Jacob Santiago
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:Unknown
Occupation:Detective (formerly)
Family:Sophia Santiago (mother)
unnamed cousin
Physical Desciption
Blood Type:A
Height:6'1 (184 cm)
Mass:168 lbs (78kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Rises

Untitled Evil Rises Reboot (film)
Evil Rises (film)

Portrayer:Nolberto Swaby (reboot 2019 film)

Jordan Scott (film live-action)

Arley R. Swaby (stunts double)[1]

People asked what hell is like, well here's their answer.
~ Jacob about Ruvik's world.

Jacob Santiago is the protagonist of The Evil Rises. He is a former Krimson City Detective and is formerly partners with Ashley Young and David Harpers. Before Jacob was born, his mother was stabbed by an unknown criminal, she was taken to hospital but died when she gave birth Jacob.

Since than, Jacob has shown to deeply despise criminals and is aggressive and uses brutality to get information, his best friend, David Harpers tried to warn Jacob about unstable he's becoming, but shrugs of his warnings. Soon his actions was soon to be proven unacceptable and was suspended. However, he was soon sentenced to prison when detective, Clarke Hoffman framed Jacob of being a drug dealer, which caused Jacob to show deep hatred for him.



The Evil Rises

Chapter 1. The Beginning

While Jacob was being taken to prison by his former partners, Ashley Young and David Harpers, they receive a call about a disturbance at Beacon Mental Aslyum where three other detectives request backup. When they arrive Ashley and David leave Jacob in the car, while they investigate. However, Jacob escapes only to be struct with a headache, only attacked and knocked out by Ruvik, who appears right in front of him.

Chapter 2. Creeping Horrors

Jacob wakes up disoriented. He then realizes that he is underwater and swims up to surface and gasps for air. After reaching the surface, Jacob swimmed to shore and figures out that he is in a lake somewhere in a forest. After wandering around for a while Jacob manages to get to high ground and a mailman appears and introduces himself as, Jeffrey Winchester to Jacob. Jacob asks what's happening and where everybody is, but Jeffrey just acts like he doesn't know what he means, but tells Jacob that there's small village and that he should go there if he's looking for help. As Jacob looks around, Jeffrey dissappears right before Jacob's eyes.

Making his way through the road, Jacob find the village but witnesses the process of a man being burned alive by the Haunted, realising that he won't stand a chance against them, Jacob uses the shadows to sneak pass them. He then, hears a boy screaming and the boy screaming is revealed to be Leslie Withers, Jacob tries to help him, but Leslie runs away in fear. After a while he finds one of the convicts, Carlos Mortez, Jacob asks what is happening, Carlos says "How the hell should I know, amigo? I'm just getting what I need and getting the fuck out of here!" then two haunted break through the door, Carlos shoves Jacob towards and runs away, leaving him to die. Luckily Jacob manages to kill the two haunted using a hatchet, then Jacob says to himself "That asshole better hope he doesn't see me again." While in a house, Jacob changes his clothes and puts on a black jacket with blues jeans and black work boots on. As he makes it outside he finds himself in a graveyard and spots a church from afar. Jacob heads to the church, hoping to find help, once inside he finds his former partner Ashley Young, armed with a hand gun and tell Jacob to put his hands up, Jacob reasons with Ashley, saying that there is more important things at stake then himself and that she of all people should know that he was framed. Ashley is convinced and decides to trust Jacob, but then Ruvik appears and separates them, by teleporting them to different locations.

Chapter 3. Hell on Earth

Jacob awakes in an apartment, after getting through the Haunted, Jacob gets outside and sees Krimson City in destruction after the an earthquake, but only the Beacon Memorial Hospital remains perfectly unharmed. He fights his way through more Haunted, now in armors and armed with assault rifles.

Chapter 4. Unto the Breach


Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


  • He comes from a Mexican heritage.
  • It is hinted in chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the novel, that Jacob and Ashley have romantic feelings towards eachother and may have been in relationship, but this is yet to be confirmed.
  • Like Sebastian Castellanos, Jacob was also aggressive with his police work, except Jacob was brutality against criminals, it is currently unknown if Sebastian also used police brutality as well.

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