Jacki is a 1942 American animated feature film produced by Michael Shires Productions and distributed by Republic Pictures. It was a Box Office Hit for Shires.


  • Jacki: A Yellow Deer with Brown Accents.
  • Bumper: A Red Bunny.
  • Flora: A Dark Blue Skunk.
  • Helena: A Pink Deer with Lavender Accents and Jacki’s Girlfriend.
  • Ronald: An Orange Deer with Black Accents who Bullies Jacki.
  • Wise One: An Owl who Tells Stories that are usually lessons to the characters.
  • Jacki’s Mom: Looks a Lot like Jacki but without the antlers and has curly hair.
  • Jacki’s Dad: The King of the Forest.
  • Madame Bunny: Bumper’s Girlfriend.
  • Crimson: Flora’s Boyfriend.
  • The Mole: The Underground News Reporter.

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