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Jak 3 is a 2016 action adventure dark comedy sequel to Jak 2 based on the 2005 same name. starring,

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The film opens with Jak being banished to the Wasteland desert for life by Count Veger for supposed "crimes" against the people of Haven City. As he (along with Daxter and Pecker, who decided to join him) begins to succumb to the heat of the desert, a flashback shows Haven being under a mass attack by Metal Heads. Contrary to Torn's theory in the previous game, the destruction of the Metal Head Leader did not wipe out all the Metal Heads. Also, the Krimson Guard's special force of "K.G. Robots" went rogue and began attacking Haven citizens, leaving the city divided into three parts. The Palace is then destroyed by an unknown force. As Jak, Daxter, and Pecker lose consciousness, they are rescued by a group of desert-dwellers led by a mercenary named Kleiver, who take them back to Spargus City.

Upon their arrival in Spargus, Damas, the king, demands that Jak serve him in return for allowing Jak to remain in the city and to repay the debt for saving his life. In their time there, Pecker becomes Damas' royal adviser, and also learns that their longtime friend Sig was actually a spy from Spargus. They also travel to a Precursor Monk temple, where Jak receives many new powers, and learn from a monk named Seem of a foretold destruction of the planet. During one of Damas' missions, Jak is found by Ashelin, who begs him to come back to Haven City to defend it from the Metal Heads and the new Krimzon Guard Deathbots. Still embittered about being exiled, he refuses to return. Ashelin leaves him, but later, Jak changes his mind and makes the journey via transport to Haven City. Jak and Daxter help reunite the Freedom League and give them hope that they can beat back the Metal Heads and KG Deathbots. During a lull in the fighting they receive a transmission from Errol, now a cyborg due to an explosion in the previous game, revealing himself to be the driving force behind the K.G. and Metal Head attacks.

Partway through the game, Jak and Daxter start to encounter strange creatures. A Precursor telescope in the forest of Haven City reveals that the beings are Dark Makers, who were once Precursors, but exposure to Dark Eco transformed them into twisted beings. Jak finds that a purple star in the sky is actually a Dark Maker space ship, and it is nearing the planet. The only way to stop the ship is to activate the planetary defense system situated at the core of the planet. During an attack on the Krimzon Guard War Factory, Jak finds Errol, who boasts of his new strength and body. It's also revealed that Errol is the one contacting the Dark Makers. Jak destroys the KG War Factory, but Errol manages to escape. Jak tracks down Errol again at the Metal Head Nest Tower, where Errol is once again able to escape before the tower collapses. With the general containment and victory over the Metal Heads and Deathbots in Haven City, Jak and Daxter begin their journey to the Planet Core.

They are aided by Damas, who helps them break through the Metal Head territories. Damas is killed in the attack, and with his dying breath he unknowingly reveals that he is Jak's father (Damas dies never knowing Jak is his son); he also reveals that Jak's true name is Mar, the name of the founder of Haven City. They are then ambushed by Count Veger, who then tells Jak that he was the one who took him from Damas hoping to use his eco powers for his experiments but then lost him to the underground just prior to the events of the previous game. Count Veger then begins a race with Jak and Daxter down to the planetary core. Once there, Veger absorbs the Precursor's powers. Then, the actual Precursors appear to reveal that they are Ottsels like Daxter. Veger is then detained by The Precursors as he is turned into an Ottsel. Jak and Daxter are then teleported to the Dark Maker Ship to deactivate its shields while the planetary defense system charges. The mission is a success, but Errol, who boarded the ship using a Warp-Gate, takes a Dark Maker Terraformer and pilots it down to the planet's surface. Jak follows, and after a battle, Jak takes one last shot at the cockpit of the Terraformer, destroying it, along with Errol.

After a celebration in Spargus City, the Precursors bid farewell to the planet and go out into the universe to combat the Dark Makers. Jak is offered a place in their ranks, but he declines


  • Jake T. Austin as Jak
  • Jerry Trainor as the voice of Daxter
  • Robert De Niro as Samos
  • Emma Stone as Keira
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Ashelin
  • Michael Angarano as Torn
  • Emma Watson as Tess
  • Kevin Costner as Damas
  • Jamie Foxx as Sig
  • Ethan Hawke as Jinx
  • Breckin Meyer as Vin
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Count Veger
  • Matt Zemlin as Erol/Cyber-Errol
  • Vanessa Redgrave as Onin
  • Nina Dobrev as Seem
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Kleiver


The Opening Scene

  • Vegar: By order of the Grand Council of Haven City, for heinous acts and crimes against the people, you are hereby banished to the Wasteland for life.
  • Ashelin: This is a death sentence, Veger. There must be another way.
  • Veger: Your protest was overruled! This dark eco freak is dangerous! Now drop the cargo!
  • Pecker: This is an outrage! I am outraged beyond words. Although I do have something to say! Not everyone agrees with this ridiculous aaggrrkk! Decree...
  • Daxter: Yeah! We want a recount!
  • Veger: Oh, I see you wish to join him.
  • Pecker: Actually we are not that outraged. Farewell Jak! Stay out of the sun... Drink lots of water... If you can find it...
  • Daxter: Jak?
  • Jak: Go back to the city, Dax.
  • Ashelin: I'm sorry. The Council is too powerful. There was nothing I...
  • Jak: I know.
  • Ashelin: You just stay alive, you hear me? That's an order! Someone will find you, I promise.
  • Veger: May the Precursors have mercy on you.
  • Jak: Daxter!
  • Daxter: Don't thank me! I'm only here because you wouldn't last a second without me! Okay tough guy, you got us into this mess, now ya gotta get us out!
  • Pecker: Ahh! What a team we'll make!
  • Jak: Let's just get moving. But which way?
  • Daxter and Pecker: That way!
  • Pecker: Oh, and I suppose you know where you're going, eh?!
  • Daxter: Better than you do, bent beak!
  • Jak: Aghh... let's just move.
  • Pecker: This was all your stupid idea.
  • Daxter: No, it was yours! Only a birdbrain could have thought this one up. Let's go with him... we'll help together... you mean we'll die together! I can't believe the city hates us... we saved those lowlifes!
  • Flashback begins
  • Torn: Jak, the city's divided. Reports say new Krimzon Death Bots are holding a vital section of the industrial area! My men are getting their asses kicked! The KG have a new leader. We're trying to find out who it is.
  • Samos: I'm afraid I've got more bad news. A large group of surviving Metal Heads have concentrated in another section of the city.
  • Jak: But we destroyed Kor!
  • Samos: It appears the strongest Metal Heads have survived. The battle for the city has just begun!
  • Ashelin: The people are blaming you, Jak.
  • Flashback ends
  • Daxter: Right. Good plan, Jak... A nap would be nice... Just a teensy little rest...
  • Pecker: Aggh! This bird is overcooked!
  • Jak: The palace...
  • Flashback begins
  • Samos: Report...
  • Torn: It's bad! The city's become a battlefield! Mechanized Death Bots have taken the industrial section, and the surviving Metal Heads have expanded their hold on the Westside. We're losing ground on all fronts.
  • Ashelin: The Council's meeting tonight in emergency session. Rumblings about you, Jak. It doesn't look good. They think your friendship with Krew helped the Metal Heads get into the city.
  • Jak: You don't believe that do you?
  • Samos: What's in the past is done. Right now, Metal Heads are assaulting the Palace. They're looking for something, and I have no idea...
  • Torn: OVER HERE! JUMP!
  • Samos: By the Precursors!
  • Flashback ends
  • Damas: Looks like we've found some live ones... heh, barely. Here's the beacon we were picking up. Who gave you this? We'll take them with us! Let's move! I smell a storm coming!

Let the Games Begin!

  • Daxter: Ahhh, I love water. Oh yes, it's so good. Desert bad.
  • Damas: Well, you've come back from the dead have you? And my monks were ready to pray for you. I am Damas, King of Spargus.
  • Jak: Spargus? Wait, nobody lives outside Haven's walls... not a whole city.
  • Damas: Ahh yes... we ARE the forgotten ones. Haven City's refuse, thrown out and left to die. Just as you were. But now that you have been saved, your life belongs to the people of Spargus. And we will use it well. If it's actually worth anything.
  • Daxter: Hey! That sounds like a bad deal!
  • Damas: You are in no position to "deal." Out here everything is either useful or dead weight. Prove yourselves worthy, or the desert will be your grave.
  • Jak: You need to work on making a better first impression.
  • Damas: Ha ha ha! In the unforgiving Wasteland we value strength and survival above all. We will see where you stand soon enough. Complete your training, then enter the arena. Just the bravest crawl out and are allowed to stay in Spargus. It's quite simple really.
  • Daxter: Um, what happens to the ones that don't crawl out?
  • Damas: Then it will be as if we never found you.
  • Daxter: I was afraid of that.
  • Pecker: Hail all citizens of Spargus! Welcome to the arena of death. Where we get to watch other people wet themselves in fear! These halls will once again test two newcomers, each fighting to prove their worth to stay among us. Let's hear it for Jak and his obnoxious talking animal!
  • Jak: Pecker! There you are. Where were you?
  • Pecker: Damas says, I am to be his new counsellor. He says my wisdom will serve him well. Oh yeah and um... Damas also says that ahh... you two are likely to die in the arena today, and he hopes your death is very ahh...
  • Daxter: Will you stop that! Damas can talk for himself!
  • Damas: He is right. You will most likely die. And yes, Pecker is my new advisor.
  • Pecker: Unlike you, some people appreciate my talents... It beats working for a living... I saw a few of the fights earlier. Oooo... not a pretty sight.
  • Daxter: Why you little...
  • Pecker: Let the games begin!


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