elaine to him. Jak won’t let Seler kill Elaine. So Jak goes fight off Seler. After fighting Seler, Seler gets up and then controls Jak’s Dark Eco. He’s in pain very much, but Jak uses his Light Eco to stop Seler from controlling his Dark Eco. Seler flew to the wall and got hit while Daxter frees Don and Abby. Seler is very furious now and he transforms into a Dark Eco monster. Jak, Daxter, Don, and Abby run from Seler. Seler chases after them. Jak tries his best to use his Light Eco on Seler. Jak, Daxter, Don, and Abby made it out of Seler’s hideout and meet up with Elaine. Seler is about to attack them. Jak tells Elaine to shoot Seler with the Scatter Gun. Elaine does what Jak said and Seler gets shot. Seler suddenly disappears. Abby tells Jak that they should get back to Fawn City. Jak agrees and he, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby leave the Dark Eco Forest.

When they returned to Fawn City, Jak, Daxter, Elaine, Don, and Abby went to Abby’s house where Tami, Tobi, and Quaz are at. Tami asked Abby if they caught Seler. Abby tells Tami that Seler escaped and now doesn’t know where he is at now. Don tells Jak to figure out where Seler is at now. Jak doesn’t know where Seler is at. Daxter asked Jak if he can use the pass out thing whenever that light came out of nowhere. Abby was confused now. “What light? And when does Jak pass out?” Jak, covering Elaine’s ears once again, tells everything about Lorrayne sending him to the past all about Lukas’ life of how he first met Lorrayne, of how he and Tami broke up, of how he proposed to Lorrayne, and how Elaine is born and Lorrayne died from childbirth. He doesn’t tell them about Ava’s death and Arrianna causing the car crash. Abby was shocked that her big sister’s spirit sends Jak to the past to learn about Lukas’ life. Tami was confused and asked “You were spying on me and Lukas breaking up?” Jak tells them that he was just invisible so nobody in the past couldn’t see him because he didn’t came to Haven City before and that he was still in Sandover Village. Tami understands. Jak tells Daxter that he can’t pass out again because Lorrayne can only do that unless it’s about Lukas. Daxter just said “Well have her make you pass out so we can find Seler!” Then Jak remembers Welston and Summer from the car crash. If they are friends with Ava 5 years ago, then they must know about Seler. Jak looks at Don and asked him if he knows two kids name Welston and Summer. Don tells Jak he does when they were in the car crash with Ava 5 years ago. Jak asked if he knows where Welston is. Don tells Jak that Welston was send to the hospital after the accident, but he dies when he was in the ER. Jak understands, then he asked Don if he knows where Summer is. Don tells Jak that Summer is still alive and is working at a library in Haven City. Jak understands and he pulls out his talk box to communicate with Ashelin. Jak tells Ashelin about the whole Seler thing and tells her to find Summer and send her to the HQ and that he will be there soon. Ashelin understands and Jak puts away his talk box and tells Daxter and Elaine that they should go to Haven City to find Summer. Jak, Daxter, and Elaine leave Fawn City and went to Haven City.

In Haven City, Summer is locking up the library and starts to go home, but she is surrounded by Krimzon Guards and Ashelin and gets scared. Jak goes up to Summer and tells her not to be scared. Summer asked Jak what did she do wrong. Jak tells Summer that she didn’t do anything wrong and that the Krimzon Guards are here to ask her some questions about Seler and Ava. Summer was shocked to hear Ava’s name, but she told Jak that Ava is dead. Jak knows, but he wants to know where Seler is and Summer can be the key. Summer doesn’t understand anything at all. Ashelin tells Summer that she will explain everything at the HQ. Ashelin, Summer, and the Krimzon Guards leave Jak, Daxter, and Elaine alone at the library. Daxter asked Jak if he’s sure Summer knows where Seler is. Jak is sure, because she is Ava’s best friend. Daxter now gets confused and asked Jak how does he know that Summer is Ava’s best friend. Jak tells Daxter that it just came to him. Daxter tells Jak that he’s acting like Elaine, knowing that the things Elaine have said just came to her. Jak is just trying to protect Elaine from Seler so that he won’t kill her. Daxter reminds Jak he is not Elaine’s father and that he is only pretending to be Lukas. Jak knows that. Elaine, overhearing everything that the duo have said, says “You’re not my Daddy?” Jak, who is now shocked now that Elaine knows everything, tells her that he is not Lukas and that Lukas killed himself to protect her and his friends. He also begs Elaine not to hate him after everything he had lie to her. Elaine is in fact not mad, just a little surprise, and then she realizes that Jak is the hero from the stories that has told her. She also tells Jak that even though he is not Lukas, she will still love him. Jak was supposed to be happy that Elaine accepts him who he really is, but all he feel was anger towards the girl for no reason and just yells at her for being stupid for not realizing that her birth father is dead and that she has no one to take care of her and that he wishes he has never met her. Elaine got really hurt by Jak’s words and runs back to Fawn City, crying. Daxter was shocked and mad that Jak said those mean words. Jak doesn’t care now that Elaine is out of his life for good. Jak tells Daxter that they should go to the HQ so that Summer will know where Seler is. Jak and Daxter headed towards the HQ.

Elaine has returned to Fawn City and she has stopped crying and she talks to her stuff bearicorn, Mr. Whiskers. Elaine asked Mr. Whiskers why Jak yelled at her like that, knowing that they have spend so much time together. Mr. Whiskers just said nothing, since he is a stuff bearicorn. Elaine understands, pretending that Mr. Whiskers told her that Jak is just a little bit upset and he needs to cool off. As Elaine tries to find Abby’s house, she stumbles upon Seler. Elaine pulls out the Scatter Gun and tells Seler to stay away from her. Seler tells Elaine that he needs her for a special reason. Elaine tells Seler that she does not want to be killed by him. Seler knows that, but for a different reason. Elaine fires the Scatter Gun at Seler. He gets hit by the shoulder. Seler takes the Scatter Gun away from Elaine and takes her away, making her scream. Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz heard it all the way from Abby’s house. Don and Abby ran out to find Elaine when they see Seler carrying Elaine, who is unconscious, in his arms. Don pulls out his gun and tells Seler to let Elaine go. Seler tells Don and Abby that they are too late and he disappears with Elaine, leaving her Scatter Gun, Mr. Whiskers, and her white Seal of Mar. Abby then gets mad thinking that this is all Jak’s fault.

In the HQ, Jak has finally told Summer all about Seler. Summer was pretty shocked to know that her dead best friend’s father has gone nuts. How can a caring and kind man turned into an evil monster. Daxter just said “Caring and kind? Have you met that guy?!” Summer tells the duo that before Ava died, he was the nicest man and a very good leader of the police force and since his wife died after giving birth to Ava, Seler has beening raising her and protecting her for 16 years, but now that Ava has died, he hasn’t been the same. Jak asked Summer if he knows where Seler is since she knows so much about Seler. Summer doesn’t know where Seler is because she hasn’t seen him for 5 years. Jak goes to Ashelin and talks to her for a little while. After talking, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz came into the HQ without any Krimzon Guards taking them up. Jak was about to ask them what they were doing here, but Abby interrupts him by slapping him across the face. Jak angrily asked Abby what the slap was for. Abby angrily tells Jak that the slap was for losing Elaine to Seler. Daxter was shocked to hear that Elaine is captured by Seler, but Jak wasn’t. Jak tells Abby that Elaine deserves to be captured by Seler since she was stupid to not knowing that Lukas was dead. Abby tells Jak that he is a selfish man who cares of no one but himself. Jak was shocked that Abby said and he was going to kill her, but Don and Tobi grabbed his arms so he won’t kill Abby. Abby tells Jak that Elaine is just a little girl who has autism and that she doesn’t know that Lukas was dead and also tells him that if there is someone that he just met rescue Jak and Jak will think that someone is his father but doesn’t know it because his father is dead. When Abby had said that, Jak was going rip his arms off from Don and Tobi, but he didn’t He just stand there and calm himself down as tears fall down to his cheeks. Abby was surprise to see Jak’s tears and asked him why is he crying. Jak tells him that he felt the same way when Damas died. Abby was confused when Jak said Damas’ name and asked him why he cares for a dead king like Damas. Quaz asked Jak if that Damas dude is his sister. Jak looks at Ashelin, who nods. Jak tells Abby that Damas is his father. Don and Tobi, who were shocked when Jak said this, let’s go of Jak’s arms. Abby was shocked and confused. Damas? Jak’s father? Jak could only nod. Tami asked Jak that if he is a real prince. Jak nods again. Jak tells them everything about his life and the time travel thing and that his real name is Mar. After finishing telling Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Summer all about his life, Arrianna came in and heard everything Jak had said. Arrianna somehow knows who Jak really is and tells him that she needs to talk to him, alone. Jak goes with Arrianna for a little bit.

Jak and Arrianna are at the destroyed Palace where they talked. Jak asked Arrianna why is he at the Palace Ruins. Arrianna wants to talk to Jak about Elaine. She heard all about Seler’s attack at the Racing Stadium and Elaine’s kidnapping. Jak doesn’t understand why he wants her to talk to him. Arrianna has been told by Abby that Jak has been spending some time with Elaine in the Ever Woods. Jak was a little bit surprise that Abby knows that he and Elaine have some little fun time. Arrianna told Jak that he has grown to love Elaine after pretending to be Lukas. Jak tells Arrianna that he does not love Elaine and asked her why would the mayor like her think of something like that. Arrianna tells Jak that his tears are streaking down his cheeks knowing that he loves her. Jak was shocked that he notices his tear are still falling, so he wipes them away rapidly. Arrianna tells Jak to admit that he loves Elaine. Jak won’t admit anything until Arrianna tells him that he was her who killed Ava 5 years ago. Arrianna was shocked at first, but she pushes it away and told Jak that she doesn’t he’s talking about. Jak tells Arrianna that he was it in a vision. Arrianna just stayed quieted, but she give up and told Jak that it was her who caused the car crash 5 years ago. Jak knew it. Jak knew it was Arrianna who killed Ava and she was the one who caused Seler to kidnapped all the girls ages 5-16, including Elaine. Arrianna tells Jak the reason why she caused the car crash is because she was drunk because she just got divorced by her ex-husband and she was about to drive to the City Hall while a babysitter is babysitting her son. She got hit by the car really hard, causing the car crash, but she was okay and then she saw Ava killed, so she ran away from the crash and never spoke of it ever again until now. Jak was shocked to hear Arrianna’s story. Now that Arrianna told Jak what happened 5 years, it’s time for him to admit that he loves Elaine. Jak sighs and tells Arrianna that he does love Elaine. He loves her ever since she cheered him up after telling her all about Damas’ death, but he doesn’t know why he was so angry at her, and now she got kidnapped by Seler. Arrianna giggles when she heard the name Damas. Jak was confused and asked Arrianna if she knew his father. Arrianna tells Jak that she does. Before she was the Mayor of Fawn City, she used to be one of the Loyalists to the House of Mar. The House of Mar used to have four Loyalists, Arrianna, herself, Praxis, and two other people, one woman and one man, but when Praxis betrayed Damas and banished him to the Wastelands, Arrianna and the two other Loyalists gone their separate ways. Arrianna was also there when Jak was born, only as Mar. Jak asked Arrianna if he was really is THE Mar, the Mar who built Haven City. Arrianna tells Jak that he is not THE Mar who built Haven City; his mother suggested that he would be named after Mar. Jak understands. Arrianna also tells Jak that it is okay to love someone even if you think if you’re not the same person. Jak thought about it and he looks at his hands, knowing what he has done was wrong…

Jak returns to the HQ and goes up to Abby. Jak tells Abby that he loves Elaine and he wants her to be his daughter, but he can’t because Elaine is now in the hands of Seler. Abby just smiles and tells Jak that this wasn’t his fault; he just did not understanding some parenting a little bit. Jak knows, but now it’s up to him to rescue her. Daxter jumps on Jak’s shoulder and said “You mean it’s up to US to save Elaine!” Jak agrees. Abby tells Jak that she, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz will go with him to save her. Quaz just said “Who said I was going?” Ashelin reminded Jak that they still don’t know where Seler is at now. Summer remembers something. Before Ava was born, Seler used to work as a prison guard in Haven City, but she doesn’t remember who his boss was. Jak asked Summer if Seler’s boss’ name was Praxis. Summer nods her head yes. So Jak knows where Seler is at. The Fortress. Jak tells Ashelin to send in the guards when he, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz go get Seler. Ashelin understands. Jak tells Summer to stay at the HQ. Summer wanted to help too, but Jak doesn’t want her to get hurt. Summer understands. So Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz went off to the Fortress to save Elaine and stop Seler for good.

Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz arrived at the Fortress and went inside. Jak sees a Dark Eco Monster and hides Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz from it. Abby asked Jak how are they going to get past all of Seler’s monsters. Jak tells Abby that she, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz to sneak pass the Dark Eco Monsters while he fights all of them. Abby understands and she, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz sneak pass the Dark Eco Monsters. Jak pulls his hoodie on from his black coat and tells Daxter to hide in his pack. Daxter does what Jak said and Jak goes fight all the Dark Eco Monsters and will go meet Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz.

The duo met Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz on the 7th floor. Abby tells Jak that Elaine up in the 10th floor. Jak understands. Before they all continue up, Seler appears out of nowhere and Daxter gets scared. Jak angrily tells Seler to give Elaine back to him. Seler tells Jak that he will never give Elaine back to him since he did told her that Elaine is a stupid girl. Jak tells Seler that he was wrong and he wants her back. Don tells Seler that he is going to jail for the rest of the life. Seler tells Don that he is not going to jail until he kills all of the girls ages 5-16. Jak asked Seler about Ava. Seler only said “What about her?” Jak tells Seler that Ava doesn’t want him to kill anyone, including girls ages 5-16. Seler tells Jak that Ava is dead. Jak, how he remembers of what he told Lauren, tells Seler that Ava will always be in his heart and when he dies in natural causes, he’ll be reunited with Ava. Seler tells Jak that that is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. Seler pulls out a sword, but it was dark. Jak asked where he get a sword like that. Seler tells Jak that he made the sword with his own Dark Eco powers and he was going to stab Jak, but he was interrupted by Arrianna, who just came in with her hands behind the back. Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz were surprised to see her. Tami asked Arrianna what she is doing here. Arrianna tells everybody that she is here to help Jak rescue Elaine. Jak tells Arrianna that it’s too dangerous to fight Seler. Arrianna tells Jak that she can handle it as she pulls out a gun and puts it on Seler’s face. Don was shocked that Arrianna can use a gun. Seler tells Arrianna that she will not stop him. Arrianna tells Seler that she will and she shoots him Seler dodges the bullet and he and Arrianna fight. Jak tells Arrianna to be careful. Arrianna was going to shoot Seler in the heart, but Seler uses his Dark Eco sword by stabbing Arrianna in the stomach. Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz are shocked to see this. Seler smirks evilly and tells Arrianna that his revenge is complete. Arrianna falls backwards, but Jak catches her in his arms. Don pulls out his gun at Seler and yells at him for stabbing Arrianna. Seler tells everybody that when he kills Elaine and all of the other girls, he will send all of the Dark Eco Monsters and the Metal Heads around Haven City, Spargus, and Fawn City and destroyed them all. Arrianna shakily tells Seler that he’s gone mad. Seler tells Arrianna that he is not mad, he is genius and he laughs as he disappears into thin air. Jak lays Arrianna down and Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz goes up to her. Tobi asked Arrianna if she’s going to make it. Arrianna doesn’t think so as the blood leaks through the clothes she’s wearing. Jak shook his head in denial and tells Arrianna that she has to make it and reminds her that she has a 7 year old son. Arrianna knows, but she tells Jak that he has to rescue Elaine from Seler and also stop Seler from taking over their cities. Arrianna takes her last breath and dies in Jak’s arms. Jak, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz stayed quiet and stared at Arrianna’s corpse. Don gets up and pulls his gun out. Abby tells Don that he can’t handle Seler alone. Don tells Abby that he has to for what he did to Arrianna. Abby tells Don that he could get killed as well. Don doesn’t care, he just wants Seler dead. Abby cares for Don. Don was surprise that Abby cares for him that much and he blushes a lot. Jak lays Arrianna’s corpse down gently and gets up and goes to Don and Abby and tells them that they have to keep going, he has to save Elaine and stop Seler. Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz agree. Daxter just said “Yeah! I declare war on Seler! Even if he is scary.” Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz continue up stairs leaving Arrianna’s corpse behind.

Jak, Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz made it up to the 10th floor, only to find Elaine not moving. Abby goes over to Elaine and tries to find to pulse, but there isn’t one, leaving Jak, Daxter, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz in shocked. Tami asked Abby who would do something like this. Suddenly, Seler comes out of nowhere, scaring Daxter, again. Seler tells them all that Elaine died from pumping all the Dark Eco into her. Don grabs and pins Seler to the wall and yells at him for being a monster for killing Arrianna and now Elaine and angrily asked him if he has done enough. Seler tells them all that they should have been faster to save her. Don was too angry to say anything to Seler. Abby tells Don that Seler is right, knowing that Elaine is gone like her mother and father. Don, Abby, Tami, and Tobi could only mourn for Elaine while Quaz just sweared a word that rhymes with spit, but Jak, however, is really angry and tells Elaine’s body that she just have to died. He also tells her corpse that if she haven’t met her and think that he was Lukas, then none of this would have happened. Abby tries to calm down Jak, but Jak keeps on going. Jak tells Elaine’s corpse that she is so stupid and that she caused so much trouble and now that she’s dead, as dead as everybody else (Gol, Maia, I think, Krew, Praxis, Damas, Errol, Blitz/Mizo, Phoenix, and Arrianna). Jak keeps on calling Elaine stupid over and over until he breaks down, apologizing Elaine for letting her get captured by Seler and calling her stupid, shocking Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Seler. Jak sadly tells Elaine’s corpse, as his tears begin to fall down his cheeks, that ever since he met her, she was just a girl who mistook him for Lukas, but after watching her, protecting her, and spending time with her, she has given him back the light once again before he can to Haven City when he was in prison for 2 years, losing hope, that he loves her dance, her smile, when she cheers him up and even when he scared her in his Dark Eco form, she still trusts him. Jak picks up Elaine’s body and holds it close and tells her that he finally realize what it means to be father, caring care of their kid, raising them, and loving them and that Jak would of done this like Damas could of done, but he couldn’t, because she is gone, but even though she’s gone, Elaine will always be Jak’s sweet little girl, but he wants her to back to him and Jak tells Elaine that he loves her and then he begins to cries over her as he hold her close to his chest while Don, Abby, Tami, and Tobi watch him sadly. As Jak continues to sob, he heard a soft whisper saying “I love you too, Daddy.”, making Jak opening his eyes in surprise as he heard Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Seler gasping. Jak looks at Elaine, as she’s opening her eyes and looks at Jak, smiling. Jak’s love has brought Elaine brought to life. Elaine hugs Jak and tells him that it’s okay to cry and to let his tears flow freely. Jak was pretty shocked at first, but he smiles and hugs Elaine back as he let his tears flow down freely. Daxter, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz are now happy that Elaine is alive, but Seler was not happy, he was angry. Seler angrily asked how did Elaine was brought back to life. Abby tells Seler that Jak has taken care of Elaine by acting like Lukas and has grown to love her and has protected her, even though things gotten a little weird. Seler was now furious and he pushes Don down and grabs his gun out. Jak goes up to Seler and tells him that he doesn’t have to do this, but Seler shoots Jak with the gun, but luckily Jak dodges it. Seler runs away upstairs. Daxter jumps onto Jak’s shoulder and tells Jak to go after him. Jak could only nod, then he gives Elaine to Abby and tells her to get Elaine out of the Fortress safely. Abby agrees and she, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz get out of the Fortress with Elaine while Jak and Daxter go after Seler.

Jak and Daxter made it to the top of the roof where they encounter Seler for good. Jak tells Seler that he can’t destroy his town, his friends are in there and he can’t lose them. Seler doesn’t care and that he wants to destroy everything for Ava. Jak tells Seler that Ava doesn’t want the world to be destroyed. He doesn’t know why death to Ava, but he knows how it feels to lose someone you cared for. Seler tells Jak that he feels nothing at all and swing his Dark Eco sword at Jak, but Jak uses his Eco sword to defensed himself and he and Seler fight each other. Seler was almost defeated, but he throws his Dark Eco sword to the ground and screams in anger and he wants to kill everybody in this world for what they did to Ava as he pulls out Ava’s necklace, turning into a Dark Eco monster himself. Jak and Daxter are shocked to see Seler’s transformation. Daxter scarily asked “Now what are we going to do?!” Suddenly a light appears in front of the duo. Daxter, who is now angry, just said “Oh no! I am not letting you take my best friend again for another knock out sleep!” The light transforms into Lorrayne. Jak asked Lorrayne what she’s doing here. Lorrayne is here with someone who can help him defeat Seler. Daxter, who was shocked of seeing Lorrayne, asked Jak “You’re seeing the hot lady too, right?” Jak tells Daxter that he does. Jak asked Lorrayne who that person is. Another light appeared as well and it transformed into a 16 year old girl with reddish brown hair and purple. It was Ava. Jak was surprised to see Ava and then finally discovers that it was Ava who send him to the past where he first met her and when the car crash happens while Daxter was still shocked as he thinks he must be dreaming. Ava tells Jak that she has been watching her father in Heaven for 5 years and she has been worried about him when he went crazy, but she has been watching Jak from Heaven when Daxter saved him from prison and she knew that Jak will be the one to stop Seler from his madness. Jak asked Ava how is he going to do that. Ava wants Jak to kill Seler. Jak was shocked when Ava heard this. Ava tells Jak that Seler wants to be with her again and killing him is the only way to stop this. Jak tells Ava that his Dark Eco might go nuts again if he goes nears Seler. Suddenly, Summer comes in to see Jak, but she doesn’t see Lorrayne and Ava. Jak was shocked that Summer is here and he tells her that he told her to stay in the HQ. Summer tells Jak that she wants to help him stop Seler. Samos, Keira, Torn, Ashelin, Tess, and Sig came as well. Jak doesn’t understand why they’re here as well. Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, and Lauren came as well. Jak asked Abby why she, Don, Tami, Tobi, and Quaz came back here. Abby learns from Elaine that combining the Eco Sword and his Light Eco can kill Seler for good. Jak wonders if it will work. Abby sure it will. Samos suggests that Jak will use the Eco Sword with the Light Eco to finally defeat Seler. Keira supports Jak by kissing him on the lips. Jak will defeat Seler and uses his Light Eco form and pulls out his Eco Sword and flies up there to defeat Seler. While fighting Seler, Jak uses all of his Light Eco in the Eco Sword and he throws it at Seler’s chest and Seler exploded. Jak comes down to Daxter, Samos, Keira, Torn, Ashelin, Tess, Sig, Don, Abby, Tami, Tobi, Quaz, Lauren, and Summer. Keira tells Jak that he did it. Daxter just said “Yeah, WE did!” Elaine comes running in and hugs Jak really tight. Jak hugs back, knowing that Elaine safe and sound. Daxter makes fun of Jak for liking Elaine, but Jak just punched him really hard.

Everybody returned to Fawn City to celebrate the victory and Don becomes the new captain of the police force and Lauren prepared for Arrianna’s funeral. Jak sees a little boy with brown hair and brown eyes looking sad. Jak guesses that the little boy is Arrianna’s son. Jak feels bad that her son will be all alone without no mother. Elaine goes up to Arrianna’s son and comforts him. Arrianna’s son just smiles at Elaine. Jak suggests that Elaine and Arrianna’s son would be a couple someday. Samos approaches to Jak and asked him when will he adopted Elaine. Jak tells Samos that he will adopt Elaine in 7 days. As Jak talks to everybody in Fawn City and they all congratulate him, Jak sees Seler walking around, but somehow nobody sees him. Just him. He notices that Elaine goes up to Seler, meaning she sees him as well. Jak goes up to Seler. Seler angrily asked Jak what is he doing here and why is he wearing blue clothing. Jak tells Seler that he killed him for good. Seler asked Jak why he killed him. Suddenly, Ava appears in front of Seler and greets him. Seler was surprise to see his daughter in front of him. Ava tells her father that Jak killed him so that he can be with her and his wife forever and ever. Seler looked at Jak and asked “You killed me just that I can be with my daughter and my wife?” Jak could only nod. Seler is holding some tears since he won’t cry. Elaine tells Seler that it’s okay to cry. Seler looks at Elaine and then apologies to her for kidnapping her and killed her. Elaine accepts his apology. Ava goes up to her father and tells him that it’s time to go to Heaven. Seler nods and grabs Ava’s hand and they both turned into lights and fly up into Heaven. Another light appears in front of Jak and Elaine and transformed into Lorrayne. Elaine was super happy to meet her mother for the first time. Lorrayne tells Jak that he did wonderful defeating Seler. Jak tells Lorrayne that he saves the world all the time. Lorrayne just laughed a little and she gave Jak two messages. One from Arrianna and the other from Lukas. Arrianna’s message says “You’ll make a great father someday, Jak. Take care.” Lukas’ message says “Take care of my little girl. Just remember she’s autistic.” Jak will do his best as a father. Lorrayne smiles and gives Jak and Elaine a bid farewell as she transforms back into a light and flies up to Heaven. Abby approaches to Jak and apologizes to him for not trusting him to be a good father. Jak forgives Abby and he hopes they can be friends. Abby agrees. Daxter goes up to Jak and says “Hey, I help out too!” Jak knows and he will always help out. Daxter knows he will and does his “I’m a good helper” dance and Jak, Elaine, and Abby laughed at that. The game ends with Jak and Elaine hugging as Elaine says that she loves Jak and that Jak loves Elaine too.


  • Jak/Mar
  • Daxter
  • Elaine
  • Captain Seler
  • Lukas
  • Don
  • Abby
  • Tami
  • Tobi
  • Quaz
  • Mayor Arrianna
  • Samos
  • Keira
  • Torn
  • Ashelin
  • Tess
  • Onin
  • Pecker
  • Sig
  • Jinx
  • Vin
  • Kleiver
  • Seem
  • Lorrayne
  • Ava
  • Lauren
  • Summer


  • Haven City
  • Spargus
  • Fawn City

Deaths In-Game

  • Lukas-Shots himself in the head
  • Lorrayne (Vision)-Dies after giving birth with Elaine
  • Police Officers-Seler blasts them all with a dark blast
  • Ava (Vision)-Dies in a car crash
  • Mayor Arrianna-Seler stabs her in the stomach and dies in Jak's arms
  • Captain Seler-Jak stabs him in the chest

Voice Actors and Actresses


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