Jail Cats Goes On A Trip

Directed by

William Hanna

& Joseph Barbera

Animation by

Irven Spence

Kenneth Muse

Ed Barge

Ray Patterson

Produced by 

Fred Quimby

Chef Officer: Attention, police officers man, four jail cats have just escape from jail, then we to volunteer to put them straight back to jail. Now, vow wish to volunteer take on step backwards.

Tom: I don't believe it!

Butch: He finally got us.

Lighting: But there just one thing that ruins our cat jail trip that he already there before he got us.

Topsy: I wounder it will be could it be thousand and hundreds of then then one of them little guys?

(they then looks out of his cell to see numerous Sergeant McFippers, dressed in Mounted Police uniforms)

Thousand of Sergeant McFippers: What do you think, friends?


A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer



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