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Jacob James
Biographical information
Full name: Jacob Marcus James
Birthplace: Tree Hill, North Carolina
Birthdate: March 1, 1990
Status: Alive
Age: 29 (currently)
Residence: Tree Hill, North Carolina
Occupation: Student (formerly)
Football player (formerly)
Other information
Nickname: Cub (by Haley; now everyone)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Married to Emma Valentine
Series information

Jacob Marcus James is an original character created by JL the superhuman. Jacob is Haley's younger brother. He is the only character to have a disability and developmental issues. As a child Jacob grew an attachment to his friends Lucas Scott, Bevin Mirskey, Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer and his older sisters.


Jacob was born on April 11th 1989 to Lydia and Jimmy James. Jacob is the 4th son and the last of the James children as well as the second youngest in the family next to his older sister Haley. At a young age he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome a developmental disorder that affects his social interactions and behavior. Two years after being diagnosed with Asperger's Jacob started kindergarten at a school called The Citadel which was a school filled with kids with similar issues. Jacob really cares for his friends and family and is willing to die for them if it was necessary. At 5 years old Jacob met his best friend Bevin Mirskey and then later at 6 he experienced his first heart attack caused by HCM. Two years after meeting Bevin Haley took Jacob to meet her friend Lucas Scott so that he always a place to go when he gets angry or upset.

Personality and traits

Jacob is a kind and helpful resident of Tree Hill. He never disrespects his friends, adults or family unless he was having a bad day in school. Jacob can get emotionally attached to the people he loves like his older sisters and his best friend Brooke. His traits are being extremely good at both acting and football. Jacob is also very shy when it comes to talking to girls even a girl he had a crush on like Bevin. He likes to stick up for his friends and family and is willing to die for them if he had to. Jacob was also very respectful towards adults and to the people who were involved in his life.

Character arc

Season 1 

Jacob is a teenager with a disability and developmental issues living with his older sister Haley and parents Lydia and Jimmy. He works for his best friend Lucas's mother at the cafe part time while also working with Lucas and his uncle Keith at the body shop. Although having a disability he can proven to very smart and often considers himself as a "smart-ass" to his friends and family. Jacob later suffers from a heart attack after he was stressed out and was in a coma for a entire week freaking out not only Haley but also Lucas and Nathan. Jacob begins a relationship with Bevin Mirskey at the beginning of basketball season for the Ravens. He later texts Quinn requesting she move home with David so he can be closer to his sister again and reveals he is dating Bevin Mirskey but soon realizes Quinn wants him to move in with her and David since she really misses him. Jacob would eventually sit and talk with coach Whitey about joining the basketball team but he declines because of his disability which renders his ability to play sports until Principal Turner allowed him on the team as long as he wore ear plugs when he is not on the court. While playing basketball at the river court Jacob would've fell onto the ground breaking his arm on impact while also suffering a concussion from the fall and is sent to the hospital for days. After being released from the hospital Jacob was told he could not play basketball until his arm healed. Later Jacob helps move his best friend Nathan into his apartment and was surprised when he was offered to live with him and Haley and tries to accept the fact that Lucas is leaving Tree Hill so he would give his best friend his football despite Lucas being into basketball.

Season 2 

After moving into Haley and Nathan's apartment Jacob got a sudden phone call from his older sister Quinn asking if he was coming to live with her but tells her he is now living with Haley because he feels as though she still needs him and wants to finish high school with their sibling. 



Jacob has always a great relationship with his mom and dad as well as his older siblings. Out most of his family Jacob bonded with his sisters Taylor, Quinn and Haley. As he was growing up Jacob was deeply attached to his older sister Haley though it is never revealed why he is. Jacob loved the idea having of having many siblings that he could spend time with though he mostly spent time with Haley, Taylor and Quinn then rest of his family. Soon after Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome his relationship with his family grew closer and stronger. While Jacob's relationship with his older sister Haley got stronger, Jacob's bond with Quinn and Taylor weakened but he still remained close with them. 

Romantic life

Jacob was in love with his best friend Brooke since he transferred to Tree Hill High but he was afraid it would've never worked because of his disability and and also because he wasn't popular  


Due to his disability Jacob hardly had any friends growing up until he met Bevin Mirskey and Lucas Scott. Jacob was later introduced Karen and Keith through his best friend Lucas and is how Jacob got the job at the cafe. While he went to Citadel Jacob met his best friends Chelsea Michaels and Emily Roberts who was head cheerleader of the Citadel Phoenix cheerleading squad though Emily fell ill and passed away two years after Jacob transferred to Tree Hill High. While he made his transition to Tree Hill High Jacob was originally bullied by Nathan but Jacob became with Nathan later on and most of the basketball team.


  • Jacob was in three relationships during high school.
  • He gets good grades while attending both the Citadel and Tree Hill High. 
  • Despite not being related to Lucas Jacob suffers heart attacks from HCM although Jacob's HCM is a lot more worse. 
  • Jacob suffers a heart attack at graduation.
  • He moves out of Nathan and Haley's apartment.
  • Although he has Asperger's Jacob was able to play on the Ravens basketball team.
  • His dream school is Ohio State University.
  • Jacob got accepted into Ohio State University on a football scholarship despite being on the Ravens basketball team and his disability.
  • Jacob would give his sisters Haley, Quinn, and Taylor tickets he purchased for his football games.
  • He spent his summer vacation with Quinn and David.
  • Jacob was named MVP of middle school and little league football.
  • His least favorite seasons of the year are summer and winter.
  • He gets two tattoos after high school.
  • After leaving the NFL Jacob moved to New York to work alongside Brooke.
  • Jacob was never aware of Quinn being his legal guardian if something happened to their parents.
  • Although they were just friends Jacob received a kiss on his cheek from Peyton.
  • He is more emotional then any other character.
  • During an award ceremony at Tree Hill High Jacob broke out in tears after receiving his award for best player on the basketball team.
  • Jacob fears the death of his family and friends.
  • It is revealed since his teachers at Tree Hill were so good to him he did not want to leave.
  • He always wanted to be an actor.
  • Jacob's first acting role was the male lead in the film adaptation of Syphon Filter Gabriel Logan.
  • He becomes close with Julian.
  • Jacob cared about David.
  • His agent was Emily Roberts who also was one of his best friends at his old school the citadel.
  • He's extremely close to his friend Emily Roberts
  • He felt really horrible after David and Quinn split up. 
  • Jacob suffers a concussion.
  • His medication put him to sleep every day through school when he was younger. 
  • While protecting Clay and Quinn Jacob is shot by Katie and lost a large amount of blood. 
  • Jacob had a band with his sister Haley named James & Scott.
  • He sometimes refers to Haley as his big sister, Quinn as his bigger sister and Taylor as his biggest sister. 
  • Jacob's dream vacation is visiting Japan to learn of Japanese culture. 
  • Was one of the most respectful kids to his teachers and adults. 
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