This page is for details about Jacob's relationships with his friends, romantic life and family.

Hayley Lyons 

(Mother; deceased)

Jacob was born to Hayley on November 1st 1995 and is her only child. Jacob always obeyed his mother and often helped her around the house. Hayley caught Jacob's Asperger syndrome early on and decided it was best for Jacob to have teachers that dealt with kids with the same issues. Later on Jacob came home and introduced his mother to Daphne his crush and was impressed with Daphne. After Jacob's mom divorced from his dad Jacob felt betrayed but still loved his mother very much fearing something could happen to her. Later on during high school Hayley agreed to send Jacob to Carlton with Daphne despite Jacob not being deaf. Afterwards Jacob was introduced through the Kennish family due to Hayley being friends with John and Kathryn and is how Jacob became friends with Bay. During season one of the series Jacob learned Hayley fell ill and decided he would quit school to take of her but she would eventually pass away during his 16th birthday causing grief in Jacob's life and wanted his mother more then anything. After her passing Jacob would often visit her grave to mention that he missed her very much and wished she was still around to see how happy he was. Before Hayley passed away it was revealed her maiden name was Dixon and was the sister of Kathryn Kennish meaning that he is Bay and Toby's cousin.

Jackson "Jack" Lyons 


Jack is Jacob's father who always cheated on Hayley with another women and after Jack and Hayley split up Jacob was angry and upset because Jack betrayed Hayley. Many years later while Jacob was in high school Jack returned with a new women named Jennice after her husband had died. Soon following the wedding Jacob wondered if Jack had changed at all since he divorced his mother and was right that he had. Jack had eventually saw Jacob bonding with Nikki and that she was the only one besides Daphne that could help Jacob with his disability. While rebuilding his relationship with Jack Jacob apologized for being so angry with him about Jack's constant cheating and Jack apologized back to Jacob.

April Valentine 

(Best friend)

Britteny Snow
April is Jacob's best friend. Jacob was very close to April during his childhood and had classed her as family since he no siblings growing up and it made him feel lonely once in awhile. April would often watch Jacob despite being around the same age. Later on their friendship was strained because of Jacob hanging around Daphne.  

Nikki Papagus


Nikki 2 (1)
Nikki is Jacob's stepsister. They met prior to Jack and Jennice's wedding when Jacob was introduced to Jennice. Nikki became really close to Jacob after Jack and Jennice married and always worried for Jacob's saftey. During an episode Jacob defended Nikki's honour when he heard someone calling Nikki names and it eventually made him feel guilty for lashing out. Jacob later started going to church with Nikki so he could get some guidance from God after dealing with the pain of his mother's passing. Sometime later Jacob got a lot closer to Nikki only because he needed someone to spend time with while drama was going around his house with the Kennish family and Regina. Unlike most people Nikki saw past Jacob's disability and thinks he is the most inspirational she's ever met.

Daphne Vasquez


Daphne is Jacob's long time girlfriend and best friend. 
Jacob has been dating Daphne since pre-school and he seems to be very close to her. Jacob's father was not very fond of the idea at first seeing as Jacob was too young to be dating in pre-school but eventually warmed up to Daphne. 
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