Jackson Holmes

Jackson Holmes is a main character in the TV series, The Sullivans.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in July 1998, Jackson is the second oldest of the four children of retired Army Colonel Frank Holmes and Laura Holmes. His older brother Terrell served in the Army, but was given an other-than-honorable discharge after two years following an incident with a superior officer, and later became a gun dealer for several local gangs while working as a CI for the Denver PD Vice Unit. His younger sister Jennifer is a Army CID Agent. His youngest brother Peter is a soldier currently on tour in Iraq.

Jackson enlisted in the Army and was deployed twice, once to Afghanistan, one in Iraq. He became a Special Forces Army Ranger after completing training at Fort Benning in Georgia. After serving as an Ranger for three years and making the rank of Corporal, he was honorably discharged. He then joined Denver Police Department and met ICU nurse Kim Quincy. Jackson passed the detective exam and joined the Family Justice Unit in 2026. He and Kim married after dating two years and are currently expected their first child.

The Sullivans

Season 1



A former Special Forces Army Ranger from a military family, Holmes appreciates the privilege to serve, and hates those who try to pose as military veterans and steal valor. He is known to be blunt and straightforward while working on cases.


  • Kim Holmes (wife)
  • Franklin James Holmes (son)
  • Frank Holmes (father)
  • Laura Holmes (mother)
  • Terrell Holmes (older brother)
  • Jennifer Carter (younger sister)
  • Peter Holmes (youngest brother)
  • Khalil Holmes (nephew, by Terrell)
  • Jamaal Holmes (nephew, by Terrell)
  • Iesha Carter (niece, by Jennifer)


  • Service weapon: SIG Sauer P-220
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