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Jacob James
Biographical information
Full name: Jacob Marcus James
Birthplace: Tree Hill, North Carolina
Birthdate: March 1, 1990
Status: Alive
Age: 30 (currently)
Residence: Tree Hill, North Carolina
Occupation: Student (formerly)
Football player (formerly)
Other information
Nickname: Cub (by Haley; now everyone)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Married to Emma Valentine
Series information

Jacob James was one of the male protagonists of "One Tree Hill".  Jacob Marcus James is the eighth child and fourth son of Jimmy and Lydia James. Originally introduced as Haley's younger brother, and is the only one in his family to have asperger's, which his sisters had discovered when he was younger. 


Early life

Jacob was born on to Lydia and Jimmy James. Jacob is the fourth son and the last of the James children as well as the second youngest in the family next to his twin sister Haley. At a young age he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome a developmental disorder that affects his social interactions and behavior. Two years after being diagnosed with Asperger's Jacob started kindergarten at a school called The Citadel which was a school filled with kids with similar issues. During his 8th grade year, he made an agreement with the Tree Hill High staff and was able to change schools during his freshman year

Personality and traits

Jacob is a kind and helpful resident of Tree Hill. He never disrespects his friends, adults or family unless he was having a bad day in school. Jacob can get emotionally attached to the people he loves like his older sisters and his best friend Brooke. His traits are being extremely good at both acting and football. Jacob is also very shy when it comes to talking to girls even a girl he had a crush on like Bevin. He likes to stick up for his friends and family and is willing to die for them if he had to. Jacob was also very respectful towards adults and to the people who were involved in his life.

Character arc

Season 1 

Jacob is a teenager with a disability and developmental issues living with his older sister Haley and parents Lydia and Jimmy. 

Season 2 

After moving into Haley and Nathan's apartment Jacob got a sudden phone call from his older sister Quinn asking if he was coming to live with her but tells her he is now living with Haley because he feels as though she still needs him and wants to finish high school with their sibling. 



Jacob grew up with a large family with four sisters and three brothers and is the fourth son of Lydia and Jimmy James. At an early age, he'd bonded with his older sisters, Haley and Quinn partially due to his disability. Haley once mentioned to Nathan, Jacob used to sleep in her room, because of the neighborhood fireworks, something he still has a issue with. 

Romantic life

Jacob has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Emma Valentine since the age of twelve 


Due to his nature, Jacob instantly became friends with Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer, both of whom stuck by him through his worst and best times. 


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