Jacob Alexander Campbell is a main character of the T.V. series Campbell. He is considered a nice guy around the community of Dallas, Texas which is his hometown.


Early life

Jacob was born to Jackson and Megan Campbell in Dallas, Texas on May 8th 1995. Not much is really known about his child but it would appear he is a well behaved kid and a good student in school. At twelve years old Jacob's father was murdered and it damaged him emotionally forcing him to grow up the rest of his life without Jackson with the help of Jordan, Megan and Abby. Growing up with Jacob bonded with his big sister Abby after the death of their father. it is shown that Jacob is a real big fan of NASCAR which would explain the Jeff Gordon posters around his room and a random signed poster of Carrie Underwood poster that was a birthday gift. Jacob also has a cousin named Maddie on his mother's side of the family. Jacob plays currently high school football for the Dallas Panthers a high school team that has won the state championship a total of 10 times.

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